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Looking for a van rental near Anchorage, Alaska?

Then you’ve come to the right place, because we’ve found the top 8 car rental companies in Anchorage that also rent recreational vehicles and trailers!

We found everything from the best caravan rental to a stunning luxury motorhome!

We also found a great rental truck, a huge 5th wheel, a trailer, and of course an easy to drive class B motorhome!

Get ready to enjoy your RV of Anchorage with your RV rental!

Best rental car in Anchorage

1. Best Class A Van Rental

Auto A.C.E.

Motorhome details

  • Length: 30 feet
  • Sleep: 6
  • One year: 2017
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Fuel: 80 gallons
  • Water: 50 gallons
  • Grey water: 47 gallons
  • Sewer: 26 gallons
  • Propane: 88 pounds.

About that camper.

If you’re looking for an RV that’s big enough to travel with your family and a few friends, consider this Class A motorhome. It is 30 feet long, can hold up to 6 people and was released in 2017. It has all the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay during a long vacation.

2. Best car rental Class B

Volkswagen Eurovan Weekender

Motorhome details

  • Length: 16 feet
  • Sleep: 4

About that camper.

If you prefer to travel light, consider purchasing a Class B motorhome. This recreational vehicle may have been built in 2002, but that doesn’t mean it’s still high quality. It’s small enough that you can always travel wherever you want. At the same time, it is big enough for a family of four to sleep in. So you can always have an exciting trip by renting this class B motorhome.

3. Renting of class C pick-up trucks

Conquest of the Gulf Stream

Motorhome details

  • Length: 23 feet
  • Sleep: 5
  • One year: 2019
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Fuel: 55 gallons
  • Water: 50 gallons
  • Grey water: 35 gallons
  • Sewer: 25 gallons
  • Propane: 11 pounds.

About that camper.

Another interesting option for renters is this Class C motorhome. It is 23 feet long, seats 5 and was released in 2019. It has all the amenities you need, including air conditioning and heating, so you can travel in all seasons.

4. Best Caravan Rental

Forest River R-Pod 176

Motorhome details

  • Length: 20 feet
  • Sleep: 5
  • One year: 2018
  • Total weight: 3,780 pounds.
  • Water: 40 gallons
  • Grey water: 30 gallons
  • Sewer: 30 gallons
  • Propane: Twenty pounds.

About that camper.

Another fun rental option for families is a River Forest caravan. It is 20 feet long and can accommodate up to 5 people. Its size is ideal for travelers who want to reach more remote areas. You can take just about any road you would normally take by car.

5. Best Location 5. Wheel

Open space luminaire

Motorhome details

About that camper.

If you want a more luxurious experience on the road, consider renting a 5-wheel trailer. This trailer is 36 feet long and has enough beds for 4 people. Launched in 2016, it is aimed at families of 4 who want a home away from home, where they feel like they never left home.

6. Hire of bestiality excavator

[email protected] Sample blank

Motorhome details

  • Length: 12 feet
  • Sleep: 2
  • One year: 2017
  • Propane: 5 pounds.
  • Water: 11 gallons
  • Grey water: 10 gallons
  • Sewer: 10 gallons

About that camper.

Not everyone wants an incredibly luxurious experience on the road. Some people choose to be rude, or at least come close to it. You don’t sleep in a trailer in the woods, you sleep in a small trailer. It is only 3 metres long and can accommodate two people, making it an excellent motorhome for couples.

7. Best Off Road Camper Rental


Motorhome details

  • Length: 15 feet
  • Sleep: 4
  • One year: 2019
  • Water: 20 gallons
  • Propane: 11 pounds.

About that camper.

Those of you who like off-roading will be interested in this trailer. It is 15 feet long, can accommodate up to 4 people and was vacated in 2019. It also has everything you need for off-road riding, for example. B. Solid tyres, axle-less suspension and tow bar.

8. Best RV Rental

Palomino Bronco

Motorhome details

  • Length: 12 feet
  • Sleep: 12

About that camper.

This camper van from Palomino is one of the oldest camper vans available to travelers. It came out in 2005, but it’s still on par with the rest of the tourists in the industry. It is 12 feet long and can accommodate up to 12 people.

Find more great RV rentals in Anchorage, AK!

Where is the best place to rent a recreational vehicle in Anchorage?

