Arrest Of Bruce Springsteen On Suspicion Of Drunk Driving

Not the boss! Two days after his first Super Bowl commercial aired, news came that legendary musician Bruce Springsteen had been arrested for drunk driving. According to police, the incident took place in a state park in his home state of New Jersey, known as Sandy Hook.

Arrest includes driving under the influence of alcohol, reckless driving and drinking in an enclosed space.

Bruce Springsteen Jeep commercial | YouTube

The charges include driving under the influence, reckless driving and indoor drinking. Brenda Ling, spokeswoman for the national park, said. His trial is in a few weeks, but the actual incident took place in November 2020. According to TMZ, the chief cooperated during the arrest.

The arrest came shortly after his first commercial during the Super Bowl was seen by millions. The Jeep ad featured his personal 1980 Jeep CJ-5. And his cowboy hat. While many applauded, others disagreed with the patriotic orientation of the announcement. This would be his first DUI arrest.

For years, Springsteen has emphasized his healthy lifestyle and disapproved of drugs and alcohol. He said he didn’t try alcohol until he was 22. He feared her because he had seen the effect she had on his father.

He is in good shape without using drugsHe is in good shape without using drugs

Bruce Springsteen and E-Street Band, Bruce Springsteen, Clarence Clemons | Getty

APPROPRIATE: These 10 states have the most DUI arrests in America.

In 2012, E Street member Steve Van Zandt told Rolling Stone that Spring on Stage was about his tolerance for drugs and alcohol. He’s in good shape, doesn’t do drugs, Van Zandt said. This is a subject he should not be preaching about. He is a living example of what happens when you don’t use drugs your whole life.

I mean, I’m sure he’s had a few drinks, but he’s never been much of a drinker. And he eats well and works out. Well, that’s what happens. Van Zandt advises: Don’t take drugs. Don’t drink, eat right, go to the gym and you can still rock at 62. Springsteen is now 71 years old, reports NBC News.

Will Springsteen’s arrest change the way we look at the Jeep?

Bruce Springsteen in the Jeep Super Bowl LV commercial, The Middle | Jeep

The fact that Jeep managed to feature Springsteen in the ad was considered a huge success for the SUV manufacturer. The 30-second airtime during this year’s Super Bowl cost about $5.5 million. With that amount, a 120-second Jeep ad would have cost about $22 million.

Springsteen has yet to comment, but nothing has been released. Numerous entertainment sites have contacted Springsteen’s representatives for comment. He was last seen in public at the inauguration of President Joe Biden last month.

UPDATE : It has just been announced that Jeep has taken Springsteen’s YouTube ad out of circulation.

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