8 Best Ice Fishing Tents of 2021

If you’re looking to stay warm during the cold winter months, you should check out a winter tent. Here are eight tents that will keep you warm in the coldest weather.

Regardless of how cold or how many people are around, there’s always a place where ice fishing is allowed: a lake. But what if you want to go out on the ice in a warm tent? Then you need a tent that not only survives the elements, but offers the space inside that you need for a good fishing spot.

While the idea of spending hours trying to catch a fish isn’t for everyone, for those who enjoy it, there’s much that can be learned about the sport from a good ice fishing tent. The following are eight tents we’ve tested to see if they could stand up to the brutal Canadian winter.

7. Best foldable ice chest for the money: OTTER Outdoors Pro Lodge X-Over Ice Fishing Lodge

Otter has made an award-winning design even better. This glacier can be considered one of the best. If I had to list the reasons why you should buy X-Over, I don’t know where to start. Users will find that this protection starts with a quality sled from Otter and ends with something even better. The sled is durable, which is not surprising considering Otter is a leader in sled building. It is easy to pull, resistant to abuse and offers plenty of space. The square frame is much better than the round models used in many other shelters. Not only does it make for a stronger frame, but it’s also easier to deploy. The leather is very durable and provides excellent insulation, even on the coldest days. Many users comment that it can be too warm, especially if there are several people inside and you have to take off your coat. The days when an auxiliary heater is needed are very rare. Finally, there are the doors. Otter was the first company to introduce a side entry, and this feature has become popular with users. No more tripping over others or your equipment when you are outside. I’m sure this design will be copied someday, but for now it’s hard to top Otter’s Pro Lodge X-Over. PROS

  • Equipped with some of the best sledges in the world
  • The large square frame provides a maximum catching area
  • Extra thick fabric for extra strength and insulation
  • The side doors make a difference and make it much easier to get in and out.


  • At 124 pounds, this shelter is very heavy.
  • Cost is not a cheap resort

Check availability at Cabela’s!

8. Best hub ice fist for the price: ESKIMO Quickfish 2 stroke ice fishing tent

word-image-5926 It’s just an exceptional ice fishing lodge. Eskimo has taken a very popular but often problematic hub design and turned it into one of the most comfortable tents on the market. This shelter has all the advantages of the hub design without the disadvantages. Inspired by the popular folding hunting hatches, this shelter can be assembled in 60 seconds. Simply remove each side, lift the roof and install six ice anchors. You’ll catch fish in no time. The fishing area is 25 square feet, so there’s plenty of room for you and your favorite companions. Weighing in at just 21.5 pounds with a quick release backpack, it’s easy to carry, even if you don’t have a sled. It doesn’t have the brittle materials, cold drafts and questionable stability that most shelters suffer from. IQ fabric is not only very warm, but also very durable. With two layers of fabric on each side of the insulation, it will last a lifetime. The extended skirt, which can be attached directly to the ice, reduces gaps so less cold air is blown onto your feet. Double stitching, YKK zippers and reinforced corners ensure reliable use over many seasons. All-metal, fiberglass sleeves and one-piece rods provide better support for greater stability in all conditions. Although this shelter costs a little more than the others, it is well worth the money you spend on it. If you spend your days on the ice, you can do so with ease and comfort with this model. PROS

  • Very easy to transport and install
  • High quality materials
  • Manufactured by one of the leading companies in the ice protection industry.
  • IQ insulation and longer skirt for better heat retention


  • The windows are very small and limit the view
  • Condensation is a problem
  • Heavier than other comparable models

Check availability on Amazon. Check availability at Bass Pro Shop.

Why you should buy an ice cream maker Benefits of a high quality ice chest

word-image-5927 The reason for making an ice shelter is simple: Protection from the elements. It’s hard to have fun when you’re cold and windy or snowy. Ice protection keeps nature at bay. This way you can extend your time on the ice. A high quality ice cream stand will do even better. Thicker, better-insulated walls keep the inside warmer, and stronger construction prevents your shelter from tipping over or collapsing in the wind. A good quality shelter is even easier to transport and install. It also lasts longer and saves you money in the long run.

