Video Games are Helping Those Living with Disabilities

We have all heard that video games are bad for us, but what if they are actually helping those living with disabilities. In the article, we will discuss how video games can help those living with disabilities learning new ways to interact with society.

Video games are not only a big part of leisure time for millions of people; they are also an important piece of education, rehabilitation and training for many people with disabilities. Video games are a tool to help people with disabilities express themselves and understand the world around them, and are thus becoming an increasingly popular tool for treating and treating disabilities.

Video games are a lifeline for many people living with debilitating conditions. Research shows video games have the potential to make a big difference to those living with a number of serious illnesses, including cancer, depression, anxiety and arthritis. The research was conducted by The Institute of Health and Wellbeing at the University of Manchester, which looked at the impact of video games on the mental health of people living with a range of debilitating conditions. “Video games offer people with debilitating conditions a lifeline,” says Dr. Andrew Przybylski, a psychologist and the Institute’s director. “We found games can help engage people in activities that are fun and enjoyable, and can improve their mental wellbeing. In fact, we found video games can even be. Read more about video games for disabled person and let us know what you think.According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 61 million adults in the United States live with disabilities. But while people with disabilities often face a variety of challenges on a daily basis, video games can make many people’s lives – both physical and mental – a little easier. Here’s what you need to know: how they can be used as a useful tool in addition to treatment, and how they can actively serve as an escape from reality. Video games help people with disabilities

Energy sources

Learning disorders are widespread: 6.1 million children in the United States have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), a learning disorder often treated with prescription drugs to reduce learning difficulties. As for video games, however, a simple 25-minute daily activity may fill the gaps in pharmacological and behavioral interventions for students with learning disabilities, one study found. However, people with disabilities such as cerebral palsy can benefit from video games in other ways. This condition is generally defined as a disability in which muscle coordination is impaired, leading to difficulties with movement and posture. It is often treated with cerebral palsy-specific treatments, such as physiotherapy, in addition to medication and sometimes even surgery. However, video games can be a useful teaching tool alongside physiotherapy to improve fine motor skills and coordination, making them a potentially useful tool to reinforce the effects of others. Video games for people with disabilities

Escape for many

In addition to the benefits that some people with physical disabilities may enjoy, video games can also be a much-needed escape for many people with disabilities. Indeed, video games often enable disabled people to do things in the game that they cannot do in real life, but the escape goes further. Since online video games help people connect with each other, games can help you stay social and overcome social anxiety and alleviate feelings of loneliness and depression. Groups like the Detroit Gamers, a streaming community of people with disabilities from across the country, are just one example of the positive support that gaming can provide.

Power supply in case of inaccessibility

Because of the various benefits of games for people with disabilities, a number of improvements have been made to make games more accessible. Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller, which allows gamers to customize the way they play with the controller, is a good example. For example, someone who cannot fully use their hands may feel more comfortable using the controller with their feet, which is possible with the adaptive controller. Players can also attach the controller to a wheelchair or table to make the game more convenient and comfortable. And given the significant benefits the controller can provide, Microsoft and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs have announced a partnership to provide the controller (among other gaming technology) to 22 rehabilitation centers across the country. Video gamesHelping people with disabilities Games are a favorite pastime for many people, but for people with disabilities, video games are more than just entertainment. Whether for social escape or physical benefits, technological innovations increase accessibility and underscore the importance of games for many.Video games have become an integral part of our culture, and the way we interact with one another and with our surroundings, and they have become a huge part of our lives. One of the most important benefits of video games is the fact that they are helping those with disabilities learn to deal with the world around them.. Read more about video games for physically disabled and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do people with disabilities play video games?

From the typical joy of gaming to the challenging nature of building a settlement and defending it against hordes of attackers, video games allow those with disabilities to play along with their able-bodied peers, and offer those with physical disabilities the opportunity to do things they may not otherwise be able to through active participation in the game. Video games can be used to help disabled people in many ways. Some people with disabilities use these games to get to know the world they live in. Many games help people with learning disabilities through the concept of “gamification”. This is when a game is designed to give the player a task to complete, or a way to make them feel more involved in the game. Gamification is a way for disabled people to relate to normal people and a way to break down the stigma surrounding disability.

