Rise to the Occassion with the Best Fly Fishing Rods

With the warm months coming, it’s time to start thinking about your next camping trip. If you’re like most people, you’ve got a few options: you can camp in a tent, go car-camping, or go backpacking. Whatever you choose, you’ll want a great fly rod for casting. We’ve got some great recommendations for you here.

This week we’re going to tackle one of the most important parts of the fly fishing experience: choosing the right fly fishing rod. The right rod for you is a personal choice that should be based on your experience and the type of fishing you plan to do.

Are you ready to step up to the big time? Fishing for spiders in a stream? Buying a new fly rod? Wanting to go on a holiday and fish for some of the most beautiful fish on the planet? If so, then make sure you’re ready to step up to the plate with the best quality fly fishing rods available.. Read more about best fly rods of all time and let us know what you think.Trent Marsh 06.03.21 word-image-8242 Fly fishing can be intimidating. Even for those who have been fishing for some time, there are secrets to properly presenting a fly and getting it to the water that escape even the most ardent fan. Although fly fishing conjures up romantic thoughts in most people’s minds of trout hunting along a scenic river surrounded by mountains in the morning mist, fly rods and fly fishing are just another presentation option that can be used to catch everything from watchable bluefish to tough tarpon. Just as you won’t use the same spinning reel for these purposes, there are different fly fishing rods for different purposes. It’s almost impossible to list all the possible options for fly rods, but fortunately most are available in a variety of configurations that allow you to use the basic design of a particular rod to best suit the species you’re pursuing. Here are some of the best fly fishing rods for beginners and experienced fly fishermen. Artist’s rendering : Shutterstock/Foyt + – Table of contents

1. Sage Pulse – Editor’s Choice

word-image-8243 Finding a fly fishing rod that suits everyone is no easy task. There are just too many variables from angler to angler to make it perfect for everyone. The Sage Pulse meets all expectations with a versatile design, forgiving performance and a price point that is acceptable to most anglers. While the Pulse is a rod with a fast action, it is not configured as a super stiff rod that would make casting difficult for beginners. At the same time, it is not so fragile that advanced and experienced fly fishermen lack the precision and strength they seek. This is really the place to design a fly fishing rod. A total of 15 configurations are available, ranging from 7’6 3wt to 9’6 8wt. No matter where you want to cast your net, the Sage Pulse rod will respond to anything you find on the other end. Pros/Basic Graphite IIIe is divided into each weight class Cons/ Probably lacks the long range casting ability that experienced anglers are looking for. Conclusion: This is a Goldilocks fly rod – everything is perfect.

2. Redington Path – Budget Choice

word-image-8244 Value and fly fishing are not words that usually go together, but don’t let that fool you. You don’t have to break the bank to start fly fishing. It doesn’t take much money to be good at fly fishing. As with any business: The further you go, the more options you discover, the more you can spend. All that being said, the Redington Path fly fishing rod performs very well for its price, and is certainly equipped well enough to get you on the water and with the fish at a reasonable price. The medium-speed setup is fairly forgiving, making it a good option for beginning anglers to learn to cast. Does it have the high-end features of other options or a sleek look? No, but for a reliable fly fishing rod at a reasonable price, this is what you need. Budget doesn’t mean sacrificing configurations. The pad is available in a range of lengths from 3wt to 9wt, so you can even experiment with different weights before improving the quality of the rod in your quiver. Advantages / Easy installation for newcomers Minuses: Doesn’t have the high-end feel of some of the other options. In short / A lot of bang for the buck

3. Orvis Adirondack Bamboo – Nostalgic Choice

word-image-8245 Modern materials and technologies have made fly rods more forgiving, affordable and reliable than ever. It really is a miracle. However, it only takes a few generations for fly fishing rods to look completely different. Orvis keeps those memories alive with the Adirondack Full-Flex Bamboo. Be prepared for nostalgia not to come cheap, but this 5wt and 7’6 two-piece rod is a great option for the angler looking to take a step back in time. Does it work? Absolutely. It’s not so much the performance as the romance in this staff. As a collectible, a bamboo fishing rod is hard to beat. The fact that Orvis offers personalization, where your name is added to the bamboo ticket for an additional fee, only makes the deal more attractive. As with traditional archery or flint hunting, there is something to be said for the way it was done in the past. The fact that it’s the best outdoor gear ever made is just a bonus. For / Very nice rod Cons/ Bamboo has stood the test of time for generations, but today’s materials are a vast improvement. In short, temporary nostalgia is worth what it is.

4. G.Loomis NRX+ LP – Dry fly selection

word-image-8246 If you are a dry fly fisherman, you know that you need a different fly fishing rod than other anglers. In a time when everything seems to be reduced to electric fishing and sophistication has lost its appeal, a commitment to the dry fly is noble in any fishery, not just fly fishing. The GLoomis NRX+ LP is the perfect choice. The medium-fast design allows the angler to have a smooth presentation while still allowing for longer casts, although they are not as easy or accurate as the faster options, but there is nothing wrong with that when fishing dry flies. The NRX+ LP is available from 3 to 6 tons and in lengths from 8’3 to 9′. Not as many options as some of the other fly rods on this list, but this rod is a more special one than some of the other options. Pro/Moderate fast taper makes light dry flies more manageable. Cons/basic lack of maximum range or accuracy Bottom Line / One of the best options for the dry fly angler.

5th St. Keizerkruis – Waardepik

word-image-8247 Budget and cost are not always synonymous. Even anglers should feel comfortable on the St. Lawrence. They should know that performance is an important factor in their choice. Yes, there are more expensive, brighter and more publicized fly rods in this list, but the Imperial fly rod line is just for fishing. A fast rod line may mean beginners need a little practice, but intermediate and advanced anglers will appreciate the ability to cast flies over longer distances. So what makes it a valid choice? First, these are excellent all-around rods for anglers who want to flyfish occasionally, but aren’t as dedicated to the sport as others. You get the most features and functionality you could want, for a lot less. In addition, the breadth and depth of the Imperial range is simply impressive. Like any other industry, fly fishermen have their own basic jigs (usually a 5wt), but special circumstances require lighter or heavier jigs. For appliances that aren’t used as often as the big ones, it’s good to know that you can choose a brand like St. Louis. St. John’s. With a reputation that is second to none, you get a reliable product waiting for you when you need it. The Imperial line is available from 2wt to 10wt in a variety of lengths. Everyone can appreciate such a choice. Pro/ Almost unlimited configurations are possible Disadvantages: Not as luxurious a look as some of the other options. Want to catch a fish or impress other anglers? word-image-8248

Fly rod weight

The weight of a fly rod is not the weight of the rod itself, it is a rating system that gives an idea of the size of fly the rod is designed for. Fly fishing reels and lines have a similar layout. If you’re putting together your own outfit, make sure all the pieces match. Mismatched parts of your equipment will cause you major problems on the water. Remember, you’re not casting a fly, you’re casting a fishing line. Always match the weight of your rod, reel and line to get the best fly fishing gear.

Choosing the optimum fly rod weight

Choosing the right weight depends entirely on what you are casting and what you are fishing for. The weight does not depend on the size of the fish you catch, but on the fly you cast. However, you don’t want to arm yourself with a 2wt when you’re hunting tarpon so there’s a connection with the fish you’re hunting. Ask 100 anglers and you’ll probably get different answers, but for most of them the 5wt is the best rod if you can only choose one. This of course assumes that you are fishing for river fish, trout or even bass in fresh water. If your primary production gets bigger, you may need to upgrade to 8wt. What works for Midwest pond fishermen doesn’t work for salmon. Know what you are striving for, know what you hope to achieve, and choose the option others use to achieve that goal. In many cases, 5wt will be used in the mix. Photo: Shutterstock/goodluz word-image-8249


A tippet is a tapered leader at the end of a fly line, located in front of the backing line on a fly reel. The fly line has a large diameter and great buoyancy and is easily spotted by fish that are on their guard. You can’t tie the fly directly to the line. A tippet or leader should be used to tie the fly and to make it harder to find the line. Just like everything else in your outfit, you need to make sure that the tippet you choose matches the other pieces in your outfit so that it doesn’t disrupt the harmony.

Is fly fishing difficult?

It’s actually easier than it sounds. You can master the basics in a few minutes. Remember, you only throw the line. When you get to that point, you can present the fly however you want.

Can I use a regular rod for fly fishing?

Technically, yes, you can. If you’re using a regular rod, you’ll need to add a sinker or a casting bladder to cast the fly. It gets very complicated.

About the author

word-image-8250 Trent Marsh. Trent Marsh has been involved in both aspects of the outdoor industry for over a decade. Trent is an avid outdoor athlete and has worked as both a marketer and writer on a wide range of products and topics. He has written for Concealed Carry Magazine, Deer & Deer Hunting, Whitetails Unlimited magazine, Grand View Media and others. He appeared on podcasts, was featured on Pursuit and Sportsman Channel, and was even featured on Dana Losch’s radio show. Trent covers topics such as personal defense, optics, hunting and fishing tactics, UTVs, and enjoys diving into gear to help other outdoor enthusiasts prepare for their own adventures. In addition to spending time outdoors, he is a good home cook, enjoys gardening, working from home, and traveling. He lives with his family in Indiana. We are committed to finding, researching and recommending the best products. We receive commissions for purchases you make through the links in our product reviews. Learn more about how it works.In the beginning of your outdoor adventure, you will inevitably be looking for the best fly fishing rods. The best tip is to start off with the ones that come with your fly fishing package- usually it will have a good rod, reel, and line. Although these are usually good starter rods, we advise you to shop around for an extra rod that will be suitable for the fish you want to catch- no need to buy the best rod in the world if you’re only fishing in the backyard.. Read more about orvis fly rods and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes the best fly fishing rods?

