Best 50cc Dirt Bike 2021 [TOP 5 Brands Review]

So, it’s time to upgrade from your old dirt bike. What should you get? There are so many choices. How do you decide? Well, you could go by brand name, you could go by price, or you could go by what you want to do with your dirt bike. (In other words, read on to see the list of the best dirt bikes for sale!)

Best 50cc Dirt Bike 2021 [TOP 5 BRANDS REVIEW]

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Motocross is a once-in-a-lifetime event for everyone, including youngsters. Exciting possibilities include the pleasure of moving quickly, acquiring a new skill set, and discovering a favorite pastime at an early age. Riding may be made even more memorable by the opportunity to connect and share the experience. When it comes to purchasing a 50cc dirt bike, though, you have a lot of options, and you should feel secure in your decision.

It’s essential to think about all of your choices before buying a new 50cc dirt bike for you and your junior rider. Many different firms make 50cc dirtbikes for kids, and dependability and safety are key concerns for a young rider. Electric dirt motorcycles for kids are also becoming more popular due to their environmentally friendly fuel and silent motors.

Finally, it’s critical that you get acquainted with each dirt bike so that you can make the greatest choice as a parent. Junior riders, like adult riders, have their own preferences and requirements that must be considered. All of the motorcycles on TeamMA’s list have an automated clutch as standard, which makes mastering the bike a breeze.

Automatic Clutch for 50cc Engines

While some smaller dirt motorcycles insist on a conventional clutch, the 50cc dirt bikes listed below feature automated clutches to make things easier. By taking the stress out of learning, your young rider will be able to enjoy the process as they learn the fundamentals of motocross. Many of these bikes feature a single-speed gearbox, which takes the emphasis away from shifting before the perfect moment arrives.

A list of TeamMA’s competitors for the finest 50cc dirt bike in 2021 can be seen below. Younger 50cc dirt motorcycles, like their bigger counterparts, are constructed to a high quality, and selecting a reliable dirt bike may last your junior rider for years. 

2021’s Best 50cc Dirt Bikes

KTM 50 SX (KTM 50 SX) (KTM 50 SX)

KTM 50SX 2021 best 50cc dirt bike for kids

Height of the Seat 684 mm / 26.9 inches
the starting price $3399 plus $300 for shipping

KTM Racing was established in 1954 in Austria. In the realm of motocross, their motto “ready to race” has earned them a strong reputation. KTM offers a flexible and dependable range of dirt motorcycles, regardless of rider size or experience, with over 200 championship victories. 

The KTM 50 SX is no exception to this rule. KTM uses the same top-quality components on the 50 SX as they do on their top-of-the-line models. A lightweight steel frame helps with precise cornering & easy handling, and the single speed transmission keeps things simple. With flashy orange graphics, black anodized rims and a kick start like the pros, your junior rider is sure to feel confident riding the 50 SX.

KTM 50SX kids 50cc dirt bike engine comprsion

The 50 SX dirt bike comes with a 2-stroke engine and tops out at 45 mph. Safety-wise, the engine power can be reduced for less experienced riders with a PowerParts kit directly from KTM. A reliable liquid engine cooling system ensures consistent speed and power throughout the ride, and robust front & rear disc brakes will guarantee steady handling when things get hairy. The KTM 50 SX is a top-tier choice for your junior rider that they’re sure to enjoy for a long time.

Why do we enjoy the KTM 50cc dirt bike so much?

KTM 50cc best 50cc dirt bike for kids in 2021

The 50 SX, like the Husqvarna TC 50, is at the top of the 50cc dirt bike market. Aside from the seat height and tire sizes, the specs of these two motorcycles are almost similar. The 50 SX’s bigger front tire aids in more accurate steering for a beginning younger rider, while the seat height is excellent for taller riders. The KTM 50 SX is an obvious top five option for TeamMA because of this feature, as well as KTM’s general quality and reputation.

While the Honda or Yamaha versions may be better for shift awareness, the 50 SX is the fastest and has the greatest engine performance. It’s because of its tough potential that it’s on TeamMA’s list. This dirt bike is perfect for young, experienced riders who are looking for a new ride. The KTM 50 SX feels like a large bike when you start it up, and what young rider doesn’t enjoy that?

KTM 50 SX Specifications:

the amount of dry weight 41.5 kg / 91.5 pounds
Power 5.5 hp
Top speed 45 mph
Starter Kickstarter
Brake using your feet YES
the volume of the tank 2.3 L / 0.61 gal
Type of engine 2-stroke
Transmission automatic with just one speed
Dimensions of the wheels (front) 12 in. / (back) 10 in (rear)

Honda CRF50F is number two on the list.