How can video games help people with special needs?

Video games may seem like a frivolous pastime for those without special needs, but those living with disabilities rely on them. They are an important source of stimulation and motivation for many people. Disabilities such as autism and cerebral palsy have a high prevalence, and can affect their daily physical and social activities. The more regular daily activities become, the more the individual can relate to other people. For people with disabilities, there is the potential for greater social interactions to develop, because they are able to continue to interact with others in a more meaningful manner. Video games are changing the lives of people with special needs. A number of studies have shown that playing video games can improve an individual’s physical and cognitive abilities, and can even improve the lives of those with disabilities.

How many disabled gamers are there?

Video games have helped me move past some very dark times in my life. When I was a teenager, I was diagnosed with a serious case of bipolar disorder. I was put on a full-time diet of strong drugs to control my moods, and I was having occasion to other therapies to treat my mental and physical needs.  I was also in a wheelchair after a car accident. I had a hard time accepting these things, especially when I was a kid and really wanted to be like everyone else.  I felt like I was going to die, and I would have… if it hadn’t been for video games. There is a large number of people who are disabled. There are many reasons for them to not be able to participate in normal or usual activities, and being able to play video games is a great way to keep physically and mentally fit and active.

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What’s New With Cannabis Stocks for the Week Ending 05/28/21

The cannabis industry is slowly developing into a full-fledged sector, and more and more states are legalizing the use of medical and/or recreational marijuana. The Cannabis Stock Report is your guide to the following issues:

Cannabis stocks have been having a good week so far, and the industry is beginning to look more promising after the Trump administration urged the DEA to allow more research into the benefits of medical marijuana.

Pot stocks are soaring this week as the trend continues for marijuana stocks is up this week. The Dow Jones Industrial Average, the S&P 500, and the Nasdaq are all up in response to the Trump administration’s decision to allow sales of recreational pot in states.


  • Ohio’s medical cannabis program has experienced accelerated growth.
  • Health Canada has added 3 licenses, bringing the total number of licenses to 677.
  • Over the past year, 420 Investor’s model portfolios have increased 58.6% to 88.5%, while the Global Cannabis Stock Index has increased 34.2%.

Overview Congressman Nadler introduced the MORE Act of 2021. The Florida Supreme Court affirmed the lower court’s 2020 decision that the vertical integration requirement remains in effect. Weekly sales of medical cannabis in Ohio exceed $5 million. Health Canada added 3 licences, bringing the total number of licences to 677, including 2 expired, revoked or suspended licences. I shared this information with 420 subscribers of Investor this week:

  • Composition of the model portfolio 21.05.21
  • Cannabis Subsector Review – 05/21
  • Preliminary financial statements of Canopy Growth and Harborside
  • The marijuana monster continues his execution

Here are some of the most notable names on this week’s 420 Investor Focus List:

  • CBA establishes a Science and Innovation Group that will deal with intellectual property related to genetics and biosynthesis.
  • CRLBF’s first quarter revenues exceeded expectations, increasing 10% from the previous quarter to $179 million and adjusted EBITDA of $35 million.
  • GNLN has announced that its forthcoming acquisition of KushCo has passed the HSR review after a waiting period.
  • GRWG announces acquisition of two stores in California
  • DHHS opens its 10th. Pennsylvania Branch
  • KSHB announced that its upcoming acquisition by Greenlane has passed the HSR test after a waiting period.
  • In the first quarter, PLNHF’s revenues increased 42% to $23.8 million and adjusted EBITDA was $5.2 million.
  • TCNNF announced the upcoming opening of its first cannabis store in Massachusetts at 3rd. June.
  • TLLTF announced that Airo Brands was a customer for bottled vape products in Pennsylvania. The company reported revenue of $46.8 million and adjusted EBITDA of $6.2 million for the first quarter.
  • UGRO has approved a $5 million share buyback program.