After I bought my first fly fishing rod, I joined the ranks of millions who have discovered how easy and rewarding it can be to wade into a river, lake, or stream and fish for trout, bass, or even salmon. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of the weight of a fish in your hand after a successful cast, especially if you’ve caught something big. No matter how many times I’ve fished, I always learn something new about fly fishing that I didn’t know before my first fishing trip. To some, fly fishing rods are more than just tools that help you catch fish. They’re a way of life. In fact, they’re so important to some that they’re even used as a form of currency. Of course, while some will simply buy a new rod when their current one gets worn out, others will spend years researching and testing out what makes the best fly rods. So, who makes the best fly fishing rods? The industry standard is the Sage, so you can’t go wrong with them.

What is the best fly rod combo?

The ultimate goal of fishing is to catch a fish. Failing that, it is a great way to spend a day out in the country with your family or friends. You can do this in a lake, a pond, a stream, or a river. Whatever you choose, there are certain things that will help you catch more fish. The rod and reel combo is one of the most important parts of the fishing experience, and serves many functions. The rod transfers the energy of the line to the water, providing a means of controlling the hook-set on the fly. It also provides the energy required to reel in the fish, and makes the cast, and so forth. The rod also provides a way to hold the line in a manner that minimizes the amount of line that the fisherman accidentally drags along the bottom.

What is the best fly rod for the money?

When it comes to choosing the best fly rod, the amount you are willing to spend on a rod depends on your income too. Some of the names you might see on expensive fly rods include Shakespeare, WF4X, Daiwa, Sage, Sage-Surf, Shakespeare, Daiwa, St. Croix, St. Croix, St. Croix, St. Croix, WF4X, Shakespeare, Shakespeare, Shakespeare, Shakespeare, Shakespeare, Shakespeare, Shakespeare, Shakespeare, Shakespeare, Shakespeare, Shakespeare, Shakespeare, Shakespeare, Shakespeare, Shakespeare, Shakespeare, Shakespeare, Shakespeare, Shakespeare, Shakespeare, Shakespeare, Shakespeare, Shakespeare, Shakespeare, Shakespeare, Shakespeare, Shakespeare, Shakespeare, Shakespeare, Shakespeare, Shakespeare, Shakespeare, Shakespeare There are a lot of questions that we need to address when deciding which kind of fishing rod to buy, but there are just as many different answers. You should always take your own skill level, the type of river you fish, and what you want to catch into consideration when purchasing a rod. If you’re a beginner, then you might not want to spend a lot of money on a high-end fly rod. But if you’re an experienced angler, then you might want to invest in a rod that does the job well.

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DBS when boating during safe boating week – or any time

Safe boating week was established to encourage boaters to practice safe boating habits. This week will be the 13th year that the USA Power Squadrons (USPS) have offered DBS training in preparation for their annual safe boating week.

Safe boating week is a time where the general public are encouraged to practice safer boating practices due to the recent surge in boat related accidents. While this doesn’t apply to everyone, the vast majority of boaters have completely disregarded these safety recommendations for years. So, why the sudden focus on safe boating now?

Many boaters have an amazing experience each year as they sail from one location to another along the coast, enjoying the sights and sounds of nature and the solitude of their boat. However, there are risks involved, and one of those is potential encounters with the U.S. Coast Guard.. Read more about national safe boating week 2020 and let us know what you think.According to the DBS, inflatable lifejackets are much more commonly worn by boaters. (Photo by Mike Schoonveld) word-image-5196 National Swimming Safety Week runs from 22 to 28 September. May.  This is just one of dozens of safety weeks sponsored by the National Safety Council – there are also safety days and safety months – I believe based on the dangers inherent in participating in various activities. Hiking only gets one day (April 7) and ladder safety only gets a whole month (March). Sailing should therefore be a relatively low-risk activity. That’s all well and good, but as most articles and news releases printed or broadcast at this time of year remind us during National Safe Boating Week, boating can be even safer. Most of these programs, videos or articles include a list of boating safety rules that, if followed, will make boating even safer. BoatUS, for example, published a short list a few weeks ago that boaters can use as a guide.

  1. Wear a life jacket.
  2. Use the SCAN technique when steering the boat. SCAN is a cumbersome acronym that stands for something like Attention! (Research-Focus-Analysing-Negotiating).

3.) Presence and use of a motor switch (for boats less than 26 feet in length). This device is listed because a new USCG rule requiring its use went into effect on April 1. I’m sure other organizations have longer lists. My list is much shorter. Do you want to remember the acronym?  DBS – that’s short for Don’t Boat Stupidly. I thought about calling it UCSWB, but it was too long – So use your common sense and use the DBS this year during Swim Safety Week and throughout the year.  Common sense (and the law) requires a life jacket for every person on board. The DBS says to put on your life jackets. Common sense says it’s easier to comply with the DBS rule if you use comfortable life jackets – and when it comes to comfort, nothing beats an inflatable life jacket. Most of the rules and guidelines for safe driving also apply to boats. DSB says not to drink and drive, not to text while driving, not to leave the driver’s seat unattended, etc. DBS and common sense say that if it sounds dangerous or stupid, it probably is. This means sailing in dangerous conditions or going too fast for the conditions, overloading a small boat, sitting on the running boards or bow, and more. If boaters and especially boat operators would pay attention to DBS, maybe sailing would not be a whole week, but just a special day.Although the summer season is a time for fun, there are times when boating is not the best idea. This is especially true during the safe boating week, when boaters are encouraged to avoid all activities that could result in a collision, and alcohol is banned. However, there are still times when it’s okay to do a little boating and if you do it correctly, you could avoid having to pay for a boat collision when someone else is at fault.. Read more about national safe boating week proclamation and let us know what you think.

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Cover More Water with the Best trolling Motors

The trolling motor is the single most effective way to catch more fish. Trolling has been used by anglers for centuries to catch all kinds of fish. As a result, it is one of the most effective ways to catch more bass and other game fish. However, the fishing world has recently undergone a revolution in the way people fish with trolling motors.

The ideal trolling motor is an ideal pirogue motor, and that pirogue motor is ideal only for the ocean. You are probably thinking that the same logic holds true for rivers and lakes, so why would you need a different motor for each one? It’s because, as you might have guessed, the tide has a huge effect on how fast you are going. The tide changes the velocity of the river, and that affects how fast you can move downstream. The way you move downstream also depends on what type of boat you are using, the type of motor you have, and the speed you are going.

The most important part of any outdoor adventure – whether you’re fishing or hiking or kayaking or snorkeling or something else – is to be comfortable while you’re doing it. It’s easy to get out in the elements and not worry about your gear or your comfort – but that’s a fatal mistake. Having the right gear and knowing how to use it can make all the difference when you’re in the middle of a dangerous situation.. Read more about saltwater trolling motor and let us know what you think.Derrek Sigler 18.05.21 The sun had just risen and the fog was still lifting from the lake. You’ve already launched the boat and swum to the patch of grass that leads to the precipice you encounter every time you fish this lake. They put down the trolling motor and went to work. It’s going to be a beautiful day. Anglers are always looking for ways to cover more water and get the most out of their fishing. Boats are a great way to get ashore and enjoy the fun, but paddling a boat takes a lot of work. Fortunately, there are many options for boat motors that allow you to fish effectively anywhere on the water. One of the advantages of trolling motors is that there are not only Minn Kota motors these days. With a variety of electric motors and small gasoline outboards, there’s no reason why you can’t cover more water with the best trolling motors for your type of fishing and boating. Table of contents

1. Minn Kota Terrova Bow Stand – Editor’s Choice

word-image-5214 Of course you can’t go wrong with a Minn Kota trolling motor, and the Terrova model is very popular, and for good reason. You can choose from a 55 or 80 pound pull and a 45 or 54 inch column length. For my boat I would go for the 55lb, 45 model, but it is up to you. These Minn Kota trollingmotors are equipped with the newest version of the i-Pilot GPS system with hand- and footcontrol. Add to that a Humminbird plotter and a fish finder with Mega Down Imaging, and you have an engine that helps you accurately navigate the lake and reach the fish, as well as anchor you in place on windy days. It features easy one-touch triggering and Bluetooth, so you can also control and monitor the trolling motor through an app on your smartphone. I’ll be honest, I’ve only given you a brief glimpse of what this puppy can do. If you are looking for a Minn Kota bow trolling motor, this is one you should definitely check out. Pro/GPS, Bluetooth, ease of use and legendary reliability Cons/ I was really hoping for the automatic fold in and out feature that other models have, but….. Bottom Line/Trolling engine gives you premium features and almost the same options as units that cost twice as much.

