8 Examples of the Best Class A Motorhomes For Full-Timers

More than a million campers took the big leap on the road. Class A motorhomes offer the features, space and comfort you need to tick off all the items on your checklist. Here are 8 beautiful Class A vehicles for a complete RV life that you are sure to love.

What makes a mobile home habitable?

You can’t assume that every Class A motorhome is the best for year-round living. You need to consider storage space, amenities and shared space. You want to make sure that the warranty is not voided if you live in your RV full time.

You need a motorcycle, fully equipped, that fits your limited lifestyle. The storage compartments and interior should provide enough room to accommodate everything you need, no matter what the weather. It is always advisable to have large storage tanks and enough energy sources to make your storage easy to dry and reduce your costs.

Most people who love this lifestyle don’t wander around all the time. Many of them camp a month and travel occasionally. To find out how much it costs to live full time in a mobile home park, in parks where you can have a monthly payment. You may be asked to pay separately for electricity and cable because your needs are different from those of vacationers.

Also, choose an RV where everyone has their own private space. Living in a van keeps everyone together, but like the Mars project, you don’t want your astronauts going crazy in the van because they can’t spend time alone.

General characteristics of class A motor caravans for normal dwellings

There are many common features found in regular-sized Class A motorhomes that manufacturers add as standard equipment. It makes life comfortable and helps in daily life.

  • Queen or king size beds
  • Washing and drying machines (or cabinets with sanitary facilities)
  • Double baths (one and a half or two full baths)
  • Kitchenware in living style
  • Living room refrigerators or refrigerators for mobile homes
  • Electricity generators and solar energy systems
  • Large storage and fuel tanks
  • Work at home
  • Foldable furniture for guest beds

Best 2020/2021 Examples of normal sized motorhomes class A

Holiday walker 35P


  • Length: 36,3 feet
  • Chassis : Ford F-53.
  • Engine: Ford 7.3 liter V8 Triton 350 hp. – 468 lb/ft gas
  • Tanks! Fuel – 80 gallons/Fresh – 100 gallons/Fresh – 46 gallons/Black – 30 gallons
  • Sleep: Up to 6 people

Prior to its acquisition by the REV Group, Holiday Rambler’s relationship with Monaco was similar to that of Ford and Lincoln. Today, the relationship between Holiday Rambler and Fleetwood is similar to the relationship between Forest River and the Rockwood and Flagstaff brands. Almost identical, but like Flagstaff, Holiday Rambler borders on luxury and style.

The Vacationer 35P is an excellent motorhome for gas class A couples. It works well for people at every stage of their lives. Those who are still working will be pleased with the dashboard work area in the co-pilot area. There are USB charging ports that can be connected to a computer and other devices. A pedestal between the two captain’s chairs provides additional working space for your documents.

The kitchen has many worktops and appliances. The refrigerator in the living room and the double pantry are enough to run errands every other week.

When it’s time to call it a day, you’ll appreciate Serenity’s king-sized bed. You’ll appreciate that there are nightstands on each side of the bed with USB ports to charge your mobile devices overnight.

If you have guests, the sofa bed 98 offers a double bed and a double armchair for relaxation. You can sleep three in it or leave one piece in its place.

Driving this beauty will be like a dream. The dashboard is equipped with two LED monitors. One shows the images from the rear and side cameras. The other touch screen supports GPS, audio, Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

Challenger Door 37DS


  • Length: 38.11 feet
  • Chassis : Chassis of the Ford F-53
  • Engine: Ford 6.8 liter V10 Triton 320 hp. – 460 lb/ft gasoline.
  • Tanks! Fuel – 80 gallons/Fresh – 100 gallons/Double Gray – 40/40 gallons/Double Black – 40/40 gallons
  • Sleep: Up to 8 people

One of the biggest challenges for families is finding a van that is perfect for everyone, but not too expensive. When you buy a motorcycle, you should always consider the cost of maintenance and fuel.

In general, Class A recreational vehicles with gasoline engines are more cost effective than recreational vehicles with diesel engines for repairs. Their parts are cheaper and easier to find. Since most gas-powered RVs use a Ford F-53 chassis and Triton engine, you don’t have to drive your van to an RV repair shop.

The Thor Challenger 37DS is the ideal RV for a family that lives full time on gas. With this 10 bedroom motorhome, you can handle your family’s growth. There’s plenty of room for a crib, and a tub-shower makes bathing less stressful for little ones.

Your kids and teens will be happy with a bunk bed they can call their own. The bunk beds are equipped with TV preparation, tablet holders and USB charging ports to stay connected to your digital life. While they enjoy their free time, you and your partner can watch your favorite shows on the 32-inch TV next to the main bed, which allows you to tilt your head into a sitting position.

