FREE RV Parking Overnight At Walmart in 2021 (Rules & Safety)

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Most campers are familiar with the free Walmart RV park. But do you know all the facts? For example, not all Walmart stores allow trucks to be parked overnight. And although Walmart allows overnight parking, there are a few things you should know before you spend the night.

Whether you want to spend the night in a tent to keep costs down or are just tired of driving during the day and need a rest, you can be sure that there are still plenty of Walmart stores where you can park overnight in an RV.

But as we all know, the world is changing. And Walmart too. Rumor has it that Walmart is going to change its overnight parking policy. And more stories about the safety of sleeping in a Walmart parking lot.

This article serves to refute these rumors. It also answers many of the questions RVers have about overnight parking at Walmart.

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In what context does Walmart allow vans to be parked overnight?

There is a beloved and generous story here that many are unaware of.  Walmart founder Sam Walton always wanted his van customers to feel welcome.  So he decided they needed a place to stay while they trekked across the country in their RV.

Walmart’s philosophy is that campers are good shoppers, and so they have long been invited to stay at Walmart.

However, today’s sad reality is that free camping at Walmart has become a problem in many areas.  In some places, homeless people (and short-sighted campers) took advantage of the overnight accommodations. They scattered, disrupted, scandalized, took apart pots and pans and generally caused problems for other patrons.

Negative attitude toward parking vans at Walmart

As mentioned earlier, there is concern about homelessness and general disorder.  Also, there may be city ordinances that prohibit you from staying overnight, even if Walmart allows it.

In short, you just have to use common sense.  Generally, it is safe to park a trailer or RV at Walmart overnight.  Check out our offers below, including the positives of staying here!

Positive responses to RV parking at Walmart

There are many benefits to staying at Walmart. First: It’s free! No accommodation costs. Secondly, it is very convenient to stock up on food and camping gear while you are there. And third, because Walmart has many locations, you don’t have to go far to find one.

In addition, most Walmarts are located near restaurants, gas stations and many other businesses. So you can refuel or buy a snack near Walmart. If you think about it, staying overnight at Walmart is a very convenient way to save time and money on an RV trip.

Where can I park my van at Walmart stores?

Since every Walmart is configured differently, it’s hard to answer this question.  Basically, look at where other campers have parked their RVs or caravans.  If you don’t see one in the Walmart parking lot, stop in the store and ask for the manager. It is always best to seek permission and advice if you do plan to park in front of the store.

Can you park at night in all Walmarts?

Many Wal-Marts allow overnight parking for vans. But not all of them. I have been told by campers that overnight parking is only allowed at Walmart SuperCenters. But I know of regular Walmart stores that allow overnight parking. And I also know of instances where individual Walmart stores have changed their rules regarding overnight parking.

Businesses that have allowed parking for years are now suddenly not doing so. And the reverse is also true. Businesses that have not allowed parking for years have suddenly changed their policies and now allow RVs to be parked overnight. There seems to be no reason to allow or disallow night parking.

How do you know which shops allow night parking and which do not?

How do I find Walmarts that allow night parking?

There are several ways to find out which Walmart stores allow night parking and which do not. One way is to use a Walmart search engine. This will take you to a page where you can click on a state and then a specific store. I think that’s a little incomplete. Here’s a screenshot of what you can find.

Allstays is also a handy app for finding Walmarts to stay at. But our favorite way to find free RV parking is an app called OvernightRVParking. This is a great app that tells you which Walmarts allow overnight parking AND which Walmarts don’t. And when app users are at Walmart, they can share their tips and experiences and update their location. That way each site has the most recent information.

Below is a screenshot of an update from another RVer staying at Walmart. The information includes the store’s address and phone number, recommended parking locations, instructions on how to contact the manager for permission to stay, locations of gas stations, restaurants, GPS coordinates and the date of the update.

This app contains locations for all kinds of places where you can and cannot park your RV for the night. In addition to Walmart, Cracker Barrel, Flying J, Lowes, Home Depot, Safeway and Sam’s Club are also on the list.

RELATED READING: There’s a lot more to say about this app, which is why I wrote an entire article about OvernightRVParking. This is a great resource that will save you money if you need a suitable place to put your RV.

Why has Walmart banned overnight parking for vans?

There are several reasons why Walmart does not allow overnight parking for RVs. Recently, local cities have begun adopting ordinances prohibiting overnight parking. So if Walmart is in this jurisdiction, they can’t allow tourists to stay overnight.

Another reason is safety concerns. Walmart officials generally do not allow overnight parking in high-crime areas. I think it’s a good idea because most campers carry cash when they travel, making them a desirable target for criminals.

Eventually, the homeless went to live in vans. They park at Walmart because it’s free and stay late. It is reported that some of these individuals beg for money and leave a mess in the parking lot. If this happens too often, Walmart may have no choice but to close the RV park to avoid the homeless problem.

Is it true that Walmart is changing its policy?

Some campers reported being told not to park in their vans at night. And that is absolutely true. Many RV enthusiasts are concerned that Walmart is changing its RV parking policy. The FAQ section of Walmart’s corporate website asks one of these questions: Can I park my van in a Walmart store?  Walmart’s answer is.

