Audi Launches First in-Car Subscription Service That Actually Makes Sense

For years now, Google has tried to compete in the digital music space with its Chromecast streamer, but its music service has never been particularly enticing. That changed this week with the launch of Audi’s new in-car subscription service. The results are impressive: Audi is offering a new service that makes it easier for drivers to listen to the music they want, when they want it and on any device they choose.

Audi is rolling out a new in-car subscription service called Audi On Demand that aims to change the way drivers buy things in their cars. Like most car makers, the German automaker sees a future where car tech will be subscription-based, and the company wants to lead the way. Audi On Demand allows customers to pick one of three options: a “museum” pass that lasts two weeks, a “museum” pass that lasts three months, or the “museum” pass that lasts 12 months. Customers can then purchase whatever they want in their cars without having to tell the car what they want.

Every year, more and more car companies are introducing subscription services, which are essentially a monthly subscription fee to get an ongoing set of services without the hassle of buying new products. In as much as the benefits of these subscription services are still largely unknown, the case of Audi’s new In-Car subscription service is an interesting one. The service is actually a cost-effective way to keep your car in good shape, and it works by letting you rent a car over the web, and receiving a subscription of parts and services over the course of the year. The benefit here is that if you are willing to pay for the service, it allows you to enjoy the benefits of having a new car, without the hassle of buying a new one. ~~

The technology of new cars has made significant progress. Gone are the days of buying a Garmin GPS navigation device and an expensive subscription, then randomly installing it on the dashboard of a minivan for a road trip. New cars are now as smart as our phones, for better or worse. Audi recently jumped on the technology bandwagon with the launch of a subscription-based car navigation service that aims to make navigation easier not only in everyday life, but also on long trips.

What is Audi Function on Demand?

2021 Audi Q5/ About Audi Newsroom The German brand has named its new subscription service Function on Demand. It allows owners to unlock the full Audi navigation experience and access many features. This includes features such as satellite view, voice recognition and handwriting recognition. According to Audi, the on-demand feature is intended for owners who don’t need advanced navigation services all the time. Someone going on a long trip, for example, will only need Function on Demand for one month, for which a one-month purchase of the service for $84.99 will suffice. Those who need the functionality of Function on Demand on an ongoing basis can purchase an annual subscription for $849.99. This is a godsend, as the Ingolstadt-based brand notes. The annual subscription costs $70.83 per month. Thus, an upfront payment of $849.99 may be attractive to consumers who use Function on Demand more frequently.

Only certain Audi models are equipped with the on-demand feature

word-image-5716 Audi office in Gdańsk | Via Getty Images APPROPRIATE: Audi e-tron 2021 – the perfect electric car for non-enthusiasts Speaking of which: To get more for less money, Audi will offer other services in addition to the on-demand feature. Three other services offered by Audi are also included with the purchase of the new subscription from the German manufacturer. Audi CARE, PLUS and PRIME services are included with the purchase of Function on Demand. These packages come with many features, including Wi-Fi, Valet Alert and much more. All these features are great, but are they really necessary? So far, Function on Demand only covers a few models. The Q5, A4 and A5 are the only Audi models currently covered by Function on Demand, but Audi plans to expand the service to other models over time.

Function on request against your phone

word-image-5717 Audi A4 Photo by Sjoerd van der Wal via Getty Images As great as Audi’s new technology sounds, there are still many hurdles to overcome. Many people who drive older models use their phones to get around and control the daily functions of their cars. Is Audi’s solution the best? When it comes to safety, in-car infotainment technology is almost always the best option. It helps prevent distractions on the road, and manufacturers are working to integrate the technology so it doesn’t become a distraction. Lawmakers have been saying for decades that cell phone use in cars is dangerous. Through campaigns like this, brands like this are working to move technology from the phone to the dashboard. One could argue that all these technologies are not so necessary. Who really needs Wi-Fi in the car? Is satellite mapping really better than good old Waze? Will the Audi system eventually tell you where the speed trap is 3 miles away, or will it leave you to your own devices while you pay $80 a month for it?

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