Destroyed $3 Million Ferrari Enzo Is a Famous Comedian’s Bizzare Viral Hit

Of the 400 Ferrari Enzo models produced, most are in remote collections around the world. However, one of these ultra-elegant Ferrari models died prematurely at the hands of a famous actor.

According to CBS News, Eddie Griffin was training for a charity race when he lost control of the Italian supercar. After the car crashed and became one of the most famous Enzos in the world, things took a bizarre turn.

How do you hit Enzo’s $3 million Ferrari?

Ferrari Enzo | Charley Gallay via Getty Images

The story of the destroyed Ferrari Enzo begins with good intentions. That’s because comedian Eddie Griffin was training for a celebrity race for charity. As he tells it in his comedy show Freedom of Speech, he went to a race track and was offered several supercars. Griffin would have chosen Enzo because he stood out from the rest.

Although the circuit had a small track prepared for the celebrities, Griffin tells how he drove the Ferrari Enzo on the full circuit. Unfortunately, high speed corners result in unwanted understeer. As a result, the $3 million hypercar crashed head-on into a concrete barrier.

The impact sent the Ferrari Enzo flying. As you can see from some of the photos, the front left corner of the vehicle has sustained the most damage. Very painful: The Italian hypercar is made entirely of carbon fiber. You can also see that the headlight and other parts on the front are broken.

The story of a wrecked Ferrari takes a very unusual turn.

Ferrari Enzo | Michael Tullberg via Getty Images

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If you thought a crashed Ferrari Enzo was unusual enough, you’re wrong. When this story went viral in 2007, it generated a lot of press for the movie Griffin was promoting at the time. Moreover, this particular hypercar became one of the most famous due to this unfortunate incident.

Nevertheless, the film studio decided to take the destroyed Ferrari Enzo and put it on display to promote the film. Unusually, the memorial service was held in the parking lot of the famous Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles, according to Getty Images. This included an array of colors and religious artifacts as a tribute to the destroyed hypercar.

The Ferrari Enzo was even put on display so spectators could see the damage up close. Even if the movie studio did this stunt for publicity, it’s still weird.

Where is the destroyed supercar now?

Ferrari Enzo | Ferrari

In case you’re wondering where the Ferrari Enzo went, this story ends on a positive note. According to Jalopnik, a Texan named Matt Groner decided to buy a wreck of a hypercar and restore it. At the time of writing, Enzo was worth about $1.5 million. But at the time of writing, prices are closer to $3 million.

Jalopnik reports that the car sustained about $300,000 in damage in the crash. Fortunately, Groner was able to assemble all the necessary parts for a proper repair. Nevertheless, Jalopnik reports that it took months to obtain the vital parts for recovery. Nevertheless, this hypercar was eventually sold and is now in a private collection somewhere, just like all the others.

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