Consumer Reports Says These Are the Most Reliable 2021 Brands

Consumer Reports has released its list of the most trusted brands for 2021, and there are many changes from 2020. Mazda leads the way, followed by BMW, while last year’s winner, Porsche, has dropped to fourth. At the bottom of Consumer Reports’ list is Alfa Romeo, along with its sister car Fiat, which has had the dubious honor of not even being on the list for the past four years.

Lincoln went from 13th last year to 28th in 2021

2021 Lincoln Nautilus in Sky Blue | Ford Motor Company

Lincoln is a surprise: it rose from 13th last year to 28th in 2021. Both the Aviator and Corsair have done well in Consumer Report tests, but when it comes to reliability, they’re far from history. The other was Tesla, which went down the same way. It slipped from 11th to 16th place due to problems with the Model S, Model Y and Model X. Only the Model 3 received the recommended rating from Consumer Reports.

Conversely, Honda has done much better in 2021. Last year, it ranked only 15th, according to Automotive News. This year she has moved up to fifth place. Other brands that did better this year were Chrysler in eighth place and Buick in ninth. This is only the second time that two American brands have been in the top 10. Other American brands showed improvement: Dodge dropped to 14th and Cadillac to 22nd.

Land Rover, Mitsubishi, Jeep and Lincoln are at the bottom of the rankings behind Alfa Romeo. Chevrolet, Ford and GMC finished 24th, 25th and 26th respectively.

Toyota is number 1 in the top 10 most reliable brands.

2021 Toyota Camry | Toyota

APPROPRIATE: There is a big difference between reliability and longevity.

Four of the places in the top ten go to Toyota, which therefore has the most cars in the top ten. Since the Prius is one of these four models, it finishes 18 in the top 10. For the first time, there will be a Green Choice category to educate consumers about hybrid, electric and hydrogen vehicles.

In the first Green Choice, the first four spots were taken by the Toyota Prius, Toyota Corolla Hybrid, Toyota Camry and Tesla Model 3. Winners in this category must score well in the areas of road tests, reliability, owner satisfaction and safety. Those who score well get a badge with a green leaf in their ranking.

The vehicles will be tested and evaluated for 6,000 miles each. The tests evaluate braking, handling, comfort, ease of use, safety and fuel economy. Consumer Reports purchases vehicles and does not accept free samples. You can see the full list below.

Consumer Reports Most Trustworthy Brands 2021 | CR

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Are consumer reports reliable?

Consumer Reports receives reliable data through automated surveys sent to Consumer Reports participants each year. In total, our 2020 surveys contain answers for approximately 329 000 vehicles, covering models from 2000 to 2020.

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