When you reach adolescence, your children may want more space. The upper bunk of the driver’s compartment accommodates one of them. To survive your son’s endless appetite, the camper has a 22-cubic-foot refrigerator and a rooftop dry goods storage area. There is also an outdoor shower where your kids can rinse off their sports equipment before taking it inside.

When they go to college, the bunk bed turns into a closet for extra storage. If you and your partner are traveling in the empty nest, make sure you keep a log of your favorite family camping trips. In 10 to 15 years, you’ll have grandchildren coming to spoil you.

Fleet identification 36Q

  • Length: 37 feet
  • Chassis : Freightliner XCM
  • Engine: Cummins ISB 6.7L V6 Turbo 360 hp. – 800 lb/ft. Diesel
  • Tanks! Fuel – 100 gallons/Fresh – 105 gallons/Fresh – 75 gallons/Black – 50 gallons
  • Sleep: Up to 4 persons

Looking for the best RV brand for a full time stay? The Fleetwood Discovery brand is one of the most recognizable names in the Class A motorhome industry. Discovery is celebrating its 25th anniversary. This is now Fleetwood’s flagship 2021 series diesel.

This year, Fleetwood introduced a 36Q plan with a convertible dining room. This space-saving table starts with a breakfast bar on the wall next to the door. If you need more room to eat, turn the knob to use the entire dining room.

The table allows the camper to have a kitchen island with a double sink. The designers placed the sink on one side to maximize the work surface on the island and give the users as much space as possible. On both sides of the induction hob, you’ll find even more work surface area on the outer wall. If you don’t need a place to cook, there are plenty of outlets for your kitchen appliances.

Upon entering the master bedroom, you will see the Encore king size bed with nightstands on each side. The walk-in closet, covered entirely in cedar, contains a washer and dryer.

There is even more storage space for the bed with a chest of drawers and a large wardrobe. You’ll have no trouble finding a place for all your stuff, no matter the season or what you’re wearing that day.

Tiffin Allegro Red 38KA


  • Length: 39,6 feet
  • Chassis : Freightliner
  • Engine: Cummins ISB 6.7L V6 Turbo 360 hp. – 800 lb/ft. Diesel
  • Tanks! Fuel – 100 gallons/Fresh – 90 gallons/Gray – 70 gallons/Black – 50 gallons
  • Sleep: Up to 8 people

Tiffin is a family owned Class A mobile home company that has remained strong in the industry. This independent company produces high quality recreational vehicles, so many owners remain loyal to the brand after experiencing their first coach.

The Tiffins are versatile in their furniture elements. If you work from home, instead of a cubicle or U-shaped version, you can choose a dining area designed for computer workstations. You’ll find plenty of USB and 110V outlets, as well as storage compartments for all your related equipment.

If you want a perfect viewing angle and optimum comfort, you can opt for the L-shaped sofa and coffee table instead of the usual three seats. Either way, they each have a convertible guest room.

The master’s bed comes as a queen or king at will. People who need to keep their furry babies with them at night will be happy with an excellent memory foam mattress, even if your Maltese is holding you on the edge of the bed.

You and your co-pilot will be in ultra-short captain’s chairs during the trip. Your travel companion can lift his legs while driving with the passenger footrest. Meanwhile, as commander of the route, you have a complete visualizer with a color screen that shows you what is happening behind you and in both directions.

Winnebago Forza 38D


  • Length: 39.10 feet
  • Chassis : Frigate liner XCS
  • Engine: Cummins ISB 6.7L V6 Turbo 340 hp. – 800 lb/ft. Diesel
  • Tanks! Fuel – 90 gallons/Fresh – 100 gallons/Double Gray – 48 and 51 gallons/Black – 49 gallons
  • Sleep: Up to 9 persons

The Winnebago Forza is the most versatile Class A motorhome in its class. The variety of floor coverings offers consumers many options for a fulfilling travel life. In fact, it is one of the brands that stands out in its department for improving van accessibility for the disabled.

The 38D is a two-story, two-bath home that can accommodate guests, children and grandchildren. Anyone working on the go will appreciate the two-person workstation Hobby Station.

This unit is equipped with an upholstered folding chair so that you can sit comfortably at the workstation. For efficient operation, USB and 110V connections are available for connecting a computer and other devices. The thick padding allows you to turn the table top into a chaise longue, and the footstools are perfect for small dog kennels.

If you and your partner are working and need your own space, the co-pilot has a reclining chair that goes well with the table. You will find power outlets so you are not limited by the battery charge of your device. Give them a big table so you can put your feet up and sit down while you do your best work. Who’s got the better job?

When you’re ready to curl up in bed at the end of the day watching your favorite programs, Winnebago lives up to its new reputation for doing things differently. The TV can be folded down from the ceiling above the bed to increase the storage space in the wardrobe.

Remember, the main purpose of an RV is to enjoy life on the road. A fridge and appliances allow you to prepare delicious meals. The 2000 watt inverter and various other power supplies give you the power to run all the media and electronic systems you want.