2. Garmin Force – Premium selection

word-image-5215 May the Force be with you Before I tell you what’s great about the Garmin Force, let me tell you that it’s expensive – over $3,000. But, uh… It’s an excellent trolling motor! It has variable force, up to 100 pounds of thrust. It’s very cool. This motor can operate on a 24 or 36 volt system and uses less energy than its competitors. Garmin has also done everything possible to make the bike as quiet as possible. It’s barely audible above water, and the Force is really quiet underwater. The Garmin Force features a fully integrated traditional high altitude CHIRP system and ultra-high resolution ClearVü™ and SideVü™ systems that connect wirelessly to your devices, so you can not only see what’s under the boat, but also navigate to precise locations with the built-in GPS and auto-navigator. There is a wireless pedal that looks like a cable operated unit, but can be installed anywhere on the boat. It also has a docking mode that allows you to go anywhere you want. But wait, there’s more. The remote gives you even more options, including my favorite mode, point and go, which lets you point the remote at a location and the bike takes you there. Pro/Packaged, and I mean PACKAGED with cool features and performance. Cons / It’s expensive, and I look forward to shipbuilders including it as standard equipment. Conclusion/ In my opinion, one of the most advanced and functional trolling motors on the market.

3. Motorguide X3 – favorable choice

word-image-5216 If you’re looking for an inexpensive trolling motor that runs on a simple 12-volt system (one battery), consider the MotorGuide X3. The X3 is a 45 lb. trolling motor made of heavy-duty aluminum. It is equipped with a three-blade, weedless propeller and is operated by a foot pedal with cables to control the thrust and movement of the trolling motor. The best part is the price – less than $500. In fact, it can be purchased for around $450. For small boats or those who want to keep costs down but still want a trolling motor for fishing, this is a great buy. Benefit/value and simplicity Cons/ The footswitch limits certain functions. Conclusion/ If you want to get out on the water with a simple trolling motor with a bow mount, this is a great option.

4. Lowrance Ghost – silent performance

word-image-5217 So you already know that Lowrance is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of marine electronics. Their navigation and sonar equipment is as good as it gets, and when they started using trolling motors, we all knew it was going to be a success. The Lowrance Ghost trolling motor does some things well and some things extremely well. Like other trolling motors in this price range – which hovers around $3,000 – the Ghost is fully integrated with all sonar and GPS functions. You connect your Lowrance systems and get a clear view of what’s under and around your boat. There are options to expand the display even further, and you can control everything from the touchscreen of your HDS LIVE, HDS Carbon, Elite FS and Elite Ti² displays. It’s a cool thing. The mind is also very quiet. Unlike its competitors, it uses a brushless motor that consumes less battery power and operates more quietly. You can hardly hear it. The device is operated with a foot switch. This is a very cool drag engine and you should pay attention to it. Pro/Super quiet, powerful and fully integrated with Lowrance electronics. Cons – expensive Bottom Line / If you use Lowrance electronics or plan to, this is the best trolling motor for your boat.

5. Mercury Marine 8HP – Kicker Picker

word-image-5218 A great trolling motor option for larger boats Deep-sea fishermen often have a bow-mounted trolling motor and an outboard petrol engine that can be used as a real trolling motor. I have friends with whom I often fish who use this type of equipment. Instead of trying to slow down a 50-60 hp engine, install a kicker like this Mercury Marine 8 hp four-stroke outboard that can be shipped directly to your home. Engines for boats are also hard to find now, so that’s a big problem. This tiller motor has a shaft length of 20 inches and is perfect for your boat for fishing anchovies, muskrat or smallmouth bass. It has a five-stage bracket with automatic ratchet and drive for shallow water. The Mercury is equipped with a hand throttle and primer with decompression lever for easy starting. This is a great trolling motor with a gas engine that will help you catch fish. Front / Large brand kicker motor with home delivery. Against/No, yes Conclusion: A great trolling method for deepwater boats, allowing you to fish at the right speed to find the bait. word-image-5219

Choosing the right trolling motor

There are so many options for trolling motors, not to mention motors other than the kicker. How to choose the right engine for trolling? There are many factors to consider, from budget to boat size. You can easily have a trolling motor that is too small, but honestly, it’s hard to have a trolling motor that is too big for most boats. In terms of power, trolling motors with more thrust are more efficient at lower speeds. When wind, waves and current add to the mix, more powerful trolling motors help you sail in the right direction with less effort and commitment on your part. That way you can concentrate on the fish. How do you find the minimum thrust for your boat? Start with the weight. The general rule of thumb I most often encounter is that for every 200 pounds of boat weight, you should use at least 5 pounds of trolling motor thrust at full load. This includes you and all your equipment, friends, family, etc. that you bring on the boat. It takes at least 35 pounds of thrust to move a 400 pound fishing boat. That’s not counting the wind, the waves and the current, and the sailing and all the fun stuff a trolling motor does. I’d say £55 or more. More is better, but it requires more juice. The nesting part consists of getting to know the electronics installed on your boat. Do you/do you want to integrate a sonar/GPS system with a trolling motor? Next, you need to check the compatibility and functionality of your trolling motor.  That’s one of the reasons Lowrance and Garmin got into trolling motors. word-image-5220

Battery and volt operation

Your electric trolling motor must be powered by lead-free batteries. Each battery has a voltage of 12 volts. So if your trolling motor requires 24 or 36 volts, that means you need 2 or 3 deep cycle batteries. As we mentioned in our guide to deep-cycle batteries, not all batteries are created equal. They also increase the weight of your boat, so you should consider this factor when choosing a trolling motor. Many manufacturers have been slow to adopt the new lithium-ion technology for deep cycle batteries. It’s not so bad, except for the cost. A high-quality lithium-ion battery costs over $700, but it lasts a long time and the weight is considerably less. You can save up to 50 €! If you are using a 36 volt trolling motor, it is best to use more expensive but lighter batteries. This will give you better performance when you are on the water.

How deep should my trolling motor run?

For best performance, the shaft should be long enough to hold the trolling motor at least 12 inches above the water. It will work better and reduce the chance of damage from contact with the boat.

Can any battery be used to start a trolling motor?

It is technically possible to use a car battery to power a trolling motor, but it is better not to. Trolling motors put a lot of strain on the batteries, so the use of deep cycle batteries is recommended. Your tow engine can drain your car’s battery to the point where it can no longer hold its charge and must be replaced or discarded.

What is the difference between an electric trolling motor and a gasoline engine?

A petrol kicker engine is ideal for towing in a straight line, usually on big water. The best pike anglers use a big outboard to get to their favorite spots quickly, then switch to a kicker to troll slowly with glide boards and divers at the right speed to make the bait work. word-image-5221 Those same people have an electric trolling motor to fish structures and other places where they don’t troll. Depending on the size of your boat and the type of fishing you do, it’s good to have both options.

About the author

word-image-5222 Derrek Siegler. Derrek Sigler has been writing professionally about the natural world for over twenty years, ever since he earned his master’s degree in creative writing with an essay on fishing humor. But if you ask anyone who knows him, he’s been telling fishing stories since he was old enough to hold a fishing pole. He has written for Cabela’s and was editorial director of Gun Digest books. Over the years he has also written for Petersen’s Hunting, North American Whitetail Magazine, Wildfowl, Grand View Media, and worked with Bass Pro Shops, Hard Core Brands, and Bone Collector. Successful Farming invited him to write an article for their magazine, and he appeared several times on their television show to talk about hunting and ATVs. He writes about what he loves – hunting, fishing, camping, trucks, ATVs, boats, snowmobiles, and the outdoor life he leads with his family in their home state of Michigan, as well as his adventures across North America. We are committed to finding, researching and recommending the best products. We receive commissions for purchases you make through the links in our product reviews. Learn more about how it works.For those who are avid outdoor adventure enthusiasts, the white water rafting and kayaking season is in full swing. But, if you’re new to the sport, you may not know how to prepare in advance, particularly for the massive amounts of water you’ll need to cover when rafting. The good news is, there are numerous trolling motors on the market designed specifically for these waters, and they’ve been proven to work great in the wild.. Read more about trolling motor battery and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight can a 30lb thrust trolling motor push?

When thinking of a powerboat’s hull, most people would think of the most important details: how much power it can produce, and its displacement. When looking at a trolling motor however, few are as interested in how much thrust it can produce. If you’ve ever been on the water in your boat, you’ve probably done a little trolling. It’s a simple technique that allows you to travel through the water at a faster pace than with just a powerhead and propeller. However, this technique is not without its risks; it requires a lot of strength and can easily become your undoing when you’re caught in a bad day of fishing. That’s why you need the best trolling motors on the market.

How fast will a 112 lb thrust trolling motor go?

A little over a year ago the world was introduced to a brand new kind of trolling motor. This motor is designed to produce thrust with less of a push than previous motors, which is ideal for lighter boats that need to cover less water in the same amount of time. This motor brings more versatility to today’s trolling motor industry. Today’s Outdoors Blog is a place where you can learn about the latest in today’s camping and fishing equipment news. We also feature other popular outdoors gear and apparel. Whether you are interested in small lake fishing, beaver trapping, fly-fishing or a new camping trip, we have all the news and reviews you need to help you plan your next adventure!

How deep should my trolling motor be in the water?

You might have heard the old saying, “Never go out on a limb that’s farther than you can see.” But it doesn’t work that way on the water. You might not be able to see your limb, but chances are you can still get up close and personal with it. Troll motors offer a convenient way to keep track of the distance from the boat to the fish, but it can be hard to tell exactly how far away they are. The depth of your trolling motor in the water should be no more than one inch. That distance will be plenty to reach fish, even with the biggest fish of all, the big one on top. The most common mistake of people fishing is, they don’t want to spend a lot of money on the best trolling motor. Well you will not need to spend that much money on the best trolling motor because this article will show you how to find best trolling motor and it doesn’t need to spend a lot of money.