Honda CRF50F 2021 50 dirt bike

Height of the seat 548 mm / 21.6 inches
the starting price $1,599 plus $190 for freight

Honda was the first of several Japanese manufacturers to dominate the sport when they released their first dirt bike in the 1970s. Honda is still Japan’s biggest motorcycle manufacturer, and its whole range is dependable, cheap, and competitive with other dirt motorcycles.

How does the Honda CRF50F compare to other motorcycles?

Honds 50CRF50F Engine comparsion - four stroke engine

An air-cooled 4-stroke engine and a 3-speed gearbox are standard on the CRF50F. The CRF50F has a throttle limiter, so the maximum speed of 40 mph may be changed before riding by simply twisting a screw. Both Husqvarna and KTM have optional limiters, however both models need an extra equipment to install. In this respect, the CRF50F is both the most inexpensive and customizable option.

With a total tank capacity of almost a gallon, the CRF50F is dependable for long rides and whatever excursions your younger rider is up for. The inclusion of a 3-speed gearbox enables a young rider to acquaint themselves with how a dirt bike shifts during a ride, even if none of the motorcycles on TeamMA’s list need shifting. This awareness is an important first step before the learning phase begins. 

A standard key ignition starter means there will be no riding unless you approve first! Key & push-button ignition types are potentially less intimidating as well for a junior rider still building their confidence. Ideal for smaller riders, the CRF50F has the lowest seat height of all the TeamMA recommended models while still packing a punch.

Why do we appreciate the Honda 50 dirt bike so much?

Honda CRF50F 2021 - best beginner 50cc for kids

TeamMA selected this dirt bike since it is simple to use for both parents and younger riders. It may be tough to get used to a bike for the first time, but the Honda CRF50F has everything you need for a seamless transition and a safe ride. Your young rider will be serving heat to the competition in no time thanks to the sturdy steel frame and red graphics.

HONDA CRF50F Specifications:

Weight at the curb 50.3 kg / 111 pounds
Power 3.1 hp
Top speed 40 mph
Starter Ignition via key
Brake using your feet YES
the volume of the tank 0.7 gallon plus 0.2 gallon reserve / 2.7 liters plus 0.76 liters reserve
Type of engine 4-stroke
Transmission 3-speed automatic transmission transmission
Dimensions of the wheels 254 mm / 10 in

3. TTR-50 Yamaha

Yamaha TTR-50 junior 50cc dirt bike 2021

Height of the seat 556 mm / 21.9 inches
the starting price $220 freight + $1699

With their 2-stroke DT1 model, Yamaha entered the mass-produced market in 1968, and they’ve been churning out excellent dirt motorcycles ever since. The TTR-50 is a well-built 50cc dirt bike that makes a great start to the sport for young riders. 

How does the Yamaha TTR-50 compare to comparable motorcycles?

Yamaha TTR-50 dirt bike engine comparsion

Much like the Honda CRF50F, the TTR-50 is affordable and generally built for smaller riders with a low seat height. Don’t let the small stature fool you: the TTR-50 still packs a punch with a 4-stroke engine & 3-speed automatic transmission. 

Although the TTR-50 and CRF50F have comparable construction specifications, there are several significant variations. For example, the TTR-50’s exhaust system has a USFS spark arrestor to keep things simple and prevent problems mid-ride. This is particularly useful if your younger rider intends to ride in places where there is a lot of dried plant material.

On the 2021 TTR-50, the transition from key ignition to electronic push-button is a new feature that makes accessibility easier for riders with less expertise. Your younger rider will be able to take things as they come, with a maximum speed of 32 mph, without fear of losing control.

Why do we appreciate the Yamaha 50cc dirt bike so much?

Yamaha TTR 50 dirt bike is good for a shorter kids

The TTR-50 was chosen by TeamMA mostly because of its beginner-friendly features. This dirt bike is an excellent entry-level model for those who are just getting started in motocross. The bright blue coloring complements the iconic Yamaha emblem while providing a consistent, reliable ride.

TTR-50 Specs Yamaha TTR-50 Specs Yamaha TTR-50 Specs Yamaha TTR

Weight when wet 58.1 kg / 128 pounds
Top speed 32mph
Starter Push-button electric
Brake using your feet YES
the volume of the tank 3 L / 0.8 gal
Type of engine 4-stroke
Transmission 3-speed automatic
Dimensions of the wheels 254 mm / 10 in

Husqvarna TC 50 is number four on the list.

Husqvarna TC 50 professional kids dirt bike 2021

Height of the seat 665 mm / 26.2 inches
the starting price $4399

Husqvarna has gone a long way since their first motorbike was built in 1903. Their postwar 2-stroke bikes were adapted for off-road racing in the early 1950s, and the rest is history.