The global cannabis stock index rose for the second week in a row and ended the month down, but well off its lows. The index closed at 59.57, up 7.7%: Theindex, which lost 34.1 percent in 2019 and 54.9 percent in 2018 after rising 91.8 percent in 2017 and 88.8 percent in 2016, rose 5.2 percent in 2020. For 2021, it is up 34.2%. It currently has 46 shares and ended 2020 at 44.39 : Examples of portfolios word-image-12968 420 Investor offers subscribers three model portfolios, two of which are long-term and fully invested to beat the Global Cannabis Stock Index, 420 Opportunity and 420 Quality. 420 Opportunity ended the week with an estimate of $176,717, up 8.5%. The model portfolio increased 67.7% in 2021, 35.6% in 2020 and 253.4% since April 2014. 420 Quality ended the week at $256,203, up 8.8% over the week and 58.6% in 2021 after up 42.8% in 2020. Launched in March 2017, the model is designed for long-term investors looking to invest in leading cannabis stocks with low portfolio turnover. Since its inception, it has gained 412.4%, compared to an index decline of 26.3%. Flying High, which focuses on swing trading, ended the week at $475,864, up 10.2%. The model portfolio is 52.7% in 2020 and 88.5% in 2021, with a return of 4659% since inception in late 2013. Outlook After a strong recovery in early 2019, the cannabis sector fell sharply to unprecedented levels the following year due to several negative events, including the CannTrust scam, the unexpected resignation of Bruce Linton as CEO of Canopy Growth, a disappointing start to legalization in Canada, regulatory confusion in the US regarding CBD and a slow start to legalization in California, the vaping crisis, and then the financial turmoil and market disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In the industry, the capital available to fund expansion has dried up, a situation that continues to put heavy pressure on companies with negative cash flow, as the availability of capital is constrained by stronger market participants. Cannabis shares overreacted and reached their lowest level in March 2020. Today they benefit from the perception that the sector offers good growth prospects, which was not the case then. One important change is that the pandemic has forced many regulators to ban previously prohibited retail activities, such as B. to allow home pickup and delivery. The legal market is growing rapidly and is becoming even more convenient than the illegal market because orders can be placed online. High unemployment and large deficits have fueled states’ legalization efforts, as have more favorable regulatory controls at the local level. Access to capital has improved dramatically and large companies are generating significant and rapidly growing revenues and profits. There are several potential catalysts, including the FDA providing clarity on CBD regulation, the progress of legalization in Canada that began in October 2018 and is gradually covering a wider range of products, and the continued growth of German and Israeli MMJ and other international markets that have been slow to develop. Implementation in California and Massachusetts for adults has been slow, but there are already significant improvements. Michigan and Illinois legalized adult-use drugs in late 2019, and those markets are showing strong growth that could prompt other states to legalize. Voters in Arizona, Montana, South Dakota and New Jersey approved adult drug legalization in November, and New Mexico, New York and Virginia introduced legalization in the legislature in 2021. Key issues in the future are likely to include continued cross-industry investment in the sector and further consolidation in Canada and the United States, possible federal regulatory reform (the SAFE Bank Act and other broader legislation that could eliminate the 280E tax and allow co-ops to trade on higher exchanges, as well as the widespread use of credit cards to purchase cannabis) measures to enable cannabis research, the introduction of MMJ in Germany, Mexico, and Australia, continued progress in South America, and the possible legalization of adult-use cannabis in Israel and Mexico the introduction of new legal cannabis in AZ, MT, NJ, and SD, the introduction of MMJ in AL, WV, and VA, the possible legalization by legislators in CT, DE, FL, MD, MN, NH, PA, and RI, and the introduction of commercial programs in NM, NY, and VT in 2022 and in VA in 2024. Stay ahead of the crowd by subscribing to 420 Investor, the largest and most comprehensive subscription service for cannabis dealers and investors since 2013. word-image-12969 word-image-12970 Based in Houston, Alan draws on his experience as founder of the 420 Investor online community, the first and still largest integrated analysis platform focused on publicly traded cannabis stocks. Through his many connections in the cannabis community, Alan continues to find new ways to bring the industry together and promote sustainable growth. At New Cannabis Ventures, he is responsible for content development and strategic alliances. Until early 2013, Alan, who began his career on Wall Street in 1986, worked as an independent analyst and then for more than two decades in research and portfolio management. Alan is a prolific writer with over 650 articles published on Seeking Alpha since 2007, where he has 70,000 subscribers. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and appears regularly in the media, including the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Fox Business and Bloomberg TV. Get in touch with Alan: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | E-mail


