Alpha Motor’s Wolf+ Cloudbreak Is a Sustainable Overlanding Dream

Wolf+’s Cloudbreak is a crossover between the offroading market and the overlanding community. For the overlander, it provides the off-road capability and comfort of a pickup truck, but with the lightweight capability of a bike. For the pickup guys, it offers them all of the comfort and off-road capability of a truck, in addition to the top-notch build quality and fuel economy of an SUV. This makes Wolf+’s Cloudbreak a great tool for back-country travelers, but it also has the capability to handle any job, from construction to hauling or trail-building.

I’ve got a soft spot for little, two-wheeled “dune buggies”. I grew up riding them in the desert, and I’m always excited when a manufacturer designs a compact-yet-capable vehicle for the off-road world. While most of these rigs are geared towards urban or suburban driving, Alpha Motor’s Wolf+ Cloudbreak is designed for exploring the wilds of the American West.

Pickup trucks are among the most interesting electric vehicles available. With massive presale events, they’ve already racked up purchases. At the same time, rugged off-road vehicles have surged in popularity. The Alpha Wolf+ Cloudbreak meets the need for adventure vehicles generated by camping, off-roading, and overlanding.

Meet the world’s most affordable electric pickup truck.

Cloudbreak + Alpha Wolf | Alpha Motors

Alpha Motors has created an electric pickup truck that is both competent and cheap. The Wolf+ will have a range of about 275 miles. The Wolf+ has the grit to go off-road thanks to dual-motor all-wheel-drive. The Wolf’s maximum towing capacity of 6724 lbs qualifies it for light-duty tasks.

This little electric vehicle has a lot of power and accelerates quickly, reaching from zero to 60 in only 5.6 seconds. The use of built-in battery heating and cooling ensures constant operation in all weather conditions. Rapid charging is listed as a feature of the Wolf+ by Alpha, although no estimated charging time has been provided.

The Wolf+ can accommodate four adventurers. The truck’s gear storage capacity is 40 cubic feet. The truck’s cab has a contemporary vibe thanks to the large central display and digital instrument readouts. The Wolf+ will be an electric vehicle that is both comfortable and competent.

An overlanding experience has been created thanks to a Heimplanet cooperation.


On its own, the Alpha Wolf+ is a capable adventure machine. It’s an immediate campground when you add a lightweight, spacious, and useful tent. Setting up camp in a truck bed means you’ll have lots of safe storage and access to plenty of electricity.

Outdoor equipment from Germany Heimplanet creates some of the most innovative camping gear available. They’ve developed a stunning truck bed tent in cooperation with California-based manufacturer Alpha Motor Company. The electric pickup is transformed into the ideal camping equipment thanks to the geodesic construction.

The truck bed may be utilized as a sleeping platform once it is completely enclosed. The domed building is simple to approach and leave since it has two entrances with large doors. Rip-Stop polyester is used to make the rainfly. With a maximum height of 91 inches, even the tallest campers will feel at ease in this spacious area.

More than trucks are available from Alpha Motor Company.

The Ace is a two-door coupe that is one of the most aesthetically appealing contemporary automobiles. It’s been likened to a cartoon or a well-known gaming component by others. The Ace has a range of 250 miles, which is very good. It takes 6 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph. The inside of Alpha’s Ace is contemporary and elegant.

The Jax is a robust 4×4 SUV with a 250-mile range. This off-road vehicle comes with a roof rack for carrying outdoor goods. This SUV accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds, which is somewhat slower than its brothers. This 4×4 is equally off-road capable as the Wolf+ thanks to dual motor all-wheel drive.

Off-road electric cars are expected to capture a significant portion of the market. They take use of two contemporary trends: electric vehicles and outdoor tourism. The Cloudbreak, a partnership between Alpha and Heimplanet, elegantly blends the two worlds in a truck that can easily function as a daily driver or light work vehicle.

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