50cc Husqvarna vs. other motorcycles

Husqvarna 50cc dirt bike is best for advance kid riders

The TC 50 is a tough addition to the 50cc group, built to the same standards as full-size versions. The TC 50, like the KTM 50 SX, comes equipped with a 2-stroke engine, single-speed gearbox, and liquid cooling system. Optional power reduction kits are available from both manufacturers to decrease horsepower. If your young rider isn’t quite ready for power, the Honda CRF50F has a comparable function built in for simple tweaking. 

Both the KTM 50 SX and the Husqvarna TC 50 are built in the same facility, which adds to the similarities. Husqvarna accessory elements like as brakes and handlebars, as well as the TC 50 seat height, vary from KTM versions. Because of the lower seat, this model is suitable for experienced riders of all sizes. On the TC 50, unlike the 50 SX, both wheels are the same size. An extra pressure-controlled exhaust valve improves performance and ensures that your younger rider has a smooth, consistent ride.

Why did we go with the Husqvarna 50cc?

Husqvarna TC 50cc 2021 dirt bike compared to others stands out

The TC 50 is designed for bigger, more experienced riders and has a maximum speed of 45 mph. The TC 50 is a strong candidate on TeamMA’s list due to its high-quality construction and overall engine performance. Any kid rider will be enthralled by the traditional yellow highlights and black anodized rims with durable tires.

Specs for the Husqvarna TC 50:

the amount of dry weight 41.5 kg / 91.5 pounds
Power 5.5 hp
Top speed 45 mph
Starter Kickstarter
Brake using your feet YES
the volume of the tank 2.3 L / 0.61 gal
Type of engine 2-stroke
Transmission Automatic with just one speed
Dimensions of the wheels 254 mm / 10 in

Models of COBRA 50cc dirt bikes

Cobra 50cc kids dirt bikes

Cobra has established their position in the motocross business with almost 300 national championships since its inception in 1993. It’s no surprise that these dirt motorcycles made TeamMA’s list and are still considered candidates for the best of 2021.

Cobra’s website presently lists two 50cc dirt bike models: the CX50JR and the CX50P3. Both bikes have comparable specs, however the CX50JR has a mid-range seat and is better targeted at novices of all ages. Because it is lighter and has a lower seat height, the CX50P3 is a better choice for a younger rider with more expertise.

While both versions have many of the same powerful features, there are a few key distinctions. The P3 model is somewhat less expensive at $3849 including delivery, and it weighs 79 pounds less. The P3’s seat height is almost two inches lower, making it ideal for a smaller rider with plenty of expertise. 

Two valuable upgrades are present in the 2021 models: a reshaped airbox opening and lighter wheels. The reshaped airbox opening allows easier installation of the air filter than previous models and provides more airflow. The new anodized wheels, made from aircraft-grade aluminum, are both lighter & stronger to improve overall handling during a ride.

Cobra 50cc dirt motorcycles, like usual, feature the biggest airbox and filter in their class, ensuring that power is always there when your little rider needs it. Micro handlebars provide your young rider greater confidence while navigating and reduce aches and pains. 

How does the Cobra stack up against other motorcycles?

Cobra 50cc dirt bikes compare to other TOP 50cc dirt bikes

At a lower price range, the P3 is a strong competitor to the KTM 50 SX and Husqvarna TC 50. With the CX50P3, you get more bang for your money thanks to the 2-stroke engine, single-speed gearbox, and liquid cooling system. This dirt bike is ideal for a smaller rider who is already used to riding a regular dirt bike.

Overall, both Cobra 50cc dirtbikes are dependable and offer consistent competitiveness regardless of the situation. All that’s left to do now is choose the finest choice for your little rider!


Height of the seat 607mm / 23.9 inches
the starting price $4199.00 plus shipping
the amount of dry weight 36 kg / 81 pounds
Starter Kickstarter
Brake using your feet YES
the volume of the tank 2.6 L / 0.7 gal
Type of engine 2-stroke
Transmission Automatic with just one speed
Dimensions of the wheels 254 mm / 10 in


Height of the seat 558 mm / 22 inches
the starting price $3849 includes shipping.
the amount of dry weight 35.5 kg / 79 pounds
Starter Kickstarter
Brake using your feet YES
the volume of the tank 2.6 L / 0.7 gal
Type of engine 2-stroke
Transmission Automatic with just one speed
Dimensions of the wheels 254 mm / 10 in

Most Commonly Asked Questions

What is the greatest dirt bike for a 50cc engine?