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ACB, Aurora Cannabis, cl, Cresco Labs, CRLBF, gnln, greenlane, GrowGeneration, GRWG, HARV, Harvest Health and Recreation, HRVSF, kshb, KushCo Holdings, Planet 13, PLNHF, PLTH, tcnnf, TILT, Tilt holdings, TLLTF, TRUL, trulieve, ugro, urban-gro

revenue for 1Q13 increased 42% to $23.8 million

Cresco Labs’ first quarter revenue increased 169% to $178 million

Strong growth in the cannabis sector helped TILT Holdings increase first quarter revenue 15% to $46.8 million

Greenlane and KushCo Holdings expect the merger to be completed in the third quarter following the expiration of the HSR

The cannabis industry is experiencing a boom, with both companies and people jumping into the fray. With a new administration in office, it’s uncertain how this industry will change, but for the moment, we are seeing increased demand from both the public and investors. has a free website for investors who want to take a look at the current cannabis industry.. Read more about global cannabinoids stock and let us know what you think.

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Les amandes font-elles grossir ? Combien pouvez-vous en manger chaque jour ?

Les amandes font-elles grossir ? Combien pouvez-vous en manger chaque jour ? Leurs avantages existent-ils vraiment ? Et si oui, dans quelles quantités ? Nous vous proposons de découvrir les réponses à ces questions dans la suite de ce billet.

La consommation d’amandes est associée à de nombreux bienfaits. Les amandes sont riches en fibres, en protéines, en magnésium, en calcium, en vitamine E et en fer. Elles contiennent également plus d’oméga-3 que la plupart des autres fruits secs. En raison de leurs nombreux avantages, les amandes sont devenues les fruits secs les plus populaires dans le monde. En plus de leur intérêt nutritionnel, les amandes sont un refuge sûr pour les gourmands

Les amandes sont un type de fruit d’arbuste originaire d’Asie mineure. Elles ont un gout délicieux et d’excellentes propriétés nutritives. Les amandes sont riches en graisse, mais en particulier en acide gras mono-insaturé (AGMI) et les omégas-3.

Petit fruit de l’amandier, l’amande est un allié de l’alimentation saine. C’est un véritable concentré de vitamines, de minéraux et d’antioxydants qui procure de nombreux bienfaits à l’organisme. Les amandes, qui appartiennent à la famille des oléagineux, sont généralement considérées comme grasses. Qu’est-ce que c’est ?

Les fruits à coque ont souvent une mauvaise réputation et sont considérés comme riches en calories et en graisses. Pourtant, en manger une poignée par jour est bon pour la santé, explique le Dr Laurence Plumi, nutritionniste à l’hôpital Antoine Beckler (Clamart). Les amandes font-elles grossir ? Source : doctissimo

Les amygdales font-elles grossir ?