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Class Action Lawsuit: Ford Mustang Faulty Wiring

It was a beautiful day, and you were driving your brand new Ford Mustang down a country road. Everything was going well and you had been enjoying the drive until you reached a slow-moving construction site. Thinking you could pass the site, you slow down and pass a large SUV in front of you. But the road narrows there, and you slow way down to accommodate the cars in front of you. Soon, the SUV comes up behind you and you proceed to bump their rear end. It was a small bump, but you can hear your car’s air bags deploy. As you turn down a side road, you notice another car coming up behind you. You stop, and the other car also stops. There’s no way you can move

The 2016 Ford Mustang has been in the news for two things lately: a class action lawsuit alleging improper wiring of the Mustang’s power steering and brakes, and the release of a special Mustang edition called the GT-H.

A motorcycle rider in the U.S. filed a class action lawsuit against Ford Motor Company over faulty wiring that causes the vehicle’s headlights to become damaged even after the vehicle has been serviced.. Read more about ford mustang mach-e problems and let us know what you think.A class action lawsuit has been filed over wiring faults in the Ford Mustang. As a result, features such as the rearview camera, trunk lid release, cargo area lights, and satellite radio no longer work. It is likely to affect 2015-2017 Mustang vehicles and can cause critical safety features to fail.

Ford knew about faulty wiring but did not warn

word-image-5247 Ford Mustang Bullitt unveiled at the 110th annual Chicago Auto Show | Raymond Boyd/Getty Images The lawsuit shows that Ford knew about these problems with the trunk wiring before the Mustang went on sale. Ford allegedly failed to warn customers of potential problems. In 2018, Ford issued a service bulletin (TSB 18-2362) alerting dealer technicians to the problem and providing a procedure to resolve the issue. But the lawsuit says that despite the TSB, Ford did not recall any vehicles or offer extended warranties as a result of the alleged defect. In any case, this solution is not supposed to work, as technicians are instructed to replace broken wires by connecting a new wire to the wiring harness. This adds two solder joints to each wire that needs to be replaced.

The lawsuit alleges that the approved repair does not repair the faulty wiring in the Mustang

word-image-5248 A Ford Motor Co. Mustang Shelby GT500 is shown during the 2019 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit, Michigan | Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images APPROPRIATE: Collective Action: He says Ford mustangs have bad transmissions. Because the solder joints are hard, they are more likely to break than the original wiring, the lawsuit says. In this situation, the problems will persist despite the seemingly obvious solution. The lawsuit also alleges that Ford dealers regularly tell customers that no problems have been discovered. So the problems remain because the dealer doesn’t want to look for the problem. In other cases, the lawsuit says, dealers tell Mustang owners that fixing the problem will be an expensive affair. But accessing the wiring in the trunk is pretty easy. And soldering new wires to replace broken ones is a pretty simple repair.

Complainant claims not to have received what he paid for

word-image-5249 Ford Mustang cars at the New York International Auto Show | Atilgan Ozdil/Anadolu Agency, Getty Images The lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois by Enrique Rodriguez. Plaintiff Rodriguez purchased a used 2015 Mustang in October 2019. The next month, the Mustang’s rearview camera began to malfunction. As a result, he got less than he paid for it because the rearview camera didn’t work. The 2015 Mustang was a brand new model. Since the TCB was released in 2018, Ford would have corrected the problem starting with the 2018 Mustang. Therefore, the lawsuit only applies to the 2015-2017 Mustangs.The Ford Mustang is a muscle car that was produced by Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan, from 1964 to present. It is a two-door, four-passenger convertible with a V8 engine, and it was the original automobile to feature the word `muscle`, which was first used by a journalist in a review of the car that year. It is currently in its fifth generation.. Read more about mach-e quality problems and let us know what you think.

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Chef Alan Bergo

Alan Bergo is a cook, wilderness hunter and outdoor enthusiast. He has been cooking since he was a kid and loves to eat, especially wild game and fresh seafood. He’s been an avid hunter for over 30 years. He has also spent many years living and cooking in the great outdoors. Alan has a passion for the outdoors and is an experienced guide in Canada.

Chef Alan Bergo has been cooking since he was 8 years old. His passion for cooking, travels, and learning fuels his passion for writing. He has over 24 years of experience in various aspects of the food industry.

I’m a self-taught chef who has been in the camping and outdoor community for over 20 years, catering to a variety of groups. You’ll find me in the woods cooking throughout the year, sharing my knowledge and techniques to get as close to nature as possible. I love the outdoors. I’ve spent most of my life in the woods, and the skills I’ve learned are invaluable.

word-image-5305 Alan Bergo – Author of Outdoor News Taste of the Wild Chef Alan Bergo is originally from the Midwest. After working under Italian chefs for 10 years, he became Lenny Russo’s sous chef at Heartland Restaurant in St. Louis. He has been nominated seven times for the James Beard Award in St. Paul, Minnesota, Executive Chef at Salt Cellar, and finally Executive Chef at Lucia’s in Minneapolis. He is best known as a leading expert on the culinary uses of mushrooms and plants on his website, Forager | Chef: the Internet’s largest resource for cooking with wild mushrooms. His first book in a three-part series is a study of wild plants, herbs, garden vegetables, nuts and starches: A book on the Frugal Chef flora will be published by Chelsea Green Publishing in late June 2021. https://foragerchef.com/the-forager-chefs-book-of-flora/ word-image-5306 Bergo’s work has appeared in a variety of print and visual media, including: Experience Life Magazine, Women’s Health, The Daily Beast, Heirloom Gardener, Minnesota Conservation Volunteer, The Growler, The Heavy Table, Minneapolis St. Paul. These include St. Paul Magazine, Minnesota Monthly, The Star Tribune, The Pioneer Press, numerous books in print and visual form through Tastemade Media in partnership with REI Coop, Fox 9, Kare-11, Minnesota Public Television and Wisconsin Public Television. Pre-order her cookbook: The book of the cook Flora Check out his podcast: Wild harvest : Episode 6 Follow him on Instagram: @foragerchef Read more www.foragerchef.comChef Alan Bergo is an avid backpacker and outdoorsman who loves to cook for his friends and family. When he’s not cooking for his loved ones, he’s trying to inspire others to cook healthier and enjoy the outdoors more.. Read more about alan bergo interview and let us know what you think.

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Fishing with Glidebaits Pt. 1

When you’re on a field camp trip, a lot of planning goes into setting up the right gear for the task at hand. Having a basic understanding of how to set up your gear will make the process easier for yourself, but it’s not always easy to remember. This is where a good field guide comes in handy. We are certainly no experts on fishing, but we do know that if you’re going to fish with Glidebaits, you’ll want to make sure you start with the right tool.

Everybody loves fishing, but the lure of the fish and the excitement of catching them, is only one part of what fishing is all about. The real fun is as you sit down to catch your next big fish with new lures, you can’t wait to tell your fishing partner the story of how the fish you caught just happened to bite your new Glidebait.

Some people swear they can catch any fish with a lure . I don’t. I fish with Glidebaits, which are more than a lure: they’re 5/0 Glide-Scent Strips that instantly attract fish through their scent. They’re made from a special formula that’s been scientifically engineered to mimic the smells of a variety of fish, bugs, and even other Glidebaits.  All you have to do is cast one out and it’ll quickly swim to the surface and start flying everywhere.  The fish will follow it, then the fight will start.. Read more about fishing lures for bass and let us know what you think.The weightlessness of the Lunker City Sluggo fooled this little trout. Sunrise. Quiet lake. A shad splashes on the surface. He slides to the side, turns around and slides to the other side. The image of the baitfish continues to roll from left to right at a depth of several feet, then loses momentum, drops the nose and begins to sink slowly at a slight angle. He won’t get far. A school of small perch rises from the depths. The fastest wins and overtakes the random number that falls. Hookworm infestation. The game has begun! For years, the Jerk Shad has been one of my top lures for catching large and smallmouth bass, in part, I think, because it has a natural, slippery action. Like other lures that glide and slide, it has an unnatural ability to elicit bites, even in difficult conditions. In the Concise Oxford English Dictionary, the definition of the word glide, with reference to bass lures, means to move in a regular and continuous manner. This kind of sliding motion should be natural for the bass. Think of the swimming of a restless frog. He kicks with his legs, then pushes himself off the ground and kicks again. The crayfish snaps its tail as it rises from the ground and continues to glide as it sinks into the ground. The minnows, who feel threatened by nothing, swish their tails and then swim with the current. These are just a few examples of how predators slip and slide through the water. The bait can slide in two directions. It can glide along a horizontal axis like a surface ace, dancing back and forth with a walk-the-dog motion. The lure can also glide along a vertical axis, like a shallow jig with a slow, gliding dive. The weight, shape and buoyancy of the lure influence its glide. Below are some reliable presentations for fishing for bass from the surface to the bottom.


