You might have seen the “URO APPROVED” spare tire carrier on your car’s spare tire. Those who have not might be asking “What the heck is that?” Well, it’s a product that keeps your spare on the vehicle (and not on the side of the road) when you need it most.

Been hunting for a spare tire carrier to mount on your RV? Stop wasting time and money on the products that promise to hold your spare tire! Get a Proprecursor Spare Tire Carrier that will do the job right, from top-quality bulk materials, precision engineering, and a durable, rugged design.

We’ve been a little lax in updating our blog with our adventures lately. As it turns out, we’re still on the road. Most recently, we had a great adventure camping in Red Rock Canyon again in Colorado, and we find ourselves in Pueblo, Colorado, tonight, as I write this. It’s been a bit of a crazy trip, and we’ve had some incredible adventures along the way. This blog may have a new look and a new name for a while, but our adventures will continue.. Read more about spare tire carrier and let us know what you think.


A spare wheel holder made from 1.5mm square steel tubing that easily mounts to the crossmember between the seats of any Can-Am Maverick X3. The base of the rack rests on the plastic loading surface and is held in place by a small bracket that you place under the loading surface.

The mounting nuts supplied with the bracket are the same size 12mm X 1.50 as the original nuts, so they can be used on the car if you see fit.


A car owner who knows how important it is to have a spare tire on hand for every trip. It is also suitable for those who value cargo space and want to carry extra accessories or spare parts. Aprove claims that the trunk will fit a 32 tire without a roof, but we transported a 32 tire with the standard roof and had no problems. Another plus is that the wheel bolts on the backing plate are the same size, 12mm x 1.50, as the original bolts, so you can use them on your car if something happens to one of yours.

The Aprove Precursor spare wheel carrier can be mounted in about 10 minutes. During or after the first ride, you will need a few minutes to tighten the bolts.


We like simple and light accessories. The Aprove Precursor spare wheel holder is one of them. When we first took the product out of the box, we thought it might be too light and not sturdy enough; but after spending a weekend riding with a large Sedona Rockabilly tire mounted on a locking wheel, we were impressed with its durability. The wheel/tire set weighed more than 20 kg. There was a slight wobble in the back, but the tire stayed in place. We wouldn’t use it as a race rack, but it’s great for the occasional rider. We liked the Aprove tire carrier so much and it was so easy to install that we will be ordering more for other cars in our stable.

CONTACT: www.aproveatv.com

RATING: ★★★★

PRICE: $220

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