Avoid These 20 Most Hated Cars of All Time

This post is for car lovers who want to know what car names are considered the most hated by the car buying public. I thought it would be helpful to put all the most hated cars of all time in one post so that you know if someone says they hate your car, they probably do not like your car enough to let you know. It’s not always the most expensive cars that are hated.

Cars have changed a lot since the first motor vehicle was invented. Unfortunately, the changes have not been for the better. The introduction of SUVs and trucks was followed by the addition of performance cars, which led to ever more extreme modifications from automakers in an effort to make these vehicles more appealing.

Some cars are so hated it’s hard to believe they ever came off the lot. And then there are some cars that are so hated that they never even hit the road. In our case, we’re not talking about those cars that had a bad wrap or a rough launch. We’re talking about cars that are universally considered to be awful. Here are 20 of the most hated cars of all time.. Read more about most hated car drivers and let us know what you think.If you look at car sales in the United States, you will be surprised how many cars with bad recalls are sold by the tens of thousands in a year. How is it that these cars achieve good sales numbers yet become the most hated cars of all time? It defies logic. Remember, Americans are quick to shy away from ugly cars, but a car that is attractive but dangerous to drive can lose popularity for years. A real lemon, however, cannot hide from his problems for long. Inevitably things change, and the most hated cars finally get their reward. Starting with:

Pontiac Aztek

Even if you are not one of those people who easily recognize cars, viewing it will definitely give you a vivid picture of the Pontiac Aztek. At the time, GM’s plastic-rich Citroen had a particularly polarized design. Although GM probably expected the Aztek to be considered modern, the car was not well received by American consumers. He also suffered from a number of problems, ranging from transmission issues to various fluid leaks.

AMC Gremlin

AMC Gremlin | Transcendental Graphics/Getty Images) APPROPRIATE: This former car dealer is the mother of all barn finds. You’d think it would be obvious what you’re getting into when you buy a car named Gremlin, but many consumers in the 1970s did it anyway. These unfortunates have discovered a classic 20th century business savings model. Century in the form of a vehicle. Hollywood had other ideas for the Gremlin, and over the years it appeared frequently on television and in movies, from Wayne’s World to Family Guy to Impact, making it one of the most popular and unpopular cars with a massive cult following. But everything in the Gremlin was cheap, from the twisted mold to the windshield wipers. It was the cheapest car on the market, and the buyers somehow got even less than they paid for it. Although AMC built some very nice cars like the AMC Eagle and the Jeep CJ, the Gremlin was not one of them.

Chevrolet HHR

word-image-6194 Chevrolet HHR | Getty Images If you hate recalled cars, you won’t like the Chevrolet HHR. In the six years this retro style has been on the market, about a million of them have been sold, but in that time there have been over 6 million recalls. Those who were forced to drive a rental car knew they’d never go near an HHR again; those who bought one likely had a tumultuous experience. The HHR is simply one of the most hated cars ever built.

Toyota Tercel

word-image-6195 1985 Toyota Tercel Duane Howell/The Denver Post via Getty Images The rise of Toyota, Honda and other Japanese automakers didn’t happen overnight. There were growing pains along the way, which is perhaps the nicest way to talk about one of the most hated cars ever built, the Toyota Tercel. Even for an ecological box, the Tercel was dripping with boredom on all sides. Subsequent models didn’t bring many new fans for Toyota in America, and in 1999 the Tercel said goodbye to the automotive landscape. Unlike many other automakers, Toyota survived by making one of the most hated cars of all time and still dominates the American market, despite the Tercel.

Chevrolet Spark

word-image-6196 Chevrolet Spark | Getty Images At a time when SUVs are all the rage, the Chevy Spark offers a package that lacks practicality, performance and style. Sales have all but dried up in 2017, with just 19,510 buyers managing to find the compact car in November. This is a 38% drop from last year and a sign that GM is likely to get rid of its smallest car in the future.

Jeep Compass

word-image-6197 Jeep Compass | Bill Pugliano/Getty Images APPROPRIATE: Consumer Reports sends all Jeeps to summer school The Jeep Compass should be a big improvement over the Patriot and Compass models it replaced in 2018. However, the new edition has not left behind the formidable reliability and owner satisfaction of the previous models. Customer ratings and reviews paint a clear picture of the Jeep Compass as a serious contender for the title of one of the most hated cars of all time.