Every angler should have a walk-the-dog topwater. This lure rolls from left to right and covers a large area of water with lots of surface excitement. The noise lures pike from the depths, perch from far and wide to the shallow bank and smallmouth bass from the depths of the pools. On calm and cloudy days, the Topwater is perfect. However, years ago I learned that bars will not give up a working topwater even in difficult conditions. Big bass like to eat these surface lures when the wind is blowing and the waves are breaking. Super Spook Jr.’s slide lifted this flat mutt from the depths. word-image-5342 As for searching, regular walks with your dog will encourage kicking. The addition of a break is effective in encouraging fish to attack. If a bass reaches for the bait but doesn’t take it (or takes and misses), leave the bait for a few seconds, which simulates a stunned prey and often entices it to come back. If this trick doesn’t work, try increasing the length of the pause between downward motions, making the lure glide to one side and then turn sharply to the other side while limiting forward motion. This sliding motion in place keeps the bait in the strike zone. If you try a hollow frog body, you may have a setback if the animal stays in the lily pads and on the bottom. With a cigar-shaped top water sprayer and some poppers, smallmouth bass can be caught in the lake’s pools and on the shallow shoreline.

Slippery baits

Segmented glidebaits with hard scales, a subcategory of swimbaits, continue to be a strong trend in the bass world. Their hinged design gives these plugs a unique snake and S-shaped movement. The 5¼-inch Megabass I Slide 135 and the 4¾-inch River2Sea 120 are examples of modest-sized slip baits suitable for northern bass fishing. Tournament angler and Megabass pro Nick Kusvis has been fishing the Megabass I Slide 135 a lot. As a new lure with a pronounced action, he thinks he can catch urgent perch that are not yet used to glidebaits. Kissfish says the slip bait works best in shallow water. It can still be effective at 10 or 20 feet, but he explains that it requires a longer countdown and a slower return. Slippery baits for smallmouth bass work best when the water is a little muddy. Wind is an important factor. It blows ashore and picks up sand and debris. Cusvis works on weathered banks, points, shallow areas and outside grass lines. The wide profile and long wavelength of the lure make it easier to spot smallmouth bass in rough water than smaller lures. Reduced visibility also means the little mutt can’t see the bait very well, which Kusvis says is another reason why bass bite easily on slippery baits in windy conditions. Jimmy Fee is holding a bass he caught with a Glidebait. word-image-5343 While Cusvis’ tactics for catching smallmouth bass on glidebait consist of covering the water with long casts that require a 7-foot, 11-inch casting rod (see box) to cast a 1-l lure, his program for catching bigmouth bass is more focused. The natural swimming action of the I Slide is used to lure largemouth out of their hiding places. He works the bait near the docks, near the fallen trees on the steep banks and over the tops of the deep vegetation. For this scenario, Kusvis applies a slow and steady retreat, but continues to make small changes. They include pauses, one or two shocks, and sometimes an accelerated winding in three or four revolutions. Shifting gears is the cause of most bites, according to Cusvis. Every time you change it, it does something different. I get more bite when I do things very controlled. The release is more controlled and when I pull the rope, the line is tight.

Illegal dog walkers

One-piece oval hard baits like the Rapala X-Rap Subwalk and the Sebile Stick Shadd are another style of underwater slider. These slow-sinking or suspending lures move in the same way as their topwater counterparts, using a hard guided walk-the-dog motion while shaking. As you pull back on the rod or reel, the lure moves in a more forward trajectory, with some roll in the belly and less lateral movement. TheX-Rap SubWalk by Rapala is a great lure that covers the water and attracts reactive bites. word-image-5344 These long range baits are perfect for hiding in the water. When bass don’t want to lift their snout above the water to eat a topwater, these crankbaits can be worth their weight in gold.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fish for glide baits?

It doesn’t sound like much, but fishing a glidebait is seriously difficult and requires a little more finesse than casting. I’ve been fishing the tube with my jig and plug with the right lure, but when I was out earlier today I decided to try a different approach. I tied a jig and a plastic tube on a 10 foot length of line, and did a little experimenting on the bank. The results were so surprising, I thought I’d share. I’m “Field Guide”, and I’ve been fishing for a long time. I’ve caught salmon, trout, bass, tarpon, and even shark off the Texas coast. I’ve fished game fish in every continent on the Earth from La Paz, Bolivia to La Jolla, California (and everywhere in between). I’ve fished in every state in the US from Alaska to Virginia and every province in Canada from British Columbia to Newfoundland. I’ve fished the Yellow and Greenback rivers of Montana, bays, estuaries, and the Great Lakes. I’ve fished the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Pacific Ocean. I’ve fished for everything from big tarpon and king macke

What line do you use for glide baits?

The line and leader I use for my glide bait fishing, is 15-30lb mono, a high-strength line for fishing with Glidebaits. My line is a combination of different materials, including a braided line, other braided lines, and a stainless steel line. I use a mixture of mono and braided lines because the different materials offer different characteristics for the fishing. This post is part of a self-help series that will help you with your fishing by answering all your questions about fishing with Glidebaits. So, let’s get started. First off, you need a good fishing pole. If you want to do serious fishing, you should get a pole that is no more than 6 feet long.

What time of year do you throw glides?

The humble lure is a tool that every angler can use to fish a variety of species of fish, and to do so in a variety of ways. They can be the bread and butter of a day’s fishing, or can be used as a stealthy, evening method of catching elusive species like Bass and Pike. Regardless of what type of lure you choose, you can’t go wrong with the Glide. Spring is when a lot of anglers head to the water to catch that first fish, but wait, why don’t you wait until fall to start throwing? Because there are many other factors that affect how and when to throw. One of those is the time of year.

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Best Redfish Fishing Spots in Louisiana (A Complete Guide)

Louisiana is known for its exceptional Redfish fishing, and each year the sport gets better and better. But just because you can’t find a great local fishing spot, doesn’t mean you can’t catch redfish. In fact, there are actually some pretty incredible fish to be caught in Louisiana. In this article, I’ll go over the best places to fish for redfish anywhere in the state, and provide you with a complete list of baits, lures, and methods that will result in an easy catch.

As you may know, Louisiana floods often. But that doesn’t mean that the fishing is bad. Some of the world’s best redfish fishing happens in Louisiana. So why are we not seeing more people on the water? There are several reasons, including the fact that when we go fishing, we often go after trout, not redfish. But maybe the biggest reason is that there are “overfished” species in the area, so there are fewer opportunities to catch redfish. But that doesn’t mean you should stay home. There are more than 100 species of fish in Louisiana. So you could catch redfish when the water is low or when it’s high. It just means you’ll have to do a little work to find them

A popular and very rewarding sport in Louisiana, fishing for red fish is a quintessentially Louisiana activity and an excellent introduction to fishing for all ages. The waters surrounding Louisiana’s coast are prime fishing spots for red fish, and the lakes, rivers, bays, and coastal and bayous all provide ample opportunities for anglers of all experience levels.

(Photo courtesy of Fishing Tom Guide Service & Fishing Booker) word-image-5406 Louisiana is home to some of the best saltwater fishing in the United States. A wide variety of fish are easy to catch in Louisiana waters, including the coveted redfish described in this article. The best places to fish for redfish in Louisiana

  1. Lake Charles
  2. Grand Isle
  3. Venice
  4. Lake Pontchartrain
  5. Cocodrie
  6. Vermilion Bay
  7. Hopedale
  8. Lafite
  9. More from Morepa

Louisiana is home to fertile waters rich in rockfish, both freshwater and saltwater. They are found in marshes, rivers, streams, ponds, reservoirs and oyster beds. They have become very popular due to their aggressive nature and fighting spirit. Small rockfish often move in small schools or shoals, while male rockfish are often kept alone at greater depths. Redfish are closely related to black drum, and the two species sometimes reproduce. By the time they are three years old, rockfish weigh about eight pounds and can reach a maximum weight of about 90 pounds. By comparison : The state record redfish in Lousiana, caught with rod and reel, weighed 61 pounds. Goldfish are dark red or silver gray on the back and white on the belly. They have a single black spot at the top of the tail base. The adults brood from August till October at the coast, after which they migrate to deeper water.

Best places to catch rockfish in Louisiana

1. Lake Charles

Lake Charles is located about 30 miles from the Gulf of Mexico in southwest Louisiana and offers access to the Calcasieu River, Lake Charles and Lake Preen, as well as some of the best coastal saltwater fishing on the Gulf Coast. Lake Charles is een geweldige plek voor zoet- en zoutwatervissen. U zult zeker een grote verscheidenheid aan vis vinden, waaronder roodbaars. Ligging: 2 uur ten oosten van Houston, Texas en 1 uur van Port Arthur, LA. Aanbevolen visgidsen en charters (Lake Charles) : High Tide Charters & Fishing Tom Gids Service. Beide visserijen zijn fantastische opties voor het vangen van roodbaars en andere vissoorten in het kustgebied van Lake Charles. U zult veel vis vangen, waaronder prachtige roodbaarzen. Klik op de links hierboven om echte getuigenissen van tevreden vissers te lezen.

2. Grand Isle

Grand Isle is een stad gelegen op een eiland in de Golf van Mexico. De topografie is zo kenmerkend en de zoutmoerassen en kustduinen maken het tot een populaire visstek. Grote roodbaarzen kunnen hier het hele jaar door worden gevangen, en het gebied heeft een reputatie als een van de beste plaatsen om roodbaarzen te vangen aan de Golfkust. Locatie: 2 uur van New Orleans Aanbevolen visgidsen en charters (Grand Isle) : Big Dog Fishing Charters en Pelican State Fishing Charters

3. Venice

Venice is considered one of the best places to catch redfish in all of Louisiana. Here, the fresh waters of the mighty Mississippi River meet the warm, salty waters of the Gulf of Mexico, creating exceptional conditions for rockfish to gather. Fishing in Venice will leave the angler satisfied and wanting to come back for more. Location: 1.5 hours from New Orleans Recommended fishing guides/charters (Venice) : Louisiana Lagniappe Charters & Southern Access Charters. There are numerous charters and guides in these waters, but the two recommended above are among the best in terms of reputation and customer satisfaction.