Newmar Country Star 4011


  • Length: 40,10 feet
  • Chassis : Freightliner
  • Engine: Cummins ISB 6.7L V6 Turbo 360 hp. – 800 lb/ft. Diesel
  • Tanks! Fuel – 100 gallons /Fresh – 105 /Grey – 65 /Black – 45
  • Sleep: Up to 4 persons

Some people think you can’t live in a van full time if you have a health problem. Not only is it possible to drive a recreational vehicle full time with a disability, but a significant number of people do so every day. With proper planning and installation of the van, all family members can enjoy their RV vacation.

The RV community generally believes that motorhomes are better suited to their lifestyle. They can provide medical equipment and basic necessities during the trip. Families can contact Winnebago’s accessibility department to put together a mobile home with amenities to meet their medical needs.

Newmar offers five different brands of wheelchairs. Each bike is equipped with a wheelchair lift. Work surfaces and functions are designed so that wheelchair users can use most functions without restrictions. The center aisle is always wide for wheelchairs, even with the chutes retracted, so no one is trapped on either side.

The shower is so big that a chair fits in it. Newmar has designed the camper so that everyone can maintain their independence. There are many handles around the toilet, and you can roll under the sink.

The dining table is electronically adjustable, so you can enjoy your meal as a couple or with the whole family. The kitchen equipment is wheelchair accessible, so you can make the dishes you saw on Rachael Ray’s show.

If you want to sit up in your bed, press the button and lift your head. Watch your favorite TV shows in the bedroom, read your favorite book or enjoy the view outside. You will find many outlets for your medical equipment, mobile devices or other electronic devices. You don’t have to choose between keeping your CPAP plugged in or charging your tablet.

Berkshire Forest River XLT 45CA

  • Length: 44,10 feet
  • Chassis : Freightliner
  • Engine: Cummins ISL9 8.9L V6 450 hp turbine. – 1,250 lb/ft diesel
  • Tanks! Fuel – 150 gallons/Fresh – 103 gallons/black – 66 gallons/black – 42 gallons
  • Sleep: Up to 8 people

The Forest River Berkshire series has been on the battlefield since the beginning. This diesel engine has been a crowd pleaser for years. For 2020, they published a new family-friendly recreational vehicle development plan that won RV Business’ Top RV Debut Award.

With Forest River’s many features, it can easily become one of the best recreational vehicles for a complete family experience. The manufacturer has designed this camper to grow with your family. Many family coaches work well for the family at some point.

The sleeping area is multifunctional. Each sleeper has his or her own room with LED TVs and USB drives. The upper bed can be folded down and the integrated clothes rail provides plenty of space in the wardrobe. Whether you are traveling as a family or as a couple with grandchildren, the area is easily adaptable.

This diesel-powered home is all electric, so you don’t have to worry about propane issues. A 2800 kW inverter, a diesel generator, a standard 100 watt solar panel and four domestic batteries provide everything you need for dry camping.

When you wake up in the morning to a Serta king-size bed, you can easily get ready with two full bathrooms. The bathroom is equipped with two sinks, so you don’t have to declare war on the kitchen counter for your morning rituals.

Entegra cornerstone 45Y


  • Length: 45 feet
  • Chassis : Spartan K3
  • Engine: Cummins X15 15 liter V6 605 hp diesel turbine.
  • Tanks! Fuel – 150 gallons/Fresh – 100 gallons/Fresh – 62 gallons/Black – 41 gallons
  • Sleep: Up to 4 persons

Entegra Cornerstone is a big seller for the company. A motorhome of this caliber offers the highest level of luxury possible in Class A diesel powered motorhomes. Many of the new 2021 features are the perfect blend of style and true functionality.

The driver’s seat is a functional control centre. The easy-to-read LED panel shows all measurement equipment and the two touch screens on the right. The superior controls the GPS, radio and other necessary programs. The lower section provides a clear view of all cameras, including a 360-degree view of the exterior of the bus.

The kitchen offers apartment-level amenities, including a dishwasher as standard. The counter is incredibly spacious. If you’ve recently moved to a smaller RV, you may need to rethink how you cook on long countertops.

If you do, you’ll love your first trip to the grocery store. Because you’re used to small refrigerators, a household refrigerator seems almost empty even after you unpack your groceries in it. With the groceries you’ve mentally jotted down for the next shopping trip, you can now just pack your bags.

The manufacturer has paid great attention to the design of this mobile home at the highest level. The new high-gloss tiled floor gives the vehicle a high-end look. In cold weather it is the ideal floor covering for underfloor heating.

For delicate clothing and other stored items, the main wardrobe is equipped with a climate channel in the ceiling. The front door has a removable window, so the passenger does not have to look through the window while driving. There’s even a porcelain bottle in the middle of the trolley to display your favorite valuables.


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