Deer Protection Program transitioning from ATA to Responsible Hunting Scent Association

The Archery Trade Association and the Responsible Hunting Scent Association are working together to make the deer conservation program a reality from day one. April 2021 from ATA administration to RHSA administration.

The ATA launched the PLR in March 2016 in response to the growing threat of Chronic Wasting Disease across the country. Participants in the programme include urine flavouring manufacturers and their suppliers who agree to follow strict guidelines and precautions for their products to reduce the risk of spreading CWD. Their efforts and dedication contribute to the sustainability of the hunting industry by protecting the health of the deer herd. Today, PLR members distribute the vast majority of urine-based flavors or fragrances on the market.

SPT members recognize that the regulatory and supervisory needs of their business segments are very specific. That’s why they formed their own association in 2020. RHSA was officially incorporated as a 501(c)6 business association in December, as were its elected officers and board of directors. Sam Bergeson of the Center for Wildlife Studies is the president of the RHSA. Roxanne Lotts of Indianhead Whitetails and Doug Roberts of Flavors of Conquest share the position of RHSA Vice President.

The RHSA is committed to maintaining and strengthening the PLR to ensure that hunters and game trappers have access to urine-based scent compounds that provide strong protection against CWD. Building on the strong foundation and high expectations of the ATA, the RHSA will ensure a healthy future for the fragrance industry by contributing to a healthy future for Red Deer.

The ATA has helped bring together responsible producers and flavor collectors around a set of science-based standards, Burgeon said. As participants in our program adopted these disease prevention protocols and practices, we realized that our specialty needed more guidance from the Association for Responsible Hunting Smell.

The ATA is transferring the program to the RHSA to focus on its strategic initiatives, including increasing participation in archery and bow hunting and supporting statewide efforts to recruit, retain, and reactivate hunters.

Dan Forster, vice president and chief environmental officer of ATA, said the decision helps ATA advance its mission and gives the DPP an opportunity to grow and develop under RHSA’s leadership.

We are proud of the role the AWA has played in the development of the Deer Protection Program. The result is high-quality urine products, manufactured to the highest industry standards, that protect against the transmission of Chronic Wasting Disease, Forster said. We will continue to work closely with the Responsible Hunters Association to ensure that production standards remain high. We believe this is the right organization to lead this nationally recognized program and improve it in the future.

HRSA is currently seeking an Executive Director for communications and administration of HRSA. will be launched soon.