Customer advisory service How to choose a tent for ice fishing

word-image-5928 If you’ve never bought ice protection before, prepare to be amazed. There are many styles, sizes and brands to choose from. They all claim to meet your needs, but none of them say: Don’t buy from me. You should determine what you are looking for and compare models before making a decision. Don’t think that price alone is an indicator of quality. Many low-end covers last a long time, and some high-end models you’ll leave at home after your first outing. We can help you by reviewing some of the features you should consider when purchasing.


Yes, there is more than one type of shelter for kingfish. There are four. Let’s start by taking a closer look at each of them. Flipestyle word-image-5929 This is the most common model. It consists of a tent and a foldable metal or fiberglass frame attached to a plastic sled. When not in use, the shelter is stored in a sled. To use it, you need to put the sled in place, unfold the tent, secure it and fold it. The skids that remain are used for storage or even as seats. These shelters are very stable and provide excellent protection from the wind. They are also highly mobile, making them a top choice for anglers who like to move around a lot. Unfortunately, they can be very heavy and only accommodate one to three anglers. They may also be the most expensive of the four types.   Cabin style word-image-5930 They look like a small square tent and are set up in the same way. The biggest advantage of a hide is that it has a floor. A floor that can be drilled through creates a barrier between you, the ice and the elements outside. With a heater, it can be surprisingly comfortable. Of course there are disadvantages. They are not quick and easy to assemble, so they are not suitable for frequent travel. They also do not include sleds. They are light enough to carry on the back, and many come with a bag for that, but for other gear you will probably need a sled.   Shape of the hub word-image-5932 This option is reminiscent of the pop-up hunting caches that have become very popular in recent years. They are made of a durable, even insulating, fabric exterior. This fabric is attached to an internal frame that folds into a compact bag when not in use, but can be quickly assembled into a tent-like structure. Since the construction is generally higher and lighter than a flip-up, it is usually attached to the ice for better stability. The advantages include ample space for multiple anglers, quick installation, light weight and low cost. However, the extra weight and space can also be a disadvantage. In high winds, these shelters are less stable and can fall over or be damaged.   A break in the wind word-image-5934 They are not necessarily shelters, but they provide limited protection. Instead of a full enclosure, the windbreak looks like a big tent like you see at the beach. Once mounted, it covers the angler in the seated position on three sides. The construction is similar to a flip-up, there is a rigid inner frame covered in fabric. Benefits include low cost, ease of use and high mobility. The disadvantages are the limited protection against the elements, the small size and the insufficient stability in strong winds.


The larger the accommodation, the more people you can take with you, or the more equipment you can store if you are travelling alone. If you like company or want more space, more is better. Keep in mind, however, that larger sizes usually mean more weight, higher cost, and sometimes less heat.


word-image-5936 You probably don’t want to be on your feet or on your knees on the ice all day. This means that a comfortable fit is a priority. Folding awnings usually contain one or more seats. Some may even go on to have criminal records. Most other models do not include the seats; they must be purchased separately.


The type of material that makes up the leather or exterior is particularly important. Most ice tents are made of nylon or polyester, although some are made of the same material. The thicker the material, the more protection and durability it provides. Thickness is measured in deniers, and a 600 denier fabric is thicker than a 300 denier fabric.


word-image-5938 If you are fishing in particularly cold conditions, an insulated shelter is advantageous. Without insulation, you will need to add a portable heater to maintain comfort. There are many different types of insulation. You should look for one that not only stores heat, but also transfers solar heat. Although insulation can be critical in cold weather, it increases the price and weight of the shelter.

Available options

There are always a few benefits that can make the trip even more enjoyable and influence your choice when comparing different models. These parameters include lighting, storage areas, size or location of doors, and the ability to open windows when needed.

Top brands

Choosing an established manufacturer is a good way to start your search. While it is impossible to discuss all manufacturers of ice fishing tents, here are some of the most popular.


word-image-5939 Based in Plano, Illinois, the company is one of the oldest manufacturers of fishing tackle in America. From bait management systems to landing nets and of course ice guards, Frabill is a leader in the field. Shelters on the ice range from structures for one person to larger structures that can accommodate more than four people. They also offer plug-in and folding models. Although Frabill is known for its high quality products, its ice shelters are reasonably priced and ideal for the average ice fisherman.