In our opinion, the best place to rent an RV is Outdoorsy. Here’s why:

  • A wide choice of caravans
  • Excellent reviews
  • You process all documents and reservations
  • You process the deposit
  • This is the most reliable RV rental.
  • Excellent customer service

In fact, we love it so much that we’ve set up a special discount for our readers and subscribers, so you can save up to $100 or more by renting from Outdoorsy.

Two other peer-to-peer RV rental companies are worth mentioning, RVshare and RVezy. They both work as if they were in the open air.

Is it safe to rent a van?

It is very safe to rent a van. All RV owners have received training on how to clean their RVs as recommended by the CDC.

And camping and caravanning are activities far removed from society. We go camping and never get within 30 feet of anyone unless we want to. It is also very easy to stay at a social distance while hiking, biking, fishing, kayaking and many other outdoor activities.

What do I need to bring when I rent a van?

What you need to bring depends on what is included in your rental motorhome. Peer-to-peer RV rentals, like those from Outdoorsy, usually have many elements already included, as the RV owner is also using the RV. So most of what you need is on board.

However, if you rent from a recreational vehicle dealer or rental company, nothing is included. You will probably have to pay for extras and stop by Walmart to buy things like a coffee maker, toaster, grill, etc.

But wherever you rent, you are responsible for your own food and camping equipment.

Do I need a special drivers license to rent a van in Anchorage, AK?

Remember to ask the owner of the vehicle you will be renting if a special permit is required. However, you don’t usually need a special driving licence to drive a van.

How do I rent a van?

Renting an RV is like renting a vacation home for a week on VRBO or Airbnb. Here are the simple steps:

1️⃣ Log in to Outdoorsy and enter your destination and the dates you want to travel.
2️⃣ Use filters to limit the number of camper types and their characteristics.
3️⃣ Contact the owner if you have any questions
4️⃣ Rent a car (if you have any questions just call customer service and they will guide you)
5️⃣ Fill out all the information to get insurance and pay your deposit.
6️⃣ Meet the owner to pick up your RV – he’ll give you a tour!
7️⃣ Have a nice camper holiday!
8️⃣ Bring the car back!

Will I need to pay a security deposit to hire a Motorhome?

Yes, you must pay a deposit to rent a recreational vehicle. As with everything you rent, from the car to the apartment, a security deposit is required.

But Outdoorsy takes care of all the details of your deposit and payment so that you and the owner have a secure transaction.

Is there a one way bus service from Anchorage?

Yes, there is a possibility to rent. Most major national rental companies and some recreational vehicle rental companies on Outdoorsy offer them. However, this type of rental usually comes with high costs.

For example, Susan and I inquired about a one-way trip from San Francisco to San Diego, which cost $500. Pretty cool.

Can I rent a van and install it on the campsite?

Yes! Of course you can!

Suppose you want to rent a tow vehicle, such as a trailer or a fifth wheel, but you can’t pull it. Well, Outdoorsy offers rental accommodations where the owner delivers his RV directly to your campsite, sets everything up for you, pays you an orientation visit and then returns it at the end of your stay. There’s nothing more practical than that.

Some RV owners offer free delivery and installation, but most charge for this service. It’s usually in the $100 range.

Professional advice : Try to find an RV rental company as close to your campsite as possible to keep costs down. Maybe you could even talk to the owner and ask him to give it away for free!

Are pets allowed in a mobile home?

Yes and no… Some caravan owners rent in a friendly environment and some do not. I would say 70% of rental properties are pet friendly. You can even use the term pet-friendly as a filter when you limit your choices to considering only for pets.

How much does it cost to rent a recreational vehicle in Alaska?

If you do not own a recreational vehicle, you can inquire about RV rentals before traveling to Anchorage. If you look at the options available, you will quickly see that there are significant price differences. Some motorhomes are much more expensive than others, but what causes these price differences?

One of the most important factors affecting the price is the size of the recreational vehicle. Large recreational vehicles tend to be more expensive than small ones. That’s because big vans have more room for stuff and you can take extra people with you. They also have more room to move around in your caravan, making them more comfortable.

Age can also play a big role with vans. It may not be obvious at first glance, but age can outweigh all other factors. If the RV is incredibly old, no matter how good it is, it will be less expensive than almost any new vehicle.