The answer to this question will largely depend on three factors: budget, height and riding experience. Riders with less dirt bike experience will want to go with an option that allows for power reduction, at least initially. The Honda CRF50F has a pre-installed throttle limiter, while the Husqvarna TC 50 and KTM 50 SX have power limiters available as add-ons with your purchase.

The Honda CRF50F and Yamaha TTR-50 have the lowest seat heights of the group, making them ideal for tiny riders who are new to dirt motorcycles. With appropriate maintenance, these 50cc dirt motorcycles should last at least 10 years, so your pick will last them until they’re ready to upgrade. Both of these models are in the same price range. All that’s left to do now is figure out which additional characteristics are most essential to your little rider!

Models like the Husqvarna TC 50, KTM 50 SX, and Cobra CX50P3 are better suited to bigger or more experienced riders. These dirt motorcycles all have high-end features such as liquid cooling systems and large airboxes. The Cobra CX50P3 is the most cost-effective at $3849 including delivery. These models are perfect for a young rider who has spent a significant amount of time on a dirt bike and is ready to take the next step. That isn’t to suggest that a new rider won’t adapt, but control is crucial while learning, and it’s essential to remember as a parent.

It’s also crucial to include the cost of safety equipment in your total budget. Much of the hazards that motocross riders encounter may be avoided by using good judgment, but it’s always best to be prepared. Motocross is a full-body activity that requires a high level of coordination, therefore proper protection is essential. Your junior cyclist will be safe from anything comes their way with a durable kids helmet, gear set, and boots. Besides, being enthusiastic and wearing your gear around the house because you’re eager to race is a rite of passage! Your junior rider will be proud of not just how they appear, but also how eagerly they await their next ride. 

What age group is most suited for a 50cc dirt bike?

As a general guideline, 50cc dirtbikes are intended for the 4 to 8 age group. However, this recommendation is also dependent on the height and experience of the young rider. Higher seats and more powerful models are intended for an older, seasoned rider, while shorter seats & smaller models are perfect for beginners.

Which 50cc dirt bike is the fastest?

The KTM SX 50 or the Husqvarna TC 50 are the quickest 50cc dirt bikes among the models listed above. A 2-stroke engine, single-speed gearbox, and liquid cooling system provide excellent temperature management and a dependable ride on both motorcycles, which max out at 45 mph.

Many of these 50cc dirt motorcycles may be upgraded with aftermarket components to make them run faster, but this requires meticulous attention to installation and repair expertise. If you want to alter the dirt bike for your younger rider, make sure you are acquainted with the procedure. It’s in your hands to keep them safe!

What is the price of a 50cc dirt bike?

Price will ultimately depend on what sort of 50cc dirt bike you have in mind, but the range is variable. At the lower end, $1599 – $1699 models from Honda & Yamaha will guarantee a dirt bike that holds up for smaller riders new to the sport. 

The Cobra CX50P3 is a good mid-range dirt bike that costs $3849 and is designed for more experienced riders. Cobra’s CX50JR model, on the other hand, costs $4199 and is more suited to beginners.

The remaining Husqvarna TC 50 and KTM SX 50 versions, both priced at $4399, are considered the high end models for bigger or more experienced riders who can handle more power. 

To make an educated choice, you must first determine what is suitable for your young rider. In most cases, less experience equals less authority, and vice versa. If you want your young rider to grow into their bike, the top-end models offer optional power reduction kits. 

How much upkeep does a 50cc dirt bike necessitate?

50cc dirt motorcycles, unlike bigger dirt bikes that need regular maintenance, are very simple to maintain. Most 50cc dirt motorcycles may be extended for up to 15 years with regular oil changes and air filter cleaning. 

The dirt motorcycles on this list are built to last and, with proper maintenance, will provide great protection for your young rider. Being aware of how the dirt bike performs during rides is an important part of this process. If anything doesn’t sound right, or if your rider complains about something, take the dirt bike to a technician to make sure there aren’t any remaining issues. 

While learning, safety is critical so that your younger rider develops confidence in their abilities. Staying on top of possible problems can make your younger rider feel more comfortable and confident in their new pastime, as well as provide you some peace of mind.

Motocross is all about having a good time and learning a new skill. The dirt motorcycles over 50cc are dependable and provide a smooth transition for your young rider into an exciting new experience.

If you’re looking for a fast, capable, and reliable dirt bike, then you’re in the right place. We reviewed the best 50cc dirt bikes available to help you find the right one for your needs.. Read more about ktm 50cc dirt bike and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best dirt bike brand 2021?

The best dirt bike brand in 2021 is currently not known.

What are the top 5 dirt bike brands?

Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and KTM.

What is the number 1 dirt bike brand?

The number 1 dirt bike brand is Honda.

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