word-image-5940 The company is headquartered in Cumberland, Wisconsin, in the heart of some of the most challenging ice fishing areas in the country. Since 1960, Eskimo has provided the equipment to meet this challenge and has done so incredibly well. Their ice shelters include both collapsible and upright models in a wide range of sizes. They are known for their patented fabrics and insulation capabilities that are claimed to be 35% warmer than the competition. While their products are slightly more expensive than some of their competitors, they are certainly not the most expensive. Their main target market is anglers who spend a lot of time on the ice, even in difficult conditions.


word-image-5941 This is another business in the heart of the ice fishing district in Rogers, Minnesota. They are undoubtedly the leading manufacturers of ice fishing equipment, including shelters. It was the first company to introduce a convertible shelter. Their engineers were the first to use Thermal Trap insulation in shelters and clothing. The Stealth series was the first tarp to use Tri-Bond technology to achieve a completely dark interior, much to the delight of trolling and sport anglers. Every year their products become one of the most innovative and sought after on the market. Although Clam offers several low-cost models, many of its products cost three to four times more than the competition. Their target market consists of the most dedicated and hardcore ice anglers.


word-image-5942 How do you pack fishing gear in a cooler? How you pack your gear and enclosure depends on the specific style and equipment you choose. The foldable shelters have a built-in sled, so you already have a place for your stuff. In some flips, you can put the smallest and lightest gear on the sled, with the folded shelter on top, and the largest gear on top of the shelter. The canopies of the high chair and cabin are smaller and more compact, so they can be carried in a bag. There is no room in this bag for additional equipment, so it must be carried in a separate sled.   How do I install ice protection? It depends on the type of shelter you are using, as each shelter is built differently. Foldable shelters are towed to their location with a sled, then the shelter is unfolded, secured and folded onto the fisherman. Shelters of the cabin type are either transported on site or towed on separate sledges and set up in the same way as a tent. Hub roofs are also transported or towed to the installation site, but assembly is much easier and faster. The side walls are pulled until they are secure, then the roof. The cab and hub may also require ice anchors attached to the underside of each wall to provide more stability in windy conditions.   Recommended reading: The best ice exercises: Definitive guide 12 tips and tricks for safe ice fishing! Effective tips and techniques for ice fishing (from beginner to advanced)There are a lot of different ice fishing tents on the market, and sometimes it can be difficult to know which one is best for your needs. If you’re not sure which option is right for you, or you prefer to buy a tent that comes with a lifetime warranty, then you’ll definitely want to check out our review of these eight ice fishing tents.. Read more about eskimo fatfish 949i and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best ice fishing tent?

It’s summer, and that means a lot of hours spent outdoors. Whether it’s hiking, camping, or just hanging around the campfire, one of the most common activities is ice fishing. However, if the fish are too far away to use a regular ice fishing pole or lure, what should you use? Today we’re going to look at the best ice fishing tents to use during your next ice fishing trip. Anyone who has the pleasure of spending time outdoors on a frozen lake or river will understand what an essential piece of gear the ice fishing tent is. Even if your ice fishing is just going out on the lake for a couple of hours, it is still a worthwhile investment to buy a decent ice fishing tent because of the protection it provides you from the elements. There are many different brands and models of ice fishing tents on the market, but the one that tends to do the best is the Coleman® Camo™ Ice Fishing Tents . These tents are built to withstand the harsh winters of the north and can be used year round.

Who makes the best ice fishing shelter?

At some point in your life, you’ve likely dreamed of owning a small cabin in the woods and making it your home. If you’re not big on building, you can always purchase a pre-built cabin from a home center or other retailer. But if you truly want to get in touch with nature, there’s nothing better than building your own ice fishing shelter. No matter the season, it’s almost impossible to beat a trip to the great outdoors for an ice fishing excursion. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran, or you just found yourself in a new spot, a quality ice fishing shelter is one of the most important items you’ll need to get your trip off to a great start.

What should I look for in an ice fishing tent?

Don’t let the temperatures drop. In the spring and summer months, ice fishing is a great way to spend time outdoors. Whether you choose to ice fish for trout or walleye, you don’t need to shell out $100 or more for a fishing tent. This guide will help you select the best ice fishing tent for your budget, on your fishing trip. Most ice fishing tents are the same: a block of ice encased in a large cloth that will keep the ice cold for a long time. However, it’s important to get a tent that will keep the ice cold for more than a few days, because when the ice melts the tent will start to warm up.

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