Did Honda Really Just Write ‘FART’ On Every Honda CR-V Hybrid?

I really like it when car manufacturers show their human side and show guts in the products they make. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, automakers showed this funny side with crazy colors, graphic packaging and the iconic horn from the classic Road Runner cartoon. We see other examples of the fun aspect with the Ram TRX trash easter eggs. Now Honda is joining in too, by hiding a lame joke in the Honda CR-V Hybrid.

Honda CR-V Hybrid likes it here.

Drive hilariously reports that if you want to laugh, you just have to look at the lower right corner of the windshield of a CR-V Hybrid and read the VIN. As with all farts, someone is to blame. Did Honda make it fun, or is it an honest production code that just ended up in a funny chain letter?

2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid | Honda

The VIN of every Honda CR-V Hybrid starts with 7FART (yes, I had to laugh when I wrote that). Like all VINs since 1981, Honda’s funny VIN has a 17-digit shape. All VINs comply with this length and a surprisingly regulated set of rules after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration standardized the rules for VINs. Coincidentally, all five characters are lined up here for a bit of childish humor.

How does the fart joke get into the VIN of the CR-V Hybrid?

The car and driver also noticed the strange Easter egg and wondered what rules, if any, were in place to keep this kind of thing from happening more often. It appears that since the NHTSA regulations were adopted in 1981, VINs must meet certain requirements.

TitleHonda CR-V Hybrid VIN | Car and Driver

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For example, the VIN should not contain the letters I, Q or O, which could easily be interpreted as 0 or 1. The same section of the regulations on prohibited letters also specifies the order in which numbers and letters must appear on the NIF.

How to read your WINE

According to the author and driver, the first three symbols represent the general manufacturer’s identification assigned by SAE International. These symbols indicate, among other things, the country of manufacture, the manufacturer of the vehicle and the factory where the vehicle was manufactured. Although the first number indicates the country of origin, the 7 at the beginning of the CR-V Hybrid’s VIN is not the typical number associated with American-made cars, which the CR-V Hybrid was.

Read the VIN of a Honda CR-V | Car and Driver

The powertrain and body type of the vehicle are normally indicated by the following four to eight digits. This section is primarily for car manufacturers to keep their records in order. It is interesting to note that the ninth sign stands for protection against fraud. This number is generated using a formula used by the US Department of Transportation to verify a valid VIN.

The 10th digit indicates the model year. Each letter represents a year, and the system is reset every 30 years so that the difference between two vehicles with the same 10th letter is the same. On the eleventh. The letter indicates the specific factory where the vehicle was manufactured, if not already indicated in the first four digits. The next six digits generally indicate the place of manufacture of a particular vehicle.

Honda wanted to tear up 7FART.

Now that we understand how VIN works, we can judge whether or not it was necessary to break it in the face of the world. Well, according to the Honda rep, Honda is basically claiming that the old ironclad defense, the one that felt it is the one that took care of it. Honda claims that the VIN was not intentionally written FART.

In fact, it’s easy for Honda to blame 7FART on someone else: the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. NHTSA eventually approved the VIN registration and eventually authorized all VINs. But NHTSA gave them the old denial, the one that denied it gave it. According to Car and Driver, NHTSA says every automaker is required to ensure that inappropriate messages are not included in the vehicle’s VIN.

It’s getting more childish.

Jalopnik went even further down the rabbit hole and found a certain Honda CR-V Hybrid VIN that really makes the argument we didn’t know was hard to reach. I’m not going to give you the whole picture, dear reader, but if you want to read between the lines, please do so. I tell you: There are some unfortunate Easter eggs hidden here. The VIN that Jalopnik found reads as follows: 7FART6H90LE000420.

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