Daytona 500 Crashes Lead to Millions of Dollars in Damages

If you followed the Daytona 500 last weekend, you know that this NASCAR race was full of crashes. A particularly unfortunate accident at the end of the race even robbed the leader of victory. But have you ever wondered how much a NASCAR car wreck costs?

USA Today’s report shows us exactly how one of these piles of waste can easily turn into millions of dollars of loss. In addition to luxury cars, modern technological advances in safety make these drivers safer than ever.

How many NASCAR crashes have we seen in the Daytona 500?

NASCAR Crash | David Rosenbloom/Sportswire Icon via Getty Images

It didn’t take long for a serious chain collision to occur during the NASCAR Daytona 500 race. Yahoo reports that it only took 15 bullets before the metal parts started flying. According to Yahoo, the first major accident was caused when driver Christopher Bell pushed Aric Almirola. This caused a chain reaction that soon affected a total of 16 vehicles, some of which were heavily damaged.

While this first accident certainly caught our attention, the last major accident changed the outcome of the Dayton 500. As the NASCAR race drew to a close, OregonLive reports, the crash began as Brad Keselowski tried to retake the lead over Joey Logano. Unfortunately, the first two cars had an accident. The car finished in third place and took the victory. Unfortunately, it also caused a chain reaction that led to a serious car accident.

In a split second, however, these teams lost millions of dollars due to small mistakes that led to massive chain reactions.

For this reason, teams can lose millions of dollars.

NASCAR Crash | James Gilbert via Getty Images

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As you can imagine, NASCAR’s accident cost calculation starts with the price of the vehicle. According to USA Today, each of these cars could cost teams up to $500,000. Much of that price, however, is for the engines, which Sportex says can cost up to $150,000 alone. The result: When those big stacks appear, so do the repair bills.

In the event of a total loss, it can cost teams $500,000 to replace the car. However, according to USA Today, cars can be repaired in most cases, with the repair often costing around $250,000. In doing so, the vehicle’s engine, one of the most expensive parts, need not be damaged. Incidents involving more than 15 cars involve millions of dollars lost in a split second.

Are drivers safe?

Fortunately, NASCAR has improved security considerably over the past few decades. According to Empire Sports Media, these improvements include stiffening the entire car and installing driver-side roll bars. This has the advantage that the car no longer crashes in mass accidents.

Drivers must also wear special fire suits and a HANS device that prevents serious whiplash injuries. A laminated car window is also useful. According to CNN, crew members can disassemble it and quickly reach the operator who needs it. Ultimately, the main reason is that while these accidents can be costly and intense, at least drivers are more likely than ever to come out of them unscathed.

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