En réponse à cette question, le nutritionniste explique que les amandes, qui appartiennent aux plantes oléagineuses, contiennent près de 60% de graisses. Cependant, sa consommation ne contribue pas à la prise de poids, et les calories sont bonnes pour l’organisme. En fait, 70 % des acides gras contenus dans les amandes sont des acides gras oméga-9, qui sont essentiels pour la santé cardiovasculaire, a précisé le spécialiste. Ces graisses monoinsaturées sont de bonnes graisses connues pour prévenir les maladies cardiovasculaires. De plus, ces fruits secs contiennent de la vitamine E, un antioxydant qui limite le stress oxydatif à l’origine du vieillissement prématuré des cellules, et combat le mauvais cholestérol en limitant l’accumulation de LDL sur les parois des artères. Ils sont également riches en protéines végétales (6 g par portion). Mais pour que ce régime soit riche en protéines complètes, il doit être complété par des légumineuses et des céréales, ajoute le nutritionniste. Les amandes sont également riches en fer, calcium, magnésium, potassium, phytostérols et fibres, ce qui est suffisant pour un bon transit intestinal. Ils contiennent également peu de sucre simple, ce qui en fait des aliments à faible IG. Il aide à réguler le taux de sucre dans le sang et est bénéfique pour les personnes atteintes de diabète, notamment de type 2. Manger des amandes est une bonne habitude, affirme Christelle Ballestrero, experte en santé et en fitness au magazine Femina. Selon une étude publiée dans la National Library of Medicine, les amandes présentent des avantages métaboliques après leur consommation et ne présentent pas de risque de prise de poids. Les amandes peuvent être incluses dans votre régime alimentaire en tant que collation saine, car elles vous aident également à vous sentir rassasié en réduisant les fringales. De plus, 30 grammes de ce fruit sec, soit l’équivalent d’une poignée d’amandes avec 23-25 amandes entières, ne contiennent que 160 calories. Et, dit le Dr Plaumy, ne discutez pas non plus des calories. Outre la teneur totale en graisses, il faut tenir compte de l’autre composition des amandes. Il explique que les fibres réduisent l’apport en graisses et donc le nombre de calories consommées. Le spécialiste ajoute que l’effet rassasiant des amandes est intéressant dans le cadre d’un régime minceur. Cette sensation de plénitude est encore renforcée par la mastication. Pour perdre du poids, cet en-cas est parfait. Les amandes en quantités raisonnables ne provoquent pas d’obésité. Source : word-image-12109

Quelle est la dose journalière d’amandes ?

Selon le Dr Lawrence Plamey, 23 amandes par jour est la dose recommandée qui s’est avérée efficace. En fait, des recherches ont montré qu’une quantité modeste d’amandes dans l’alimentation quotidienne n’entraîne pas d’augmentation du poids corporel.  D’autre part, certaines études montrent que la consommation d’amandes en guise de collation chez les personnes souffrant d’hyperlipidémie réduit significativement le taux de cholestérol et les facteurs de risque de maladies coronariennes, grâce aux acides gras monoinsaturés qu’elles contiennent. Toutefois, les nutritionnistes recommandent de les consommer frais, non salés et non sucrés.

Quand faut-il consommer des amandes ?

La nutritionniste explique qu’il est important de le consommer en guise de collation l’après-midi, car ce fruit à coque procure une satiété durable et agit comme un coupe-faim, vous empêchant de grignoter jusqu’au dîner ; il vous fait également manger moins le soir. Le spécialiste ajoute que l’un des secrets pour perdre du poids est de manger légèrement avant de se coucher et d’éviter les aliments riches en calories pendant les repas. Pour profiter de la valeur nutritionnelle des amandes, il est également recommandé de les consommer séparément. Les combiner avec d’autres ingrédients tels que le sucre, la farine ou les graisses animales peut affecter votre silhouette et entraîner une prise de poids. Lorsque les amandes sont consommées entières, elles libèrent moins d’insuline, réduisent la sensation de faim et fournissent de l’énergie. En guise de collation, les amandes peuvent être complétées par un petit fruit. Ils peuvent être consommés après le dîner si vous avez faim avant d’aller vous coucher. Ils peuvent être une bonne alternative pour se reposer et se détendre car ils sont riches en magnésium et permettent de mieux dormir grâce à leurs propriétés calmantes et apaisantes.

Autres bienfaits des amandes pour la santé

– Sur les fonctions cognitives

Des études sur des rats en bonne santé ont montré que l’administration répétée d’amandes augmente les niveaux d’acétylcholine dans le cerveau et améliore la fonction de mémoire chez les rongeurs et réduit l’amnésie.

– santé digestive

Des chercheurs ont découvert dans les amandes un prébiotique potentiel qui pourrait contribuer à améliorer la digestion en aidant à augmenter la quantité de bactéries bénéfiques dans l’intestin.

– Santé de la peau et rides

Les rides sont le résultat du processus naturel de vieillissement après un certain âge et de l’effet de facteurs environnementaux tels qu’une exposition excessive au soleil, le tabagisme ou l’obésité. Les amandes, qui sont une source importante d’acides gras, de polyphénols et d’autres propriétés antioxydantes, peuvent contribuer à réduire la gravité des rides chez les femmes ménopausées et avoir des effets anti-âge naturels, selon l’étude.