4. Lake Pontchartrain

Lake Pontchartrain is known for having the longest continuous dam in the world. A nice view when looking for Redfin. The estuary is home to huge mullet that lure anglers to these waters year after year. Location: 30 minutes from New Orleans Recommended fishing guides and charters (Lake Pontchartrain) : Get’n Hooked Coastal Adventures & Victory Bay Charters

5. Cocodria

Fishing in the village of Kokodri promises to be a pleasure. From here you can reach lakes Kailu, Barre and Pelto. The bays, marshes and islands of Kokodri all contribute to exciting fishing. This area can be a paradise for redfining. Location: 1.5 hours from New Orleans Recommended fishing guide/charterer (Cocodrie) : Chasen’ Limits Fishing Charters

6. Vermilion Bay

This is another great place to fish for redfish near New Orleans. You will find rockfish fishing opportunities in coastal, nearshore, offshore and freshwater areas, whatever your preference. Location: 2.5 hours from New Orleans Recommended fishing guide/charterer (Vermilion Bay) : Platinum Fishing Boats

7. Hopedale

Hopedale is simply the best place to fish in Louisiana. Anglers who visit us will always have a memorable fishing experience in the Spoil Channel, Biloxi Swamp, MRGO Cliffs and Breton Sound. All of these areas offer excellent rockfish fishing opportunities year round. Location: 1 hour from New Orleans Recommended fishing guide/charterer (Hopedale) : Cajun South Guide Service

8. Lafite

Lafitte is home to some of the best fishing in Louisiana waters. The bays and lakes are always ready to welcome thirsty fishermen. Turtle Bay, Old Cheney, Brusle Lake and Long Bay guarantee an abundant harvest of rockfish. Location: 40 minutes from New Orleans Recommended fishing guide/charterer (Lafitte) : Bayou Obsession Charters

9. More Morepas

Lake Morepas, also located in southeastern Louisiana, is a large, shallow estuarine system that receives fresh water from approximately five rivers: Blind River, Tickfaw River, Natalbany River and Amite River. This area offers excellent opportunities for anglers due to the abundance of aquatic life. The lake, streams and marshes teem with natural aquatic life, including many goldfish. Location: 1.5 hours from New Orleans (Photo courtesy of Big Dog Fishing Charters & Fishing Booker). word-image-5407

Seasonal distribution for Louisiana redfish

In Louisiana waters, it’s redfish all year round. This makes fishing for redfish possible at any time of the year. There are seasonal variations and subtleties. Understanding these differences will help you plan the best possible fishery. So you want to know what is the best time of year to fish? That should help.


Redfin are usually very active and abundant in the spring. The slightly warm weather is favorable for feeding the rockfish. Scorpion fish can also be found in shallow water at this time of year. You will also find a wide selection of bait and shellfish. These conditions are favorable for spring fishing. Good tip: Imitation shrimp for excellent redfish fishing in the shallow waters of the state. At this time of year, the rockfish feeds primarily on shrimp, so live/dead shrimp and shrimp flies work well.


Rising temperatures continue to be a consistently beneficial element that makes fishing interesting. There are usually a large number of fish species during the season. Rockfish, in particular, are easy to find when they begin to migrate upstream in the approaching waters. The tides also determine their location. Rockfish can be found on the coast at high tide and in the rivers at low tide. Good tip: Summer offers a wide variety of conditions for redfish fishing. I recommend using imitation crabs, shrimp or baitfish. If you can get the real thing, even better.


Fall is always an exciting time to fish. Robins come out of their hiding place to eat and gather energy for the coming winter. Large mullet is relatively common in the fall. So if you plan on catching big fish, the odds are in your favor. In addition, around this time the spawning of goldfish begins. Good tip: In the fall, you have the best chance of catching a big redfish. Stay away from shallow water and fish the wrecks or deeper channels that are near shallow water. Live bait is the best option for catching these redfish late in the season.


Depending on where you are, winter brings its own challenges for fishing. However, the best experience is choosing the right place and the right fishing equipment. Time can be a big obstacle during these months, but the challenge is worth it for an important catch. Good tip: Let the conditions determine where you fish. When the weather is good, go ashore to search for wrecks or visit the oil platforms off the coast. When the waves are strong, it is still possible to catch good bluefin tuna in the coastal area. Live bait is the best option for the hardier winter redfish.

Five tips for catching rockfish in Louisiana

1. Selecting the right location

Location is by far the most important factor in fishing. You can use the best equipment and the best bait, but if you fish in a bad spot, you won’t catch anything. Likewise, you can catch a lot of fish with mediocre equipment and bait if you’re in a perfect spot. This is especially true for redfish in Louisiana waters. The coastal waters are rich in life, but some waters are almost devoid of rockfish. If you follow my guide above, you at least know the areas and specific bays or inlets where you can catch good redfish. Tip: Understand how rockfish behave on a daily basis in relation to the tides. Learn to fish in the tidal channels as the tide goes out and the water begins to flow from the shallow bays. Large redfish linger along these channels, picking off all the food that swims by.

2. Relevant fishing equipment

Choosing the right gear is another important factor in successfully fishing for redfish. The better your equipment, the more productive you will be. Choosing the right gear can be a challenge, especially if it’s your first time. You can ask for help from an experienced person. When choosing a fishing rod, consider the quality of the material, length and speed. Credibility of the brand is also important. Recommended armament : 5000 or 6000 series reel, 7-7’6 medium weight rod for bait fishing. Use a rod of the same size but with a medium-light action for jigging. Cup hooks with 25-50 pound braid or fluorocarbon test. I recommend using a fluorocarbon leader because it provides some cushioning and it is very difficult for redfish to distinguish the main line from the hook.

3. Bait selection

Choosing the right bait is the most important part of fishing. Both artificial and natural baits can be used to fish for redfish. Rockfish feed on their prey by smelling and seeing. Natural lures work on sight as well as on smell, while artificial lures work mainly on sight. Artificial lures should be designed to resemble their natural prey to attract rockfish. The bait used consists mainly of crabs, shrimps and small fish. The bait should be chosen according to the size of the expected fish. For example, fishing for redfish may require the use of bait such as crayfish or fish. Artificial baits that look like crabs can also work.

4. Time is the key

Fishing for redfish on the Gulf Coast requires good timing. You can certainly catch redfish at night or in the heat of the day, but it’s best to focus on catching them in the early morning or late afternoon, especially when combined with strong tidal changes. During this cooler period, rockfish migrate to the shallows to feed in the newly exposed shallows where life is bubbling.

5. Playing with the tides

Tides have a strong influence on the feeding of rockfish in saltwater bays and estuaries. Rockfish like to go ashore to feed on the rising tide. At high tide they return to the depths to escape the fast flowing water. As the water leaves the bays at low tide, large rockfish position themselves along the deep channels and take up positions so that any food carried by the tide can pass them by. Tides are one of the most important factors for coastal and saltwater bottom fishermen. This is especially true for rockfish anglers along the coasts of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida. Rockfish in these coastal waters are used to wading deep into shallow water to feed. They should be in these shallow bays when the time comes.

Saltwater and freshwater redfish: Louisiana

Goldfish are generally found in both salt and fresh water. It is one of the few fish species that can live in both fresh and salt water. However, they only reproduce in salt water with strong ocean currents. They do not reproduce in freshwater, and freshwater fisheries are supported by aggressive rockfish stocking programs. When they are about three years old, red seabirds migrate from deep water to streams and rivers, where they become available to anglers. The mullet usually spawn in the bay in the spring or early fall. After spawning, the tides bring the young fish to the bay where they live and grow for the first few years of their lives. They feed on small marine animals, such as crustaceans. Crabs and shrimp, which are abundant in the bays, are their main source of food. Louisiana (and Texas) waters offer excellent fishing opportunities for large redfish in freshwater lakes and streams, brackish lagoons, and saline coastal waters.There are many places that offer great fishing in Louisiana, but these are the best spots for catching redfish.. Read more about best time to catch redfish in texas and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best redfish fishing in Louisiana?

I’ve done a lot of research to find the best redfish fishing spots in Louisiana, and I’ve found some interesting contenders. I’ve included a map at the end, but here are the fishing spots I think are the best for catching redfish: In this post, I will provide you with detailed information on where to find the best redfish fishing in Louisiana. The purpose of this post is to provide detailed information about the best places to go fishing for redfish in Louisiana, so that you can plan your fishing trips accordingly.

Where is the best redfish fishing?

Redfish fishing is the most popular form of fishing in Louisiana. You don’t catch redfish in a pond. They live in the Gulf of Mexico. The most popular redfish fishing spots in Louisiana are off the beaches of Mississippi. Popular redfish fishing spots in Louisiana include: Louisiana is home to some of the best redfish fishing in the world. They are found in many of the state’s saltwater waterways, both coastal and bayous. However, the vast majority of anglers do not know which areas are good for redfish, and there are a lot of myths and legends about redfish and their habits that have been passed down through generations of anglers. The truth is there are many good places to catch redfish, but only a few are consistently productive. I have put together this guide to help anglers choose the best area to fish for redfish, starting with this state’s largest bayou, the Atchafalaya.