Nissan Juke

word-image-6198 Nissan Juke | Sefa Karacan/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images The Nissan Juke is not Nissan’s first attempt at designing a funky car, and the result is one of the most hated cars of all time. But the general principle of the Juke – an affordable small crossover – was in line with consumer expectations. In practice, it has become something that alienates people with a belligerent style and inelegant sophistication. In late 2017, Nissan decided to kill off the poorly selling Juke in favor of a new, more boring model, the Kicks. In this case, boredom can be beneficial.

Dodge Omni

Like all hated cars, the Dodge Omni had fans, and the first model sold well when Chrysler was on the verge of bankruptcy. But once people got used to omnis, they started noticing a lot of weaknesses in economy class. Consumer Reports criticized the poor build quality and appallingly low safety standards, making the Omni one of the worst-reviewed and ugliest Dodge cars of all time. Millions of people learned to hate this car in the 1980s, and our advice is to run away if you suddenly see one on the road.

Kia Spectra

word-image-6199 Kia Spectra Justin Sullivan/Getty Images It’s not uncommon for a car to have a low resale value, and while that’s disappointing, it’s not enough to earn it the reputation as one of the most hated cars of all time. The Kia Spectra also has a poor safety record, which is much more worrying for drivers. Those who bought the Spectrum had to settle for a poor powertrain and low fuel consumption, making it expensive to maintain. The Kia Spectra, with its many problems, eventually destroyed Kia’s real buying goal (read: affordability), and Americans stopped buying the car in 2004. The manufacturer eventually replaced the car with a more advanced Forte.


When you saw Yugo, you hated him. Yet driving one of these cars only further lowers your opinion of the Yugoslavian auto industry. At $3,990, Americans considered them disposable – like something you’d buy at a dollar store – which guaranteed they’d never be loved. After all, there is no point in changing the oil regularly if you leave the car at the first opportunity. The Yugo was doomed and hated, which begs the question: What was the goal?

Hummer H2

To be fair, there were many dedicated Hummer fans, and some still are today, who are reaping the rewards of their dedication with the Hummer EV. But even most of them didn’t feel comfortable with the H2. For those who hate Hummers in general, the list of things to hate about the H2 was a mile long, ranging from fuel economy to probably more words. For fans of the Hummer brand, it’s as if Hummer is apologizing for the space the H1 takes up. Although the H2 is longer than its predecessor, it has less ground clearance and is not as wide.

Chevrolet Aveo

word-image-6200 Chevy Aveo RS David Cooper/Toronto Star/Getty Images When GM acquired Daewoo in 2002, the Kalos received a Chevrolet logo and was named Aveo. The word means desire in Latin, but the main emotion the Aveo evoked was everything. Maybe it’s the 14-inch wheels, the worst transmission in the world, or just the way the car looks from the side. The Aveo was then slightly modified for the better and eventually became the Sonic.


For many ambitious American citizens, buying a BMW is a symbol of success. In the case of the BMW X6, you may have to climb higher. This Sport Activity Coupe (or SAC) had the worst design of any BMW in recent history and an accompanying personality disorder. Of course, making a coupe-like SUV eventually became commonplace, but BMW was still in the experimental phase when it launched the X6 in 2008. At the end of the trial, the verdict in the X6 case was wrong.

Dodge Coronet

word-image-6201 Dodge Coronet Hemi RT | Simon Clay /National Motor Museum/Heritage Images/Getty Images With all the trappings of the Dodge Coronet, it was a car for people looking for attention, because you certainly didn’t want to stay under the radar. Rear spoilers went out of style almost as fast as they came off the assembly line, and by the late 1950s the Coronet was the butt of jokes. Like modern red cars, the Coronet should attract police attention. So, if you have a lead foot or want to avoid unwanted attention, this car is not for you.

Kia Rio

word-image-6202 2013 Kia Rio | Getty Images When you search for rental cars using the lowest price filter, the Kia Rio appears at the top of the list. The reason is that no one can drive this car for more than a few days before they get tired of it. Years ago, Rio devised a formula for a cheap, boring, highway dull and insanely dangerous car. Kia has not abandoned its budget offering and seems to have fixed the problems present in the previous models. According to Consumer Reports sites, there are few complaints for later model years. Is that enough to erase such a bad reputation? Only time will tell.

