GAMO Squirrel Master Classic Goes Virtual

Derrek Sigler 02.17.21

In 2014, GAMO Outdoors USA partnered with Jackie Bushman of Buckmasters and Michael Waddell of Bone Collector to launch a unique hunting competition, the Squirrel Hunting Master Class. The event is traditionally a one-day squirrel hunt with Gamo air rifles and is scored in the same manner as a rod tournament. This year, however, the GAMO Squirrel Master Class is moving into a virtual squirrel hunt, thanks to Covid-19. It is now an opportunity for adults and young hunters from across the country to participate and compete against celebrity teams.

The GAMO Ecureuil 2021 workshop will take place from 15 to 21. February takes place. The team includes Bone Collector, Railtree, Buck Commander, Choice with Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo, Raised Hunt and Buckmasters.

The public is encouraged to post their own photos of a successful hunt, including with the GAMO Swarm 10 air rifle.


1. Gamo Swam Fusion 10X Gen 2 – .22

The official air rifle of this year’s competition

The Gamo Swarm FusionTM 10X Gen 2 air rifle is a great way to limit squirrels. It offers fast tracking with 10x rapid-fire technology that lets you fire up to 10 rounds without reloading. And it even has a 3-9x40mm air sight that really brings the action closer. It is a .22 caliber air rifle with a muzzle velocity of 975 FPS. It features an integrated, lightweight, adjustable trigger and recoil and vibration reduction technology.

Pro/Fast follow-up shots and high velocity for a .22 air rifle.

Contraindications/ Make sure all rifle scopes are securely fastened before impacting them.

A great gun for squirrel hunters of all ages.

2. Gamo Urban PCPAir rifle

A pre-loaded power station in a compact housing

Equipped with a pre-charge station, a quick release bolt and 10 bullets, the Gamo Urban PCP air rifle is a good choice for small game hunting and pest control. The barrel is hammer-forged for superior accuracy, and you can fire 30 powerful shots at once. And with the Whisper Fusion silencer, you don’t have to worry about alerting your neighbors or suspicious animals.

Pro/Compact and solid

With most air rifles, performance begins to decline when air is low.

Ground Line/Big Compact Gun Squirrel

3. Gamo Swarm Fusion 10X Gen 2 Air rifle – .177

Reinforced version

Take everything that makes the .22-caliber version of the Swam Fusion 10X and add extra speed with a smaller .177-caliber bullet. This rifle has the same adjustable trigger, the same 10-ball magazine, and the same recoil reduction, but it also offers a high velocity of 1300 rounds per second.  It also comes with a 3-9×40 sight.

Pro/speed, speed and more speed

Cons/same as the .22 version – check the media.

Great air rifle for hunting and shooting.

When my bone collecting buddies and I attended the first ever Gamo Squirrel workshop.

Hunting with air rifle

Air rifles have come a long way and are now used for hunting small and large game, as well as target shooting and diving. Most modern air rifles have the speed to kill small game, such as. B. Squirrels, to hunt ethically and responsibly. Check local regulations regarding the legality of hunting with air guns.

Effective range of the air rifle

The effective range of an air rifle for hunting depends on several factors. You need to know the firing rate of the rifle, which can vary depending on the type of lead used. Some modern pellets are designed for speed, but have no real energy when hunting. Traditionally, you will want to use alternating lead bullets or lead bullets for hunting.

The most important factor is practice and observing the fall of the pellets from a distance. An expert told me that you can figure out your actual effective range by determining how far away from a plastic water bottle you can stand and shoot at it while making a hole in it. When you reach a distance where this is no longer the case, you should absolutely take the picture.

Youth hunting and sport shooting

The local 4H organization is one of the best sources for hunting and shooting sports for young people. If you’re not already involved: 4H offers events and programs for youth of all ages, and it’s about more than agriculture. The shooting and hunting programs are some of the best around, and it’s great to be a part of them. Click here for more information.

According to your state’s regulations, yes, as long as you have the proper permit and the hunting season is open. Always make sure you follow all laws when you go hunting.

Can I hunt with an air rifle in my state?

While there is no federal law prohibiting hunting with an air rifle, you should check your state’s regulations before trying. Most states allow it, depending on the game and the season.

Is the air rifle new to hunting?

Not at all. It has become more popular recently, but Lewis and Clark actually used one of the air rifle variants during their famous expedition between 1804 and 1806.

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