Collin Truett is a skilled tracker, photography enthusiast and all-around outdoorsman. His blog The Tracker’s Field Guide is full of photos and tips on how to track prey, skin animals and find the most remote places to camp. Collin put together a comprehensive guide to all the gear he uses in the field to help you plan your next trip.

Since last year, 2017’s U.S. Open, has become a much more difficult tournament to predict accurately. With the amount of people who live on the East Coast, many fans are not able to travel to the tournament or watch it on TV. Even after the recent announcement of the Women’s World Cup Finals in France, it is hard not to look at the comfort of the East Coast and not consider moving to the West Coast. If you are still interested in following the U.S. Open, you may want to consider getting a satellite dish. As you know, the U.S. Open is broadcasted on ESPN, but it does require a dish for you to get the ESPN channels, and most people don

When I was younger I had a lot of energy and was very active. I would go camping and hiking with my boyfriend (who is 7 years older than me) and we would always have a blast. In the beginning of our relationship, I would push him to go faster and climb harder because I wanted to beat him. As I got older I realized how much energy I was wasting. My boyfriend is a very fast climber, I can usually keep up, but I ve learned how to climb well and have nothing to prove anymore. I enjoy the challenge of climbing but no longer see it as a race.

COLLIN TRU OF THE RS1 CHAMPIONSHIP RS1 champion Collin Truetta won the 2020 Texas UTV Race Series Pro Normally Aspirated 1000. He won two stages and was on the podium in four others. His six-lap run on the podium ended on the seventh lap when he overstretched his jump and injured his back, so he did not participate in that round. He came back in the final to win the title. Truett finished ahead of a pair of Honda Talons, with Sean Hess in second and Cross Kirchmeyer in third. Truett received a $40,000 bonus from TexPlex Park for the championship and will defend the title in 2021. Here’s a look at his championship RS1. word-image-8493 Truett bought the RS1 from Johnny Greaves, who made the racing frame, double bed, doors, trim, nets and power bumpers. The rear bumper is reminiscent of the design of sprint cars. Greaves also built the RS1 exhaust with the Pro 4 exhaust for trucks. The K&N oval filter replaces the stock RS1 air filter housing and includes a pre-filter. The RS1 is equipped with standard wishbones and swingarms with additional spacers for extra strength during short races. Truett uses Walker Evans Racing Needlepoint shocks, factory tuned by G-Force, which are protected by SealSavers. He removed the front underride guard and uses only the rear underride guard. Collin used Hankook winter tires on the TexPlex winter laps and switched to Hoosiers on the warmer, drier laps. WrapsSealSavers and PRP Limit Belts protect OEM WER needle shock absorbers and undercovers protect the rear elements of front tires. Under LOORRS rules and other short race penalties, the RS1 engine is essentially stock, with Greaves exhaust and intake and ECU firmware. word-image-8494 word-image-8495 word-image-8496 EQUIPMENT FOR SHORT DISTANCE RACES The body panels and cooling system are all original RS1, the axles are also original. Collin uses Hess billet rear bearings and hubs ($500); Hess 7075 T651 aluminum hubs cost $175 each; chromoly hubs cost $200 each. The PRP belts (100,- €) at the rear also protect the WER shock absorbers and the CV joints of the axle, as well as the rear and the bearings. The front end is also reinforced with XP1K ball joints from Keller Performance ($519.96 per set). Truett initially used Hankook Winter T-Piker tires, but later switched to Hoosier 27.5x8R15 M500 compound UTV tires on Raceline Mamba A71B beadlock rims ($220 each). Truett cuts grooves in the front Hoosiers for extra support. Truett also reinforces the suspension with SuperATV billet aluminum hex rods ($379.95). G-Force customizes Truett Walker Evans Racing’s needle shocks, and the RS1 flies smoothly over the slopes on short tracks. Keller Performanceball joints and additional spacers and tubes enhance the standard RS1 control arms. Hess Motorsports with aluminum bearing mounts and aluminum hex rods equip SuperATV from behind for battle. word-image-8497 word-image-8498 word-image-8499 In the RS1, Truett installs a Hess flat rim ($90) and a Hess hub ($50). He uses a Sparco Evo racing saddle ($825 from HRP) with Simpson harnesses. He uses an Aim MX UTV data logger with a temperature monitor on the belt. It records speed, RPM, range, throttle position, braking, fuel consumption, distance, lap times and much more. It was moved by Hess for $599. Colleen uses a portable radio from Rugged Radios and a MAC3.2 clean air pump ($325). Truett likes to keep his RS1 in the best possible condition, and on race day he succeeds! See how the RS1 differs from other RZRs here: word-image-8500 CONTACTS : Johnny G Motorsports 2829 Scotch Pine Trail Suamico, WI 54313 Hess-Motorsport 202 N. Mesquite St. Munster, Texas, 76252 (940) 759-4597 Walker Evans Racing 2304 Fleetwood Drive Riverside, California, 92509 (951) 784-7223 The post COLLIN TRUETT’S CHAMPIONSHIP RS1 appeared first on .I met Collin at the Tofino Bike rodeo in 2015, where he won the Bikes vs. Food challenge, and we hit it off.  Collin is a great guy. The next year, we made the trip up to To-fino again, and he won the Food vs. Bike challenge, this time with his girlfriend. We spent the weekend talking bikes, food and life.  He’s got great stories from the road and a good heart.  He’s also a great writer.  He wrote an article for  The Tyee  recently called  “Time to get trying and quit whining.” It’s about the freedom of biking and the interplay of freedom with the world. Read more about chick fil breakfast hours and let us know what you think.

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