Gear & Tackle | Buzzards Bay Black Sea Bass | S18 E2

In Buzzards Bay, black bass spawn from late May to June. The big bass attracted on Sunday are the best for spawning. They feed on fish and shellfish and any jigs that cross their path.

That’s exactly what Chris Megan and I found when we were filming an episode of Adventures on the Water in early June. The bass were abundant and everywhere we tried, we found fish willing to cooperate.

If you’re fishing for bass in shallow water like Buzzards Bay, I recommend downsizing your gear to have double the fun. The ferocious strike of a 4-pound bass eating a jig and the pretzel of a medium-action rod are a treat for anglers of all ages and experience levels.

Even with light tackle, I like to use big, bulky jigs to attract the bigger bass and avoid the smaller, smaller fish. Sea bass, however, regardless of their size, have a voracious appetite and eyes larger than their stomachs.

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Rods, coils and wires

Shimano Teramar Northeast Casting TMCE70M
Shimano TranX 300
PowerPro 30lb Test
Seaguar Gold Label 25lb Test

Cross Mojo Inshore JIC711HMF
Shimano Tekota 501HG
Power Pro test 40 lb

Tournament St. John’s Cross Legend External LTIS76MF
Shimano Stradic CI4+ 3000
Power Pro Super 8 Slick V2 20 lb test


Clandestine bait thumb of poison tail

Spro Bucktail

Crocodile tail

Bouncing tail

Joe Baggs at Flookie Outdoor

All baits were provided with Z-Man DoormatadorZ. Anthony analyzes the DoormatadorZ Z-Man in a hands-on test video.

Look at this: This is how you connect a braided line to a leader with a regular knot.

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