Best Electric Dirt Bike 2021 | TOP4 Models Review

Did you know that when you are in the outdoors, you don’t have to have a motorbike? Maybe you are thinking of having one for an adventurous trip or to go for an adventure, but you don’t know which one to buy. A great adventure bike which is a great entry level to the world of adventure bikes is the best electric dirt bike.

Electric bikes have become extremely popular in recent years, and more people than ever are looking for a way to enjoy the great outdoors without having to pedal. However, with all the different types of bikes on the market, choosing the right one can be difficult. While some are suitable for trail riding, others are only good for off-road use, and some are not even suitable for riding at all.

A dirt bike is a type of motorcycle designed for off-road use, as an alternative to a standard motorcycle. With the advent of the powerful electric bike technology, they’ve become a lot more popular. Electric dirt bikes use electric motors with the aid of batteries so they don’t have to rely on the strength of the rider’s arms. The technology behind an electric dirt bike gives them an advantage over the standard dirt bike.

Electric dirt motorcycles are constantly improving. There was a time when the options were restricted, with the major disadvantages being price and battery life. A competing model would have cost you $12,000 or more and only given you an hour or two of riding time. With the Freeride electric dirt bike, KTM was far ahead of the game.  

TeamMA has spent time researching the alternatives available to riders looking for something a bit different. Electric motocross motorcycles have begun to emerge at big events, and some events even have specific classes for them. Are battery-powered dirt motorcycles the way of the future, with the globe quickly heading toward electric cars as the norm?

Adults’ Best Electric Dirt Bikes

Before we go into any purchasing advice, let’s have a look at some of our favorite electric dirt motorcycles. 

1. The Best Electric Dirt Bike is the KTM Freeride.

The KTM Freeride models demonstrate how excellent electrified off-road motocross may become in the future. Depending on the terrain, an 80 minute charge period will restore an hour to an hour and a half of riding time. 360 Lithium iON cells are used to store and distribute energy. Due to the constraints, an all-day adventure ride is a difficult prospect. It is not difficult if you have enough charged power packs and are riding with assistance. 

The KTM Freeride series is designed for leisure or shorter track trips. The brushless, permanent magnetic, synchronous electric motor produces 22bhp and 42Nm of torque, which is equivalent to a 125cc petrol MX bike.

KTM has developed two capable bikes that are worthy of any MX track. The SX is more of a circuit bike, while the XS is more of an Enduro bike. Neither of these dirt motorcycles are intended to be used as toys. 

KTM Freeride E-XC 2021 electric dirt bike

When we talked with KTM in Plymouth, UK, they told us:

The Freeride-E is very fast. It catches you off guard. The absence of engine noise and the fact that it’s more like a twist and go are the strangest aspects.

There are three mapping options available when it comes to power delivery:

Choosing one: 

This is the gentlest mode. It features a slower power delivery and a more docile top end, similar to a wet weather setting. 

Setting two: This mode begins quietly and gradually rises in strength as it approaches the top of the curve. 

Set number three: 

This is the full-fat MX mode, which is roughly equivalent to a 250cc four-stroke motorcycle.

KTM Freeride E-XC 2021 E-dirt bike

Moisture sensors have been fitted by KTM, and if any moisture is detected, the engine will be turned off. It is not advisable to ride in deep water. Keep in mind that water and electricity don’t mix nicely. The components on the Freeride series are of the same high quality as those on other KTM models. The bikes handle very well and turn nearly intuitively at 97 kg (27 kg is the power pack). 

It’s simple to follow ruts, and the well-balanced build means they’ll accomplish everything you’d expect of a high-end enduro bike. KTM’s Freeride electric motorcycles are establishing themselves among their peers and will continue to improve.

But let’s be clear: the KTM Freeride motorcycles are thoroughbred off-road machines. They are completely competitive for short racing sessions or leisure rides when riding a large number of kilometers is not required. 

For additional information on the Freeride range, contact your local KTM dealer or go to (

Expect to spend about $11,000. (new) 

2. Kuberg Freerider – Best Electric Dirt Bikes

Kuberg Freerider 2021 Best Electric Dirt Bike 2021

The Kuberg Freerider is one of the coolest entry-level e-bikes. The Kuberg is a capable off-roader with strong motocross aesthetics. The Kuberg is targeted at teenagers and adults and has a cool design and a lot of fun. It has a peak speed of 34 mph, weighs 36 kg, and can be ridden for one hour. It takes 2.5 hours to recharge. 

Kuberg provides a variety of wheel and suspension options so you may customize your bike to your specific requirements. In many respects, it’s the ideal dirt bike for introducing a young rider to dirt biking.


Power 14 Kilowatts (comes in two cheaper versions with lower power)
WEIGHT IN TOTAL 79 pounds (35.83 Kg)
FRAME Kind is a term that refers to the type of frame that High-Step
MATERIAL FOR THE FRAME Steel with a Powder Coat
MEASUREMENTS IN GEOMETRY 34.5′′ Seat Height, 48.5′′ Wheelbase, 41′′ Handlebar Height
Starter Kickstand that retracts
Charger The charger is provided.
Price Approximately $7300.00

3. Oset (ten) (Adults)

Oset 10 Adult E-Dirt Bike

Okay, technically, this is a mini-pit (pit bike). The adult Oset 10 features upgraded suspension and larger bars to accommodate riders weighing up to 90 kg, and it looks like a lot of fun! We have a separate post on the best petrol pit motorcycles, but since the Oset is electric, we decided to put it in this one. 

