Federal Loads Up for the US Olympic Shooting Team

The U.S. Olympic shooting team is well known for its home-made equipment; once a trip to the shooting range is planned, it is time for members of the team to head to a local hardware store for new guns, ammo, and accessories.

Shooting has been a way for the United States to win medals at the Olympics for a long time. The first time an American won a shooting event was the 1904 Olympics in St. Louis, Missouri. Needing a gold medal to win the gold, the United States team had to beat out Sweden, the defending Olympic Gold medalist in the air rifle event. The match was won by the American team, and the US was able to win the gold medal.

Jordan Estrada 27/05/21 As the world prepares for the highly anticipated 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan, Federal Ammunition is paving the way for the U.S. shooting team by already providing Federal Gold Medal ammunition. These high performance competition loads are specifically designed to break records and crush clay pigeons. Hopefully they will help our team win medals in the coming weeks: word-image-8289 Gold medal at the Grand Fédéral. Photo credit: Federal ammunition Here are photos of shotgun ammunition stacked on pallets and loaded for shipment: word-image-8290 Photo credits: Federal AmmunitionFull press release below:

word-image-8291Federal stocks of ammunition for the U.S. battle for gold. ANOCA, Minnesota – 24. May 2021. – Federal sponsors of the Olympics have begun their trip to Japan. USA Shooting’s official ammunition left the docks this week and will arrive at Camp Asaksa, Japan, where the Olympic shooting competitions will take place. Team members Cale Browning, Brian Burrows, Vincent Hancock, Austin Smith and Derrick Main will stock up on the best ammunition Federal has to offer to pursue their Olympic dreams. As a company that sponsors shooters at the highest level, we look forward to watching them compete and being a part of their journey to bring home a medal for the United States, said Jason Vanderbrink, President of Federal Ammunition. We have been planning this event for years with USA Shooting. The time has finally come, and our ammunition is ready to help them stand on the Olympic podium. The International Federal Gold Medal’s 24 gram loads are excellent. They target the lane very effectively every time, and the shot size is consistent, so I never have to worry about my ammo not working the way I want it to, said Cale Browning, a member of the Olympic athletic team. I wouldn’t trust any other charge to get her to the Olympics. Federal Gold Medal Paper Load is the best ammo in the world. They knew what they were doing when they called it the gold medal. Being face to face with an ammo brand of such quality is one of the highlights of my career, said Vincent Hancock. I couldn’t be happier to be back at the Olympics for the fourth time in my career. I’m looking forward to testing my skills and seeing if I can get back on the stage. There is no greater honor than to represent the United States at the world’s largest and most prestigious sporting event. Before these matches I shot a lot of Federal Gold Medal ammo which helped me win championships. I’m ready for the Olympics, Derrick Main said. Federal’s consistency, quality, and reliability allow me to focus on my skills and hit my targets without having to worry about whether my ammo is doing its job when I’m doing mine. Federal is an official sponsor and ammunition supplier of USA Shooting, a non-profit organization that promotes the shooting sports and prepares American athletes to win Olympic gold. For more information: www.usashooting.org. Federal cartridges are available from dealers nationwide or directly online from Federal. For more information on all federal products or to shop online, visitwww.federalpremium.com.

International Ammunition Specifications, according to Federal:

Pressure gauge 12 gauge
Size of the projectile 9
Type News
Initial speed 1335
Loading Bales Oz 7/8
Load pellets 512.0
Sleeve length 70 mm.
Density 11 g/cc
Quantity per pack 25
the use of Contest

For those who want to follow the competition and see how Federal’s ammo performs, the competition schedule is posted here: https://olympics.com/tokyo-2020/en/schedule/shooting-schedule. word-image-8292