Best Turkey Decoys to Draw In the Birds

Derrek Sigler 02.11.21

It’s no secret that decoys can help you hunt turkeys. The decoys are getting better every year and are able to fool the big thunderbirds and especially the tired old hens, which often fail the hunt. Chickens have great vision and not everyone is looking for love like Tom. Bait cutters are always working overtime to bring the most brilliant creations to market. What’s it to you? Because sometimes you really need the best turkey bells to attract birds.

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1. Avian-X Strutter Turkey Decoy LCD – Best Strutter

Tough bet bait when you need it.

The Avian-X Strutter is one of my favorite lures. Easy to move and very cheerful, so it’s easy to tick off a volume. It is foldable and comes with a stake and carrying bag. Best of all, it’s 15% smaller than a real turkey, so it’s easier to carry and adds a little depth to your table. And like all Avian-X lures, it’s beautiful – very beautiful, in fact.

Pro/portable and very realistic

Consumer/more difficult to implement quickly.

At the bottom of the page, one of our favorite wall layouts.

2. Avian-X LCD-Laydown Hen – Editor’s Choice

This is one of those lures that you really need to have in your arsenal.

A mating chicken produces a mating turkey. Place it near a tom or jake bait and expect a very angry tom to spoil the mood. It is one of the most effective lures we can put out, and we always seem to get a reaction when we use it. The details are typically Avian-X – excellent, and the folding body makes it easy to carry. One of the best all round lures, and particularly effective in difficult hunting conditions.

Apply force/assist volume – FAST

Too bad you didn’t get one a year ago …..

Bottom Line/ A bait that you need especially in difficult conditions.

3. Primos Jake 3-D Food container

Bring out the bad books

The Jake Gobblestopper by Primo is an ideal lure to have at your disposal. The 1/4 sling submission position allows him to pull the toms from any distance. The incoming bird sees the decoy and then sees that jake is submitting a little to Tom’s gibberish. For Tom, this means it’s time to show the young man a thing or two. This lure helps to outwit toms with its realistic shape, details and matching color. The body can be easily compressed and folded for transportation and comes with a peg for proper posture.

Pro/vet attitude that brings out the dominant toms.

This works best if you lure chickens.

In short, it’s a great way to add some more realism to your turkey hunting arsenal.

4. Turkey Bait Grinding for Chicken

The lure in the upper right corner announces a new dimension in your installation.

The Grind’s Bugging Hen is a lure that adds realism and simulates movement in your lure. As a feed, this bait also helps to give your cat a sense of calm and security, which is very helpful. We all know that a hen is usually the first bird you get your hands on, and any turkey hunter who has spent a lot of time hunting birds has experienced this. This lure not only lures toms, but also calms live chickens that may respond to your calls. Like the other lures, it is durable and easy to carry around.

Advantages and positions you may not have seen before, which means your birds probably haven’t either.

Works best with at least two additional lures.

Bottom Line/Great way to add a sense of security to your distribution.

5. MOJO Scoot-N-Shoot – Must try technique

Facilitating turkey harvest

Mojo Baits has developed the perfect bait for those who prefer to hunt turkey to bring home the tom. This is a full-footed lure designed to stalk a live bird. It’s the perfect way to track down that asshole Tom who won’t call you back. Take the bait and go to the birds. This can often provoke one of two reactions: either Tommel is on the move and stands his ground, or he accepts the challenge of an intruder, only to end up with a face full of lead. If you want to take a cool picture, take two plugs and have a friend handle the camera, like in the picture above. This is a high quality lure with specially placed orange reflective areas to let the other hunter know what is going on.

For / A great way to get the toms out of a pile of chickens.

Eating/crawling can be tough on the knees, so dress accordingly.

In short, it’s a lot of fun, you should try it.

When to bait and when not to bait

Don’t be afraid to move your bait around while hunting. I’ve been known to rush to rearrange my lures when the points come from a direction I wasn’t expecting. I was lucky to place them behind me, and I was lucky to shoot them all the way down without using bait. I learned this trick from a world-famous caller who never uses bait. He says that when a live bird finds your decoys, the sounds you make better match what the decoys are doing. He suggests that we take them outside and ask Tom, who is on his way, to continue looking for the birds. I had this job, but it also blew up in my face. That’s mostly because I’m not a world-famous turkey caller.

During turkey season, you need at least one lure in your trucentas. I don’t hunt without at least two, Jake and Chicken. When I hunt from a hide, I usually have at least one stronger decoy and another hen with me. I’m happy to throw anything but the sink at them when I’m out hunting.

Use of motion

I’ve seen electronic decoys for moving turkeys and tried a few when I wasn’t hunting. It’s not legal to use it in the season where I live. Check the local use regulations before spending money, but they can be very effective at attracting birds, especially from a distance.

My favorite way to add movement is to use a fan lure and move it around. It gets you in the groove, and if you’ve seen any of those videos of guys blowing up turkeys while riding in the fan, you know what I mean. A fan bait can also save you when Tom’s attention starts to wander away from your lure or your call. We had a nice Tom working on our rig, and a couple of chickens popped up on the other side of us. Tom started to move in their direction, so I kicked the goat and the fan, and he came running to join the fight. He was transferred to the 6th floor.

Is there enough bait or should I call the turkeys too?

The call is probably more important than the decoys, so at least know how to make a few basic turkey calls before you hunt. Don’t worry about it. Many turkey calls are easy to learn with a little practice.

What if we use horse turkey as bait?

Stuffed birds make excellent bait, as long as they are legal in your state. In some states they are not allowed. In addition, a stuffed bird is more difficult to transport and much more expensive than a control lure.

Can I use electronic decoys for turkey hunting?

Familiarize yourself with state regulations and all laws pertaining to your hunt BEFORE going into the field. The captain won’t let you go because you didn’t report in. It’s your responsibility.

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