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This has been on my mind for a few years, and I finally decided I am going to write something about it. This is something I have seen from other people, and more importantly, I have heard about it from other people. One of my friends of course, was out camping last summer, and he was teaching his kids what to do in case of fire.

A camping buddy of mine has a motto: “If it can burn, it can start a fire.” While this is certainly true, there are other ways to start a fire, too. One of my past camping buddies used to hold his lighter up to the rim of the toilet bowl, and have it pop in the middle of the night when we were camping in the woods. This is a simple method that you can even do without a lighter.

This is a little trick I learned when I was about 13 years old and living in a rural area. This section of my blog will be about how to start a fire using a dirt bike. It was my experience that when I was living in a rural area that there was a dirt bike that a lot of kids had in their possession for their own entertainment. Even though they were not allowed to have them, they had them and enjoyed riding them. They started fires to have fires and to play with fire, but they were also starting fires all over the countryside by riding their dirt bike back and forth over the grass. This is a very interesting fact and I just thought I would share it with you.. Read more about cheap dirt bikes and let us know what you think.

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When dirt motorcycles have been running for a long period or have been resting in the sun, they may become heated. If you’ve ever touched the engine of a dirt bike after it’s been running for a while, you know what I’m talking about. But how hot do they get, and do they have the potential to ignite a fire?

Dirt motorcycles, particularly in dry grassy areas, have the potential to ignite flames. When there is a fire restriction in effect, it is essential not to ride dirt riding in certain areas, as it may quickly turn into a catastrophe. Outside of this scenario, it’s very uncommon for dirt motorcycles that aren’t damaged to ignite flames.

So there’s more to this tiny safety tidbit than meets the eye. Different motorcycles burn in different ways, and if the bike has any sort of gasoline leakage, the chances of a fire are greatly enhanced. Let’s dive into the details of what causes a dirt bike to burn.

What Causes Fires on Dirt Bikes?

We have a legislation in the United States that mandates dirt bikes and other motor vehicles to have a spark arrestor. The spark arrestor works by preventing hot residue from escaping from the vehicle’s engine and causing fires.

Although there is considerable disagreement in the dirt riding world about whether dirt motorcycles can generate that sort of debris, I’ve heard tales that make it sound plausible.

When it comes to a dirt bike that starts a fire, the engine is the actual perpetrator. A motocross bike’s hottest component may reach 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s almost hot enough to melt steel at that temperature! Fortunately, that section (known as the head pipe by mechanics) is seldom exposed, although the remainder of the engine may still become very hot. In fact, the engine may reach 600 degrees Fahrenheit, which is hot enough to ignite a fire.

The igniting point of dry grass is 572 degrees Fahrenheit, which is less than 600 degrees in mathematical terms. That implies that if dry grass gets into touch with a hot motor, it has a very high potential of exploding in flames.

This typically occurs when a rider loses control of their bike or is unable to remain upright. If the engine is left in touch with the grass for an extended period of time without being removed, it may quickly develop into a brush fire, destroying the bike and perhaps much more.


This issue is exacerbated by the possibility that the increased heat, coupled with the force of the collision, may cause the gas tank to leak, posing a major fire danger. The bike will almost always be wrecked if this occurs.

If this occurs, the fire will be very difficult to put out, since the addition of gasoline means that water would simply exacerbate the development of the fire. If you’re concerned about anything like this occurring, always carry a fire extinguisher with you while dirt riding.

How Frequently Do Dirt Bikes Start Fires?

Despite the fact that dirt bikes may certainly spark flames, this is not a common occurrence. This may be due to the fact that dirt bikes are less prevalent than reckless smokers or badly timed campfires, yet they don’t spark fires nearly as often as other things.

There is presently no database of fires caused by dirtbikes, making it very difficult to keep track of them.

However, there is enough anecdotal data to convince me that it is quite likely, particularly if you store your freshly ridden dirt bike close or in dry vegetation. Fires may start in an instant and be difficult to put out without expert help since the engine becomes so hot and has a good risk of leaking gas.

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An Example of a Fire Started by a Dirt Bike

This is the most well-known example I could locate. Take note of how fast the fire begins beneath the bike and how much grass is burnt.


When the fire reaches this size, it no longer requires a heat source. This implies that even if you get the bike out of the fire zone, it will most likely continue to burn until it hits something it can’t. Then, even after it seemed that the fire had been completely doused, it flared up again, this time much larger.

Fires like these may spread quickly and become very dangerous.


Is all of this discussion about setting flames making you question how safe dirt riding is in general? In the article Dirt Riding Dangers: Facts and Figures, you’ll find some really fascinating data regarding the safety of dirt biking as a family activity that truly puts things into perspective. Is It a Family-Friendly Sport?

Preventing Fires on Dirt Bikes

These flames may be hazardous for a variety of reasons. They may begin by threatening just you and your bike, but they may rapidly expand, putting houses, cities, and other personal property in the path of the flames.

Another potentially frightening outcome: if dirt bike fires have a large enough effect on the area where they occur, riders may face stringent restrictions or even bans. However, there’s no reason why these fires should ever get out of hand.

Of course, ensuring sure your spark arrestor is always correctly placed is a good place to start, but there are other things you can do to reduce your chances of starting a fire.


Make sure there are no dry plants around whenever you store your bike. Parking lots with gravel, dirt, or asphalt are all excellent options, but if none of them are available, make sure your bike isn’t parked over grass or anything that may catch fire.

While parking on grass may be acceptable if you’re just stopping for a few seconds, it’s likely to create issues if you do so for an extended period of time.

When riding your dirt bike off-road, you may also bring a small fire extinguisher with you. While there isn’t much it can do if the bike is on fire and the gasoline tank is leaking, in a scenario like the one in the video above, a fast application of a fire extinguisher may be enough to put out the flame.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are dirt bikes a fire hazard?

Yes, dirt bikes are a fire hazard.

Can a motorcycle start a fire?

No, a motorcycle cannot start a fire.

How does a dirt bike engine start?

To start a dirt bike engine, you need to turn the ignition key on and then press the starter button.

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