While we don’t offer the electrical service or accommodations usually required of RV customers, Walmart values RV travelers and considers them some of our best customers. That’s why we allow delivery trucks to park in our stores’ parking lots whenever possible. Parking permits are issued by individual store managers based on the availability of parking spaces and local laws. Please contact the management of the relevant agency to find accommodation before parking your motorhome.

Based on this information, it can be said that Walmart has not changed its policy. However, more managers may decide to prohibit overnight parking at their facility.

Is there a crime problem in the Walmart parking lot?

Many crimes take place in Walmart stores and their parking lots. The vast majority of these crimes are shoplifting and minor assaults. A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed against Walmart, alleging that the company knew its parking lots were unsafe and failed to take appropriate action. The lawsuit belongs to the family of a man who got into an argument with someone approaching a stroller. He argued with the driver and punched him in the face. The driver then shot him in the chest. How is this Walmart’s fault?

That said, there are crimes against mobile home owners every year, whether it’s at Walmart or somewhere else. But this doesn’t happen very often, and it’s easy to avoid them if motorcyclists are smart and careful.

Is it safe to park at Walmart at night?

You can spend the night at Walmart, but you have to use your common sense. Here are a few things to make sure you’re safe.

  • Call the director and ask if you can stay. Ask them if they have had any problems with crime.
  • Call the local police and ask if a particular Walmart is safe. Ask them to keep an eye on the parking lot.
  • Find out if there is a guard from Walmart and introduce yourself. Ask him to keep an eye on you.
  • Park in a well-lit parking lot.
  • Plan to handle everything outside the motorhome in the early evening, then lock up and spend the night in the motorhome.
  • If you hear anything suspicious, don’t go outside. Call the police!
  • Lock the van doors and the outer storage compartments.
  • Trust your instincts. If you have a bad feeling, leave!

What is it like to spend the night at Walmart?

Walmart is a popular place for campers and some truckers to spend the night. But what is it like to live there? First, since this is a popular area, you are likely to see other RVs there. Assuming everyone asked the manager for permission, most campers are parked in the same area. However, this is not true for everyone, so you may see one or two RVs parked in different parking lots.

Also, there are no connections, so your van must be autonomous. Because there is no electricity, some people run their generator at night, and you hear this sound. You should also expect to park in a well-lit area.

You should expect some traffic noise if you are staying near Walmart. There may be noise from tractor trailers coming for deliveries. And campers can arrive at any time of the night. Traffic noise can also occur if the Walmart is near a major highway or a busy street.

Be a courteous guest when staying overnight.

Since you will likely be parked among other vacationers, please be polite, considerate and courteous to other vacationers. And be nice to Walmart employees, too. Here are some universal etiquette rules for shopping at Walmart:

  • Always call ahead and ask the manager for permission to stay overnight.
  • When you arrive at Walmart, approach the manager and security staff and ask where you can park.
  • Just stay the night. You should leave early in the morning so you don’t stay too long.
  • Ask the manager what the rules are. Ask her. B. if you are allowed to lower the sway bar linkage, extend the bumpers, or operate the alternator.
  • If you are allowed to run the generator, try to maintain a quiet period between 10pm and 8am.
  • Buy everything you need at Walmart. Because they’re nice enough to let us stay, buy something while you’re here.
  • Take out your garbage.
  • Clean your pets, if you have any.
  • If you are outside, keep all pets on a leash.
  • Do not extend the awning or sit in the parking lot.
  • Do not grill or use the outdoor kitchen in the parking lot.
  • Reduce noise levels inside and outside your van.

What if I can’t stay at Walmart?

If you can’t stay at a particular Walmart, don’t worry. There are many other places to stay, for example:

1. Are there better places than parking garages to stay for free?

Yes! There are excellent alternatives to overnight parking, and they are practically free. There are two camping passes that I highly recommend if you want free parking in great places.

Harvest Hosts is another membership that includes over 670 free places to stay. These overnight parks are great. These include orchards, vineyards, farms, breweries and other unique attractions where RVers can stay.

An annual membership costs just $79 and gives you access to each of these incredible locations through the website and app. And, they just added an additional membership for only $20 to stay at over 300 golf courses across the country as well! So for $99 a year, your price will never go up and you have over 1,000 great places to stay! We are members and we love our membership!

Boondockers Welcome is a motorhome club that provides accommodation for people with their own camping space. They now have over 1,000 locations in North America. The idea is that Boondockers Welcome posts on their website a list of other campers who are willing to let you spend a night or two on their property.

Although the name Boondockers Welcome gives the impression that there are no transplants, many hosts can provide electricity and water. Guests are encouraged to give a gift to the host or pay a few dollars if there are connections. Typically, the parking lot will be located near the owner’s home or on property owned by the owner but not lived in. And you get to know nice people who can give you tips about the area they live in!

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frequently asked questions

Can you park your van at Walmart overnight?

RV parking in Walmart parking lots is generally allowed for 24 hours. Walmart states on its website that it values RV travelers and considers them one of its best customers. Most RV parks and campgrounds charge for overnight stays, and Walmart lots attract travelers looking to save money.

Does Walmart have free RV parking?

Many Walmart stores across the country allow RVs to stay overnight in their parking lot (for free!).

Walmart. You may have heard that it is perfectly legal to park in your car and sleep in all Walmart parking lots. This was the case in all our experiments. We’ve even seen vans and RVs permanently installed in some Walmart stores.

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