Where can you redfish in Louisiana?

If you’re looking to venture outdoors in Louisiana, you’re in luck. You can find plenty of redfish in the lake, bayous, and swamps. Where are the best places to redfish in Louisiana? There are several places that offer excellent fishing for redfish, and they’re within just a few hours’ drive of each other. And, some of these spots have become quite popular with locals and visitors alike, and have become a favorite place to redfish after a long day on the water. Louisiana is known for two things: hot, humid summers and redfish. While the state is also home to a variety of other game fish, redfish are the state’s most popular and sought after fishery. … Before we get into the nitty-gritty of angling for the state’s favorite sport fish, let’s start with how to get into the sport. While you can find dozens of guides for Louisiana’s best redfish streams, many of these are geared toward snagging the big fish, and not everyone catches redfish. So, where should you go? …

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Reel In the Fish with the Millennium Marine Rod Tree and Rod Pod

As the popular field guides and blogs have made us aware, anglers of all stripes are finding new ways to access and enjoy fishing. With the Millennium rod pod, you’re able to attach your rod and reel to the rod holder and put your pole away in seconds, which frees up the rest of your tackle box. This makes it quick and easy to re-rig your rod should you lose a lure or discover a fish that just won’t bite.

Oh, how I wish I had a couple of those rods and my reel with me as I fished the Colorado River. Let me tell you, the fish were just peaking.  Between that and the fish that were coming from behind, I was getting a lot of strikes and I was able to keep them to a manageable size.  They were not small, so I was able to keep a good count on them by recording everything on my phone.  It was a great day of fishing.

Using a worm hook, bait up your favorite protein bait, and cast it out far enough to find the bottom. Now, take a cast and release a Senko-like bait fish, which will swim out to the baited spot. Now, attach a bait weight to the fish and reel it in. If you’re not careful, you’ll catch the whole fish. This works well with largemouth bass, crappie, and catfish, but not so much for panfish. The rod tip also picks up debris that could otherwise hinder your retrieve.

Luke Cuenco 05.13.21 For some, fishing is not just a sport, but a legitimate way to feed themselves and enjoy the fruits of their labor. However, it is difficult to present and follow different lines without a dedicated team. That’s why Millennium Marine introduced the Rod Tree and Rod Pod to store multiple rods on your fishing boat. The Rod Tree and Rod Pod allow anglers to cast out up to 3 rods on each side of the boat, preventing line tangling and maximizing efficiency.

Catch fish with the Millennium Marine rod holder

Pearl, MS (May 12, 2021) – Trolling with multiple rods is not a passive game. The old saying that trolling is not a relaxing activity certainly holds true when you are using multiple rods and piloting a boat. The key to inserting the lure correctly and avoiding confusion is to use a rod holder system that allows you to position the board accurately, even in rough water. With Millennium Marine’s Spyderlok rod holder, anglers can place up to three rods on each side of the boat in a precise pattern without fear of constantly tangling them. Millennium Marine’s Spyderlok rod holder is made of anti-glare anodized aluminum and stainless steel, making it impervious to saltwater corrosion. Spyderlok’s unique and patented technology provides precise and secure locking angles and infinite adjustment and alignment. Oversized tubes allow you to find your rods quickly, and a durable rubber sleeve protects the rods’ handles. The tubes have a special protrusion at the bottom that prevents the rod from rotating. The Spyderlok pole’s shaft can rotate 360 degrees and 180 degrees vertically, and can be attached to the R-101 base plate or to the TS Series rail system. No tools are required. The Millennium Marine rod shaft is mounted on a bracket and can be easily moved or removed. word-image-5449 The Spyderlok Rod Pod uses the same anti-glare anodized aluminum and oversized tube as the Spyderlok Rod Tree. The boom is adjustable to 360 degrees and 180 degrees vertical. They are designed so that a rod can be added or removed quickly using two handles. No tools are required. It is easily attached to the R-101 or TS series rail system. The Rod Pod allows anglers to free up space or improve presentation. The Rod Tree and Rod Pod Spyderlok, combined with the glide boards, allow anglers to cover more water and set their bids for more fish with unmatched accuracy and ease. One year warranty. The Spyderlok Rod Pod has a recommended retail price of $209.99 and the Spyderlok Rod Pod has a recommended retail price of $96.99. Features of the Spyderlok bar shaft word-image-5450

  • Fully anodized aluminum construction, anti-reflective coating.
  • Ideal for salt and fresh water
  • Easy and progressive adjustment of the boom angle
  • Easily removable with two handles
  • The mounting plate is flush with the carpet – no more uneven legs.
  • No tools required for operation
  • Our patented Spyderlok technology locks the corners safely and efficiently.
  • Mounted with R-101 or TS series track system
  • Convenient tab at the bottom of the bar holder to prevent the bar from tipping over.
  • Stainless steel fittings
  • Sturdy rubber sleeve to protect the handle
  • The large tubes make it easy to retrieve the rod, even while fishing.
  • 360 degree rotation and 180 degree vertical rotation
  • Removal of the planing boards is easy
  • 1 year warranty

Spyderlok Pool Shaft Specifications

    • Material: Anodized aluminium
    • Size: 31 L x 6.5 W x 2.5 H
    • Model No: R-400-00
    • MSRP: $209.99

Buy now Rod Pod Spyderlok features word-image-5451

  • Fully anodized aluminum construction, anti-reflective coating.
  • Ideal for salt and fresh water
  • Simple and progressive adjustment of the boom angle
  • Easily removable with two handles
  • The mounting plate is flush with the carpet – no more uneven legs.
  • No tools required for operation
  • Our patented Spyderlok technology locks the corners safely and efficiently.
  • Mounted with R-101 or TS series track system
  • Convenient tab at the bottom of the bar holder to prevent the bar from tipping over.
  • Stainless steel fittings
  • Sturdy rubber sleeve to protect the handle
  • The large tubes make it easy to retrieve the rod, even while fishing.
  • 360 degree rotation and 180 degree vertical rotation
  • Removal of the planing boards is easy
  • 1 year warranty

Rod Pod Spyderlok Specifications

    • Material: Anodized aluminium
    • Size: 14.5 L x 6.5 W x 2.5 H
    • Model No: R-401-00
    • MSRP: $96.99

Buy now Millennium Marine has created an excellent product with solid construction, design and material selection to give anglers all the benefits of casting multiple trolls. I especially appreciate the tool-less design of the bar set-up, as it plays an important role in the speed of setting up multiple bars and shortens the set-up time. word-image-5452This gear review looks at the Millennium Marine Rod Tree and Rod Pod. The rod pod is an accessory that is being heralded as the greatest invention since the sun came up on October 4, 2016. However, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. In this review, I’ll cut to the chase and tell you all about the truth about the rod pod. If you have money to burn and you really want a rod pod, then buy it. However, if you’re looking for a quality product that will last for years and years to come, then read on.. Read more about spyderlok rod pod and let us know what you think.

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EV Prices Are On The Rise But So Are Sales

The EV market has been gaining momentum in recent years, with the number of plug-in vehicles on the road increasing at an annual rate of 300%. But while the industry has established itself as a valid alternative to the traditional fossil fuel-powered transportation, the average price of an electric car has yet to drop to just a few hundred dollars.

Although electric vehicles (EVs) are nothing new, sales have skyrocketed over the past few years. However, the numbers of EVs sold have only just begun to catch up to the number of vehicles sold. Don’t get me wrong, EVs are still a small percent of the vehicles on the road, but this will change as more and more people switch from gasoline to electric. Right now, the cost of EVs is still on the rise, but sales are still climbing, which means the price of EVs will continue to increase.

Many people argue that electric vehicles (EVs) aren’t really a viable alternative to conventional vehicles. Of course, these people have never actually driven one. But it’s no secret that EVs are coming at a fast pace. When the Model 3 came out, it was almost impossible to find one that wasn’t already spoken for. And Tesla has been quick to get more models on the road, as well.. Read more about us ev sales forecast and let us know what you think.Electric car prices have not begun to stabilize and fall as market analysts had expected. The reason for this is complex. In the context of these high prices, another interesting trend is emerging. Sales of electric cars are on the rise. High prices do not deter buyers. Why do they choose such expensive options? word-image-5472 Charging Symbol Electric Car | Karol Serewis/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Prices of electric cars are high

According to a 2019 JATO study, EVs cost on average 81% more than internal combustion engine cars. The initial cost of an electric vehicle can be prohibitive. The prices of new technologies are always high. Experts predicted that improving the EV development process would lead to lower prices. After more than 20 years on the market, EV prices have not stabilized as economists had predicted. Battery development is the solution to make EVs comparable to internal combustion engines in terms of price. According to current development forecasts, the price of electric vehicles could fall by 77% over the next 15 years. The lack of charging infrastructure makes some potential buyers reluctant, so prices are higher than for petrol cars. As charging stations become more common and electric vehicles become more established outside the major cities, prices are approaching those of the competition.

Sales of electric cars on the rise

word-image-5473 Electric Avenue sign: Bryan Mitchell via Getty Images APPROPRIATE: Electric vehicle buyers seem to have different motivations when choosing a vehicle. While price is an important factor in other markets, electric vehicle buyers are primarily interested in efficiency and fuel economy. Not surprisingly, buyers who are willing to pay more than double for an electric option are not motivated to get a good deal. Partly because of the high prices, EVs remain a niche. They represent only 1.9% of the world market. The lack of charging infrastructure outside the major cities has also limited sales. Many buyers are just waiting for the technology to mature. Concerns about range are cited as the most important factor deterring buyers from switching to electric vehicles. This confirms that EV buyers will pay a premium price for the green option. This problem will of course disappear as EV technology becomes more widespread.