Another factor to consider is whether the van can be driven or towed. Cars with driver are usually more expensive because they are cheaper. For camper vans that can be towed, the renter must have a vehicle that is stable enough to be towed. Not everyone has a big pickup truck, so not everyone can rent a tow truck. This means that motorized vans are in high demand, making them more expensive.

The final factor to consider is the rental season. RVs are more expensive in the summer than in the winter because more people are interested in RVs. When demand rises, prices rise. Conversely, if few people want to travel in the winter, prices go down.

Recreational vehicle type Daily rent
Class A $229
Class B $167
Class C $206
Travel Caravan $136
Fifth wheel $153
Pop Up Motorhome $87
Auto-Kamper $172
Toy holder $130

10 things to do in Anchorage, Alaska

Alaska is one of the most beautiful places in the United States. However, due to the cold climate, many people are not in a hurry to visit the region. It is true that you will have to brave the elements during your trip to the northernmost part of the country, but what you will get to see is worth it. Here are the ten best things to do when traveling with an RV in Anchorage, Alaska.

1. Walk to the flat top

If you want one of the most beautiful views in the state of Alaska, you should hike to Flat Top. From the top of the mountain you have a beautiful view over the city. There are also different routes for people with different levels of trekking. If you are an experienced hiker, you can take the advanced route to the top.

However, those who only want to put one foot in the water can use the one-kilometer loop. We don’t have a full view from the top of the mountain, but the view is still breathtaking.

The main disadvantage of Flat Top is that it is difficult to reach by car. It is possible, but you have to pay a high price, and you have to take it slow, because it can be difficult. It is not recommended to travel with an RV, so you will need to rent a car. If this is not convenient for you, there is a shuttle service for people.

2. Searching for the northern lights

If you visit Anchorage in the winter, one of the first things you should do is see the Northern Lights. It’s best to book an Northern Lights tour so that an expert can point out the best places to see the light.

They will also give you tips on how to shoot light. Since there is no guarantee that you will see the lights, you can purchase insurance so that you can come back another day if you do not see the lights.

3. Arctic Valley Migration

The Arctic Valley is not one of the most popular tourist attractions, but not because it is not beautiful. It is not often visited because most people do not know it exists. It’s more of a local mystery, so you can enjoy the beauty of the valley in peace.

The walk is relaxing, even without rocks and hills. On clear days you can see Denali, and there are also some nights when you can see the Northern Lights.

4. Drive to Chugach State Park

If you are a camper, chances are you like to visit the national parks. If you are traveling to Anchorage, you will be happy to know that you can visit the fourth largest state park in the United States, Chugach State Park.

The park is filled with high mountains, flowing rivers, beautiful lakes and amazing glaciers. It is home to all kinds of wild animals such as wolves, moose, bears and beavers. Locals enjoy skiing, hiking and camping when they are in the park. Moreover, since the land is connected to the Chugach National Forest, tourists can explore this area where they can see the Portage Glacier.

5. Visit to Kenai Fjords National Park

Kenai Fjords National Park is another great park to visit during your stay in Anchorage. It is known for some of the most impressive glaciers in the country. It is located in the center of the 700 square mile Harding Icefield. In total, the park covers 900 square miles of land and water.

But even though the park is so big, there is only one entrance. You have to come in by the road coming off the glacier. Upon arrival you will have the opportunity to explore the trails on your own or with a guide. When you join a tour, the guide will explain how glaciers form, give you other interesting information about the area and answer all your questions.

6. Coastal walk

The Tony Knowles Coastal Trail is a great place for a quiet walk. Here you can hike or bike for miles along the coastline of the great state of Alaska. As you walk down the trail, you are sure to see plenty of wildlife, including birds, moose, and amphibians. If you are on foot, you can stop at Chester’s West Lagoon. But if you rent bikes, you can walk to Kincaid Park.

7. Have fun at Kincaid Park.

If you take your bike to Kincaid Park, you might stay there for a while. Kincaid Park offers breathtaking views of Anchorage’s coastline. Along the coast you can admire the fauna and flora of the coastline.

But the best thing you can do here is visit the Kincaid dunes. These sand dunes rise and fall and offer a breathtaking view of the region. You can also try an 18-hole disc golf course.

8. Views of the midnight sun

Depending on the time of year you arrive in Anchorage, you will have a very different experience. Because Anchorage is very northern, they have very long nights in the winter and very long days in the summer.