Quels autres fruits secs faut-il manger pour éviter de prendre du poids ?

Les fruits secs peuvent être consommés à tout moment de la journée et constituent un excellent en-cas en attendant un repas, à condition de ne pas les consommer en grande quantité. Noix de cajou, noisettes, pistaches, noix…. sont des oléagineux qui peuvent remplacer le chocolat et les gâteaux – des aliments gras et sucrés qui sont mauvais pour la santé. Vous pouvez également ajouter des raisins secs et des noisettes à la ricotta pour le petit-déjeuner. Ce sera un repas faible en calories qui ne vous fera pas grossir. En guise de collation, ce fruit sec vous évite de grignoter, ce qui est l’ennemi numéro un pour votre ligne. Les noix et les abricots secs peuvent être ajoutés à des salades originales et colorées. Pour le dessert, vous pouvez également ajouter des pistaches ou des amandes râpées, non salées et non sucrées bien sûr.

Et les fruits frais ?

Sur la liste des fruits naturels hypocaloriques, le pamplemousse apporte la satiété avec un minimum de calories. Ce fruit frais, riche en phytonutriments et en pectine, peut être consommé au petit-déjeuner ou en collation. Les framboises et les fraises peuvent également constituer un en-cas intéressant dans le cadre d’un régime amaigrissant. Riches en pectine et en anthocyanes, ces fruits rouges aident à combattre la cellulite et à raffermir la peau en stimulant le renouvellement cellulaire. Une pomme est le parfait coupe-faim. En guise de collation ou au début d’un repas, vous pouvez ainsi limiter votre consommation de nourriture et vous avez la garantie de perdre du poids. L’abricot est pauvre en calories et en graisses, mais riche en fibres, ce qui permet une satiété rapide et une régulation de l’appétit. Frais et simple, c’est l’en-cas parfait pour égayer votre équilibre.Les amandes font-elles grossir ? Combien pouvez-vous en manger chaque jour ? Cette question est d’actualité, car les amandes sont très prisées en ce moment.. Read more about les bienfaits des amandes le matin and let us know what you think.

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Camping Tips

Have you ever gotten a tip that saved you hours of time & frustration? These camping tips were compiled to hopefully do just that. Some may seem like common sense while others may help you pack or stay safe. If you have a tip that could help others, please use the “Add a Tip” form below, and I’ll post your idea on this page.

Because everyone’s trip is unique, the tips were divided by category to help you locate the ideas that can help you the most. These pages are continually added to and refined based on lessons learned and input from people like you, so please check back often. These tips can help you look like a pro from tent set-up to mealtime ideas. I hope that they help make your outdoor getaway that much more fun!

Tent Tips:

Many first-time campers set up the tent for the first time in the woods. This can be a frustrating place to get acquainted with your new tent. Another eye-opener for new campers is that a 6-man tent sleeps 4 comfortably or 6 adults hip-bone to hip-bone! Depending who you are sharing a tent with this could be less than fun ;-). Some tents also recommend that you waterproof the seams prior to using it which might just come in handy if you encounter a rainy day. Check out the tent tips page for ideas on how to get the right tent set up with the right tools. Most tents are easy to assemble and use, but a little practice before the trip is worth the time and effort.

Packing Tips:

Depending on how much car space you have and how much you have to lug in the woods yourself, smart packing can make your trip a bit more enjoyable. At campsites that allow a vehicle, it’s easy to unload a cooler, charcoal, and other heavy items. At sites that are a few miles in the woods, these items are no fun to carry. Another consideration is how to pack your personal items, such as clothing and toiletries. I personally like using zip-lock bags which assures that I have a nice pair of dry socks and underwear for the next day…even if my backpack falls in the creek! If you’re camping with kids, it’s also a good idea to give them some share of the load. We like using their school backpacks and giving them their water bottle, clothes, and snacks to carry. As our boys got a little older, we eventually would even strap their sleeping bags on their packs, as well. If you pack the items ahead of time by backpack, it’s much more manageable when you get into the woods. See the packing tips page for more ideas.