When will the market stabilise?

word-image-5474 Charging the electric car | Ezequiel Becerra /AFP via Getty Images APPROPRIATE: Total and usable battery capacity : Why the range of your electric car may vary Electric cars remain a niche category. They represent only 1.9% of the world market. Increasing this market share is critical to driving down the price of electric vehicles. This may happen naturally as battery cell technology evolves and range increases. There are complex factors preventing electric vehicles from capturing a significant share of the market. The figures on electric vehicle ownership present a complex and somewhat confusing picture. Plug In America conducted its first annual survey of current and potential EV owners in 2020. 96% said they would buy an EV again, but only 20% of EV owners would return to an EV. What drives 14% of these satisfied owners to return to internal combustion engine vehicles? The answer to this question is also an important factor in boosting EV sales. The biggest complaints from EV owners are problems with charging. There are less than 50,000 charging stations in the United States, each with an average of 2.75 charging points. By comparison : There are 168,000 gas stations in the United States, with an average of 8 pumps per station. This figure has been falling for more than a decade. Each of these stations has an average of eight pumps per station.We’ve seen a lot of headlines recently about the rising cost of owning an electric vehicle, and many argue that we won’t see any significant change in the number of EVs on the road until the price of the vehicles drops. However, a recent report by Inside EVs shows that despite rising prices, sales are on the rise.. Read more about ev sales by month and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are EV sales increasing?

Some of us believe that electric vehicles are here to stay. Others believe that the industry is too young to make predictions about its future. For now, it appears that the latter group are correct. The global EV market continued to grow in 2017, according to a new report from Navigant Research. The report found that 484,000 electric vehicles were sold worldwide in 2017, up from an estimated 210,000 EVs sold in 2016. The cost of electric cars has been steadily dropping. The cost of the Chevy Volt is a fraction of its cost when it was new and the Nissan Leaf is now less than half the price of its equivalent model year before. However, despite increased competition and falling prices, the sales of electric vehicles have stalled. In the United States, sales of plug-ins have hovered around 10,000 units per month since the start of 2011. This is a lot lower than the more than 25,000 units sold in the first quarter of 2011, when the number of electric cars in the country was much smaller.

It seems that more and more people are buying electric cars, and the market is getting more and more competitive. Electric cars are still viewed as a niche product, but that is changing fast, and prices are dropping fast. Some of you are probably thinking, “I don’t need an electric car, I would never pay that much for one”. With electric cars becoming more popular, people are wondering if an electric vehicle future is inevitable, and if so, to what extent will the technology advance? Will the price of an electric car ever reach a point where it becomes more affordable to the average American? After all, the average American drives about 10,000 miles each year, and a Prius or Volt can cost as much as $30,000.

Surely you have seen the headlines of electric car sales around the world. But the number of sales, and just how many electric cars are sold, varies considerably from nation to nation. The trend is the same, however: electric cars are becoming more popular. The use of electric vehicles is becoming increasingly popular, with innovation in vehicle technology and infrastructure allowing it to seamlessly become a part of daily life. EVs provide the ultimate in convenience and flexibility, with no warm up or charging time required, and cars can easily be recharged at home or while away from home.

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Dried Wild Ramp Seasoning

With summer fast approaching, there’s nothing better than sitting down with a dish of steaming hot food to enjoy your time in the outdoors. But there is one problem: you can’t have that steaming hot food, because you’re camping.

If you are from the Midwest, you probably know about “ramps” (aka wild leeks). As a culinary delight, ramps are no wonder: they are mild, buttery, and, hey, delicious. If you are a “Native American” (read: white), you probably have no idea what I’m talking about, because you probably don’t eat the local delicacy, which is wild leeks.

Wild ramps are a type of wild fern that grow in the grasslands and forests of Europe and North America. They are often found in the wild, growing in the moist meadows and other areas that experience seasonal flooding. They are normally found in mild climates and are probably one of the largest wild ferns found in the United States.

In early spring, my husband and I were chopping firewood on our property when I noticed several patches of bright green plants on the trees nearby. I walked to the nearest spot, bent down and picked one, and immediately smelled the onion and garlic. Unlike a similar plant, the highly toxic lily of the valley, I was lucky enough to have one of the most sought-after edible forest plants growing in my garden: wild radish. Since the disaster season in my part of Wisconsin is not very long and only lasts from mid-April to mid-May, I spent the next few days chopping them up to use in salads, on roasted walleye, mixed with citrus butter, and sprinkled over scrambled eggs. Because it has such a unique flavor, I’ve adapted a few recipes with dried spice blends to make a natural substitute for onion and garlic spices. Even if you missed the season this year, you can keep this recipe in your bag until next spring. You’ll need: -Something to dig with (I used a large spoon) to get as close to the roots of the slope as possible. -a hunting knife or a sharp knife to cut the stems. -mouse or other means of transporting the ramp to the place where you will prepare it. -Dehydrator (I have the Nesco™ Food and Jerky) Harvesting disasters : Start by loosening the soil with a spoon, being careful not to touch the roots of nearby disasters. Use a knife to cut off the stem. Cutting off the leaves above the ground will reduce soil disturbance and allow the plant to regrow. Although the bulbs are thick and tasty, some experienced harvesters recommend leaving them in the ground because grubbing can be detrimental to the population; only 5-10% of large plots require occasional grubbing. Replace the excavated soil so that the perennial plants are not exposed to cold, pests, etc. word-image-5509 It’s time to prepare the ramp for the dehydrator: The ramps have a silky membrane covering the stems. You can find it just under the leaves and pull it to the end of the stem. I have found that using a dry paper towel speeds up this process considerably. Once the membranes are removed, rinse the tree and remove the debris between the leaves and stem and cut off the unwanted/salty ends. Place them on a paper towel and pat dry for 5 minutes. word-image-5510 When the stems are dry, cut them from the leaves. Some plants can have thick stems, so I cut them in half in the middle of the stem to thin them out. When I cut the leaves, I cut them into thumb-sized pieces. When I put them in the dehydrator, I kept the stems and leaves separate on shelves. Set the dehydrator to 160° and dry the stems and leaves in about 6 hours, until crisp. **Good advice: If you don’t want your house to smell like Shrek, put the dehydrator in the garage or somewhere other than the kitchen! The disasters have a very penetrating smell that lingers for a long time! When you’re done, use a small blender (or coffee grinder or mortar and pestle, etc.) to finely chop and grind the dried disaster into a powder. For the spice mixture, you need a cup of dried ram powder. Mix with 1 tablespoon kosher salt and freshly ground pepper. Keep out of direct sunlight in a bulletproof container. word-image-5511 About the compiler : Sarah Kozlowski is from Hayward, Wisconsin and is an avid fisherman, hunter, hiker and kayaker. If she doesn’t do these things, she’ll learn something new, e.g. B. she becomes an avid bow hunter. You can follow her adventures at @skozlowskiii on Instagram.Wild ramps are wild leek species that are found in grasslands and meadows from August to October, and are often found growing close to the ground. They are often used in traditional English cooking, such as cottages and stews, as well as soups, stews, and sauces. They are commonly found in various wild ramp products, including dried wild ramp seasoning. The wild leek is a hardy, perennial plant species, that is out of control in many areas of the US.. Read more about wild leek leaf recipes and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you dry wild ramps?

The wild ramps, also called ramp chervil, are not exactly a spring flower. They are a wild herb that grows in damp places in woods, fields, and old gardens. They have a very strong anise-like flavour and their leaves are similar to the chives. The taste is like anise, but with a hint of wild onion. If you were to make a wild-boar flavored pork and beef jerky, dry a batch of wild ramps and mix them with the seasoning.

What can I do with dried ramp leaves?

The wild ramp is a wildflower that grows in the Appalachian mountains of the eastern US. It has a spicy, garlicky flavor that makes a great addition to everyday cooking. This recipe uses dried ramp leaves, but you can also use fresh ramps. When a plant undergoes a process called “autumnal desiccation”, it begins to change. For many plants, this is a time to store energy, because the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting shorter. The leaves that start to fall from the plants are primarily the older leaves closest to the center of the plant. The stem and root systems may dry out and the leaves change color. The leaves are often lighter in color than they are in the spring and summer. The leaves of some plants, such as the herb pepper grass, will actually pop off the stem and fall to the ground with a type of leaf drop called “flaring”. Peppers, which are a common spice, often have

Can you dry ramps in the oven?

Current advice on how to make your favorite wild food – ramps – more palatable is to boil them. This does work for some, but not all. Think of ramps as little red bricks of flavor. The flavor of ramps can be described as a combination of onions, garlic, and other strong spices. They are also good in dishes that are not typical of the West, such as the Italian-Jewish “goulash” (a stew). Also known as wild leeks, ramps have a strong flavor that can be very bitter, so most cooks prepare ramps by removing the tough, fibrous green portion and using only the white base portion for cooking. The ramp is first cleaned, then the root ends of the stalk are trimmed. The green portion is simply peeled away from the white portion, and the white base is washed. At this point any remaining green is discarded. The white base

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