Therefore we recommend a visit in summer. In the summer you can expect a maximum of 20 hours of daylight. You can camp at 10pm and be back before it gets dark outside. We recommend climbing to the top of the large building late at night to admire the midnight sun. It’s something you can’t see anywhere else and will never forget.

9. Ice-walking

If you go to Anchorage, you’ll need time to get to the glaciers. The best way to get there is to take a hike overlooking a glacier. Some recommend traveling on easy trails. However, if you are more advanced, you can try many challenging hikes.

On some tours you can see the glaciers up close, while on others you can see them from the top of the mountain. Whichever hike you choose, make sure you take a hike where you can see the glacier up close.

10. Alaska Native Experience

When you visit a new region, one of the best things you can do is immerse yourself in its culture. One of the best ways to do this in Anchorage is to visit the Alaska Native Heritage Center. You will see amazing song and dance programs.

There are also tours that tell visitors how Native Americans lived thousands of years ago and how they arrived in Alaska after crossing the land bridge from Russia. Finally, there are even local Olympians who occasionally come to the cultural center to put on a show.

Top 10 Recreational Vehicle Parks in Anchorage, Alaska

Now that you know what there is to do in Anchorage, you’re probably looking forward to starting your trip as soon as possible. But before you embark on your journey, you need to research your living situation. Here we take a look at the top 10 trailer parks in and around Anchorage, Alaska.

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1. Fox Run Lodge & RV Campground

If you’re looking for a place to park your RV while you explore the great state of Alaska, consider Fox Run Lodge & RV Campground. It is located in the Matanuska Susitna Valley, north of Anchorage. There are three types of parking spaces for recreational vehicles: Full service, partial and standard seats. Full service sites are ideal for fully equipped recreational vehicles. They are equipped with sewage, water and electricity connections. A picnic table is also available on the property.

The partial service pitches do not have a sewage connection, but do have electricity and water connections. All share plots also have a picnic table that you can use at will. After all, standard carriers only have one electrical connection. They have a picnic table, just like everywhere else.

The park also has several other facilities to which all visitors have access. Wi-Fi is available throughout the campsite and there are laundry facilities, showers and toilets. Finally, campfires are allowed and encouraged.

2. Eagle River Campground – Chugach State Park

Another great spot for campers near Anchorage is the Eagle River – Chugach Park campground. The park is situated on the beautiful Eagle River and has 57 visitor reception areas. Pitches have access to picnic tables, fire pits, water, latrines, flush toilets and a dumpster. There is also an overflow campsite with 10 extra pitches.

The campsite owner is available 24 hours a day to answer all your questions. The Eagle River is just a five minute drive from the campground. So if you need something, you don’t have to drive far.

There are no restrictions on the size of recreational vehicles on the 57 pitches, but guests may only stay there for four consecutive nights. Customers must also pay a daily parking fee. Fortunately, the sites also have electrical, plumbing and sewer connections. However, there is no wifi, so you may want to take a technology break during your stay.

3. Gwynns Lodge

Gwins Lodge was founded in 1952 by Gwins Lodge. It is located on the Kenai Peninsula, in an area also known as the Alaska Playground. They have accommodations for many guests, as well as a full-service bar and restaurant. There is also a fish shop, a souvenir shop and a wine shop.

Gwin’s Lodge is largely equipped with cabins to accommodate guests. There are 14 staterooms, each accommodating up to six guests. There are also two other cottages that can accommodate up to 10 people.

They have a few vans, but they can only accommodate smaller vans. If you want to spend the night here, you will have to leave your car in the parking lot, or you will need a small vehicle. It may not sound perfect, but if you qualify, you’ll have a great time.

4. Girdwood Campground

Girdwood campground is another great place for RV travelers. This campground offers many camping options in the summer for tents and recreational vehicles. However, it should be noted that they are not open in winter. To get to this campground, you need to drive along Alyeska Road to Egloff Drive.

The campsite itself has 18 rustic pitches, situated under many beautiful spruce and poplar trees in the forest. Staying overnight at a campsite is allowed for a maximum of 14 days. After 14 days you must leave so that other guests can take your place. No reservations can be made as seats are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. The cost for the overnight stay is $10 per night.