Nissan Cube

word-image-6203 2012 Nissan Cube 1.8 SL | Catherine Scott Osler, The Denver Post If cars could talk, the Nissan Cube would ask: Why was I born? There was no reason to put such a bumpy vehicle between two straight lines, and anyone who drives such a car is usually ridiculed. Nissan seemed to anticipate the hate when its marketing department described the Cube’s front end as inspired by a bulldog in the shadows. In 2013, it was named one of the most uncomfortable cars in the world by Americans.

Smart fortwo

In 2013, the Smart fortwo was named the most uncomfortable car on the market by Americans. People thought the shape was a joke, as if half the car had been surgically removed. Those who have driven this car have learned that it is one of the worst cars to drive because you easily hurt yourself every time you hit a pothole. So maybe this semi was really an economical car? The base price was $14,000, and it wasn’t very economical.

Ford Edsel

word-image-6204 Ford Edsel. M. McKeown/Express/Getty Images In the late 1950s, American culture revolved around excess and luxury. Ford made a big promise with the Edsel line to release the most luxurious cars America has ever seen. When a big name like Ford makes such a big promise, people expect the automaker to deliver. After all the money that had been put into developing the model, and all the hype, the Edsel turned out to be nothing more than a less attractive Mercury. Today, the Edsel is one of the most absurd cars of its time. But people refused to buy it when it came out.

Saturn Ion

The Saturn may have started out as an ambitious concept for GM executives, but cars like the Ion ensured it didn’t have a long life. Its lacklustre appearance could not make up for the unpleasant driving experience and numerous quality problems. Of the many questionable things about the Ion, the placement of the speedometer above the center console stands out. This meant you had to look about 18 inches to the right to see how fast you were going. Add to that a dozen reviews, and by the time of his death in 2009, the brand had become a laughing stock. Justin Bieber even took on the brand during his fiery performance on Comedy Central in 2015: I’ve driven recklessly, been arrested, smoked pot, thrown monkeys and peed in public. But my biggest regret was driving my Maserati into Jeff Ross’ Saturn in the parking lot.

Mitsubishi Mirage

word-image-6205 Mitsubishi Mirage | Getty Images If you’re looking for a car that isn’t just economical, the Mitsubishi Mirage will disappoint you. Many people consider the Mirage an ugly, underpowered, joyless car that belongs on the list of most boring cars. Although the Mitsubishi Mirage averages about 35 miles per hour, that doesn’t stop the automotive world from hating it. There are many cars with excellent mileage that are not like the Mirage. But you only get high mileage if you don’t keep your foot on the gas pedal. Given the total lack of power, this is often literally impossible, making fuel savings difficult to achieve in real-world conditions. Eric Schaal and Bridget DeMace also contributed to this article.There’s a lot of haters out there—vehicles that are held in high esteem by some, but reviled by others. Some people are just unappreciative; the folks at AskMen think some cars are too ugly to even look at. Others find faults with cars’ engines, handling, or design, but there’s one thing they’re all in agreement on: our least favorite vehicles are vehicles that we hate.. Read more about least reliable cars of all time and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most hated car ever?

When it comes to cars, one of the surest ways to get negative attention is to make a car that is polarizing on the road. People know that they are polarizing when they are hated, but what makes a car so? By “hating” a car, I am referring to the fact that people always give negative comments about it in public. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the most hated cars of all time. When we think of car manufacturers, the first company that comes to mind is probably one of the Big Three: General Motors, Ford, or Chrysler. But that’s not always the case. There are so many car brands out there that the one you’re thinking of isn’t necessarily the biggest or the best—or even all that well-known.

What is the ugliest car ever made?

This text is sensitive. Click edit and regenerate for new copy. Nothing can ruin your trip to the exotic and beautiful country of Thailand faster than a car that looks like a trash bag. We all know that old saying, “You are what you drive.” So, which car would you rather take on a trip to Thailand? A beat up and janky Nissan? Or, a beautiful van that looks like it’s straight out of a Ferrari brochure?

What’s the worst car brand?

Electronic or mechanical, there’s a reason why you might find yourself avoiding the car of a fellow driver. Whether its a poorly placed gear shift, a creaking ride, or a hazardous steering wheel, an awful car can ruin a day. It can also make you swear off all cars forever. In this list, we look at the 20 most hated brands in the car world. SUVs are the most hated car brand in the U.S., according to a new survey by BlackBook.com. Even though black SUVs are more popular than ever with young people, older drivers are not so warm to the trend. A third of all drivers 65 and over said they are less likely to consider buying one of these vehicles.

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