9 Must-Have New Lures for 2021

We have selected 9 new and proven lures to add to your tackle box. From soft plastics to top lures, each of the following lures is effective for a variety of freshwater and saltwater fish.

The realistic profile of the lure and the striking tail make the Berkley Gulp Scent a swimbait style lure. Available in four sizes – 3, 4, 5 and 6 inches – versatile soft baits with a contoured nose fit swimbaits or jigs with a very long reach.

Berkeley Swallow’s Nest

This compact jig with unique design and angles glides through the water column, stops and changes direction. Two super-sharp auxiliary hooks are mounted on a braid reinforced with internal fluorocarbon, which minimizes hook fouling and missed bites.

Daiwa Mister Slow Jig

The Flanker Pencil Stick Bait is a fine, medium sized bait designed to be brought in quickly when fishing for false albacore, bluefish, stripers and schools of tuna. It will be available in four colors and two sizes: 3-1/3 inch, ¾ ounce; and 4½ inch, 1 ounce.

pencil rod flank bait

The rotary motion of this plug allows it to produce a large number of flashes with constant recall, regardless of speed. The patented lip has two attachment points, allowing water to flow unimpeded while being strong enough to withstand stone chips. Bait can be cast from shore or struck from the boat to lure bass and blues.

Ocean Born Wide Minnow

The Spro Power Bucktail is a solid sea jig knotted with a combination of tail hair, vinyl strands and long pike feathers to enhance the profile and create an enticing, highly responsive swimming action and a smooth, panicked bait pattern. The vinyl rubber strands mimic the tentacles of a shrimp, and the addition of long, flowing saddleback hackles makes it look like a squid in flight. The Gamakatsu O’Shaughnessy four-way hook is ultra-sharp and can handle the biggest bass and cobia.

Spro Power Bucktail Custom Jig

Professional bassist Ott Defoe has had a passion for making lures since he was a kid and partnered with Rapala to create the Ott Garage (OG Series). This nice crankbait is a balsa wood bait with flat sides. It is characterized by a medium swing and a dense lateral movement in the water.

Rapala OG Slim 6

The Butterfly Monarch is designed to swim in circles when shook, imitating the unpredictable action of a fleeing lure. When it falls, it first slides horizontally and then begins to undulate. It is perfect for tuna, stripers and even bass, both floating and anchored.

Shimano Monarch butterfly

The Tsunami Tog Treat is designed for tautogu and sheepshead crab baits and sits on the bottom with the hook up. Available in six sizes, from ½ to 2½ ounces, and four attractive colors.

Treatment of foggy tsunamis

With a 6 inch curly tail larvae profile, DoormatadorZ is an exceptional offering for bream, bass and other aggressive species. It is ideal for use with jigs and other bottom supports. In addition, the ElaZtech floating compound floats on the bottom at rest or when firing slowly, providing a highly visible target. The construction is also robust and can withstand repeated blows from the tail teeth without compromising the action of the tail.

Z-Man DoormatadorZ

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