Ford’s Generous Donation Supports Girls in STEM

The next generation of drivers, engineers and car buyers is just a few years away. They will be part of one of the biggest changes ever in the auto industry. Many companies are pursuing the production of all-electric cars and want to eliminate gasoline engines once and for all. Perhaps that’s why so many of the major automakers are working to inspire the next generation of drivers by focusing on the current needs of college students. For Ford, that means support for girls in STEM subjects, and we totally agree with that.

Big brands take a step forward

We all know that the past 12 months have been difficult for everyone, in almost every sector. Schools and educational programs were affected by COWID-19, requiring many schools to reallocate resources to protect students. Ford is doing just that in its hometown – or at least where its headquarters and major factories are located – by making a donation to a technical school for girls in Detroit, Michigan.

Ford supports the mission of Girls in Engineering Academy by donating more than 40 laptops to underprivileged students.

The effects of the pandemic have hit schools hard

Large cities like Detroit have been hit particularly hard by the effects of the pandemic. For many schools, which were already struggling with overcrowding and lack of money, going online was the only way to keep the social distance between students. While this sounds like the right answer, it proves problematic for students and families who lack the resources to successfully manage online schools, for example. B. Lack of computers and high-speed Internet access. To combat this, Ford is donating laptops to Girl’s Engineering Academy to give students the tools they need to succeed, regardless of obstacles.

We are proud to donate these laptops to the Girls in Engineering Academy, reaffirming our commitment to STEM education, especially for disadvantaged students in Detroit.

Randy Strausin, STEM Manager, Ford Motor Company

A student with a laptop donated by Ford to the Girls in Engineering Academy, one of more than 40 laptops donated by Ford to disadvantaged students through the Ford program.

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Ford makes pupils enthusiastic about STEM

Ford representatives not only delivered laptops and then stopped, but visited the school to interact with the young students – obviously maintaining a social distance and following COVID-19 protocols. They brought Digit, a somewhat scary but very cool humanoid robot that Ford’s development team has been working on. The company is exploring and testing different ways to use the Digit, but it brought the robot to inspire students about the possibilities of a not-so-distant future: one in which they can participate in creating and developing STEM careers.

Ford supports the technology mission of Girl’s Academy by donating more than 40 laptops to underprivileged students.

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The donation of the laptop is just one of the many ways Ford has supported STEM education at the Academy for Girls in Engineering in recent years. Fire officials say they plan to continue supporting this and many other STEM education programs across the country.

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