Can I Buy a Car During Mercury Retrograde?

You’ve probably heard one of your friends or family members say: It’s that time of year again. Mercury retrograde! And rightly so, because Mercury retrograde is usually accompanied by technical problems and other setbacks. But what is Mercury retrograde, and is it worth buying a car during this period?

Mercury retrograde three times a year

To understand what Mercury retrograde is, we must first remember that the planets in our solar system orbit the sun at different speeds. And sometimes it can feel like the planet is moving backwards, hence the term retrograde. This usually happens when a faster moving planet overtakes a slower moving one.

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, this phenomenon is actually an illusion caused by the position of the Earth relative to another planet. Because planets actually only move in one direction.

Illustration of the solar system as seen from beyond Neptune, with the eight planets visible around the sun. | (Illustration by Tobias Retch/Interpretation by Getty Images).

Now that you know what a retrograde is, you can also understand that the planet Mercury goes retrograde three times a year, for two or three weeks, because it is the fastest moving planet. For those who study astrology, periods when Mercury is retrograde are usually characterized by confusion, delays, and technological errors due to the planet’s energetic effect on us here on Earth. Just think of the repulsive force you feel when you try to connect two magnets incorrectly.

Because of this invisible and often misunderstood force, some people think Mercury retrograde is a terrible time to make a big purchase, like a house or even a car. Some people even do without if they think their house might collapse, the car they just bought might break down or they might have an accident. But really, it just means that you should be more careful if you do any of these things during the retrograde period.

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You can buy a car during Mercury retrograde, but read the contract carefully.

In astrology, the planet Mercury governs communication, analytical thinking, the expression of ideas and the processing of information. When he retrogrades, some people experience total chaos during this period and feel that they cannot think clearly. Don’t worry, just like the planet that seems to be turning over, it’s just an illusion.

In principle you can buy a car during Mercury retrograde, but make sure to read the contract you are signing beforehand.

If you feel some stress or brain fog during Mercury retrograde, you may miss out on something when you sign a contract for a house or car, says astrologer Brittney Heard. If you have to buy a car, buy a car. Mercury retrograde doesn’t mean the world is coming to an end or that you shouldn’t move on with your life, it’s actually a time to be more careful about what you do and expect the unexpected.

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Mercury retrograde is no excuse for all your problems.

Now that you know what Mercury retrograde is, you can begin to notice when things are going wrong in your life. Remember, that Mercury retrograde is not an excuse for all your problems, nor is it an excuse for not buying the car you want or need right now. But if you prefer to wait until after the retrograde period, feel free to do so. For reference, here are the Mercury retrograde periods of 2021:

  • From 30. January to the 20th. February
  • 29. May – 22. June
  • 27. September – 18. October

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Don’t sign any contracts. Mercury retrograde focuses on communication and misunderstandings. Some people translate that so they don’t have to sign anything.

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