It has a kitchenette and a fireplace. Here you can meet other guests and spend time with them. In addition, the park is equipped with docks and bear traps for food storage. Drinking water is available to all guests, but you do have to walk a street further to the center of Glacier Town Hall.

5. South Rolly Lake Campground

South Rolly Lake Campground is one of the best RV campgrounds in the Anchorage area. The campsite has 98 pitches, all with full hook-ups. The platforms protrude above them and have a maximum length of 15 metres. There is also a picnic table and a fireplace by the sitting area.

South Rolley Lake Campground is located near many lakes, wetlands and forests. It is a beautiful area full of wildlife. During your visit, you will likely see some of the wildlife that lives in the area, such as beavers and waterfowl.

6. Camping Villivo

Williwaw Campground is open year-round and is one of the best RV campgrounds in the Anchorage area. However, if you stay here during the off-season, you will have a dry hike. Many services that are available in the summer, such as water and waste, are not available in the winter.

Guests may not even have access to the bathroom. All you get is a place to park your van. However, if you come in the summer, you have access to a wide range of amenities.

You can book your accommodation online or by phone. It is advisable to order before your arrival if you are travelling in the summer, as the seats fill up very quickly. Places fill up so fast you have to book 180 days in advance.

The campsite has 60 pitches suitable for motorhomes. All guests have access to toilets and water with a hand pump. If you stay here, you will be close to the Williwau salmon observation area. You will be able to catch a breathtaking glimpse of the Pacific salmon. There are also many hiking trails in the area that you can explore.

7. Black Bear Camp

Black Bear Camp is another camp that is open year round, but many services are closed in the winter. Things like garbage pickup and water are not available to guests during the winter months. This means that in the summer you have access to everything you need for a comfortable holiday.

The black bear camp has a small loop with 12 spaces available for guests. It is not recommended to stay here if you are traveling with an RV, but if you have a small RV, it may work. All guests have access to safe laundry rooms, hand pumped water, trash cans, picnic tables, fireplaces and bear handle lockers.

8. Quartz Creek Campground

Quartz Creek Campground, located between Kenai Lake and Quartz Creek, is an ideal location for campers looking to explore Anchorage and the surrounding area. Here you have quick access to hiking trails, fishing lakes and beautiful rivers. The campsite itself is relatively flat, so you can easily park your camper there. There is also a boat ramp which you can use so that you can easily launch your boat.

The campsite has 46 pitches for tents and motorhomes. All guests have access to drinking water, flush toilets and picnic tables. There are also fire pits to use and firewood is sold on site. Reservations can be made up to 180 days before your arrival. However, it should be noted that the maximum stay is 14 nights.

9. Willow Creek Resort

Willow Creek Resort is a quiet place for vacationers who want to relax while traveling through Anchorage or exploring the sights. Travelers will be close to fishing spots, hiking trails and biking areas. The park is just an hour and a half drive from Anchorage and three hours from Denali National Park. It is held every year on January 1. May to the 30th. Opened in September.

All guests staying here are welcomed by friendly staff. They are then delivered to their sites, which have full connectivity. You have access to covered bathrooms, showers, picnic tables and fireplaces. The campground features free Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, trash pickup, a playground, a volleyball court, horseshoe pits, and a paved bike path.

10. Bertha Creek Campground

The last RV campground in the Anchorage area we check out is Bertha Creek Campground. This campsite is open all year round, many facilities are closed out of season. There are 12 pitches available for all guests, suitable for both campers in tents and travellers with small motor homes. The hotel charges $14 a night. The maximum length of the lots is only 38 feet.

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frequently asked questions

What is the cheapest way to rent an RV?

Where to find cheap rental vans. The best recreational vehicle rental company to rent cheap is Outdoorsy. They offer peer-to-peer leisure vehicle rental, meaning anyone who owns a leisure vehicle can rent it out to anyone who wants to rent it through the Outdoorsy platform. Think of it as the AirBNB of the pickup truck world.

Is it cheaper to rent or buy a motorhome?

From a practical standpoint, it is almost never cheaper to buy new than to rent. When depreciation and maintenance are factored in, most first-time buyers put a lot of money down and rent instead of buy.

Where can I rent a motorhome with unlimited mileage?

Travellers Autobarn is the only company to offer UNLIMITED FREE RENTALS – no stress – no worries about extra charges at the end of your rental!

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