The Oset 10 is a fantastic motorcycle for youngsters, but with the upgraded components, it becomes a pit bike that can easily compete with 50cc petrol minis. 


Battery Lithium battery with a capacity of 20 ah from OSET
Power OSET 48v drive system (complete with 3-dial adaptability)
Suspension Adjustable oil shock in the back, custom upside-down fork constructed to OSET’s requirements
Brakes Disc brakes using hydraulic fluid
Weight Adults and adolescents may weigh up to 90.0 kg.
Price $3900

Click here to see the manufacturer’s website.

OSET 24 Racing (#4)

Oset 24 Racing 2021 Electric Dirt Bikes

The OSET 24 Racing is a trials bike by design. After getting over the first skepticism, it’s obvious that the 24 Racing can also be used as a killer trail bike. At some time, we’d want to see a grown-up version of the MX10, maybe with a seat option for the 24?

The Oset 24 is undeniably well-equipped. Although the brakes and power are oriented for obstacles, mobility is guaranteed; after all, that is what trials motorcycles are greatest at. The Oset, on the other hand, is a tough trail bike once you’re out in the woods, dunes, or countryside. You may even use it to bike around your garden. Here’s a video of the Oset team doing exactly that.

Specifications and Comparisons

Battery OSET lithium battery with a high output of 20 ah
Suspension RST forks with full-length adjustment and DNM rear shock
Brakes Front and rear SRAM hydraulic brakes with 180mm discs
Transmission Hardened sprockets and chain on a 1400w OSET motor unit
Engine OSET 3 is a power switch with three settings.
Safety The OSET magnetic lanyard provides a layer of security and is compliant with competition rules.
Price $4750

What to Look for in the Best Electric Dirt Bikes

KTM Freeride 2021 in action

Everything boils down to batteries, whether you’re looking for the quickest electric motocross bike or the dirt bike with the greatest range. The batteries’ power, capacity, and weight are all crucial. Modern design has thankfully resulted in significant advancements in battery technology, but lengthy distances remain an issue. You should be OK if you’re riding for short sessions at a racing track or shorter trail rides than three hours. 

If you plan on riding in isolated areas, a portable generator is always useful, but because you’ll be transporting your dirt bike on a flatbed or trailer, this shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. When evaluating battery life, the quantity of power available is the most important element to consider. Consider the battery to be a fuel tank, and the electricity it stores to be gasoline. Electricity is measured in kilowatt hours (kWh), therefore the greater the kWh rating, the farther you may go. The more you press the throttle, the more juice you’ll use, much as on a petrol bike. 

Weight distribution is evenly distributed.

Weight distribution is another factor to consider when looking at electric dirt motorcycles. Lithium batteries are large and bulky. Engines, gasoline, and frames, on the other hand, are. The finest electric dirt motorcycles have a low center of gravity by placing the battery weight in the correct locations. The battery may be integrated into the frame construction to assist balance the machine if done correctly.

Finally, you must consider power modes. Power mapping is available on most good electric dirt motorcycles, allowing you to alter the rate of power consumption and how that is converted into power at the rear wheel. After you’ve taken care of the fundamentals, you may focus on the suspension and brakes. 

The Advantages of Electric Dirt Bikes

Oset motorcycles, based in the United Kingdom, is one firm that has pushed the electric dirt bike ahead in Motocross. The company’s slogan, “taking fun seriously,” is one of our favorites. Oset is on the rise, thanks to a dedicated class in professional motocross and an ever-expanding variety of bikes. 

We asked Ian Smith, the company’s founder and CEO, what the future of the sport looks like from his perspective.  

Electric Motocross must begin with young riders and expand from there. The elder generation is enslaved by noise and odor! I enjoy it as well, however I can understand how electric bikes have a lot of advantages. I’ve seen youngsters on MX-10s racing around courses, screaming and laughing with each other as they go around. I’ve also seen the difficulties that novice riders have while racing 50s with trigger clutches and powerbands, as well as Dads sprinting across tracks to re-start their bikes after they fall. 

(Petrol engines and everything associated with them may be a hindrance to pleasure.) Adults like large 4-strokes because the powerband is more linear than on two-strokes. 4 strokes are attempting to get a lovely linear powerband – similar to that of an electric bicycle! Electric motorcycles will become more excellent as technology advances.

Oset – Ian Smith

Ian goes on to discuss how noise pollution is one of the major impediments to young riders training consistently and enjoying their bikes in the company of other recreational users. Electric dirt motorcycles may be used in parks, on beaches, and in close proximity to your house, while riding a fuel bike typically entails a long journey. 

These are all strong reasons to consider electric dirt bikes for kids, and we published an article about them here.  

Things improve year after year in the world of electric dirt bikes. Fingers crossed for an Oset MX bike for adults, or maybe another manufacturer will cover the gap between $3000 and $12,000?

Have a good time out there

Martin and the MA team

Frequently Asked Questions

Which electric dirt bike is the best?

The best electric dirt bike is the Honda CRF250R.

What is the best dirt bike brand 2021?

The best dirt bike brand in 2021 is Yamaha.

How much is a good electric dirt bike?

A good electric dirt bike is a $500-1000.

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