8 Best Bowfishing Bows of 2021

Bowfishing has undergone a revolution in the last couple of years, with new bows, new accessories and new technologies. The old days of the big wood bows in the backcountry are over, as new materials and technologies are making it possible to go bowfishing without the bulk and weight of traditional bows. And they work well.

Choosing the right bowfishing bow can be an overwhelming task. Bowfishing is a specialized sport for the serious hunter, and the bows that are best for bowfishing are typically less forgiving and more expensive. Because of this, you may be wondering if you’re better off with a traditional crossbow or you should consider a bowfishing bow.

This guy is a bowfisherman, and he uses a bowfishing bow. The ten best bows in the world are all over the internet, but I think this guy’s is the best. While the rest of the bows are all carbon fiber, he uses a wood and fiberglass bow. The high quality wooden handles are finished in an attractive walnut. The fiberglass limbs are wrapped in waterproof Mylar to keep them dry when it pours. There’s a nice curve to the limbs, and he’s got a nice hand grip to fit a variety of hands. He’s got a few other kits, too; you can check out his website, bowfishingbow.com.

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Why it is important to buy a quality bow for bowfishing

Unlike traditional archery, archery is a game with multiple shots. Even a good day on the water can result in 30, 40 or even more shots. An inferior bow will not do. It would be too heavy to carry for hours. This prevents you from getting the quick, instinctive shots you need. It breaks down long before it’s meant to, maybe even in the middle of a trip. Lower quality onions may be cheaper at first, but they will cost you more in the long run.

Customer advisory service: How to choose a bow

word-image-5632 Do a quick search online and you will see that there are many options for bows and equipment for bow fishing. Before choosing a bow, it is important to know which features or specifications are important and which are just for show. You should be able to find the setting that works best for you. First, what kind of fish are you going to target? The species most commonly hunted by anglers are carp, catfish, paddlefish and catfish in freshwater and sharks and rays in saltwater. You need to make sure your bow is heavy enough to successfully take down the types of animals you may encounter. Make sure you are aware of local regulations before getting on the water. Each state has specific rules about what species may be hunted with the bow and when.


word-image-5633 You don’t need a lot of equipment to get started, but you don’t need the best either. Many beginners start with used or refurbished hunting equipment. They do their job, but over time most anglers improve them.


word-image-2755 The first thing to do when buying a bow for archery is to forget almost everything you learned about choosing a traditional bow. Speed and power are not that important when bow fishing. Traditional hunting requires a towing weight of 50, 60 or even 70 pounds. In the rack, you can do without, since you’ll only be pulling the bow two or three times a day. A higher draw weight is also required to achieve penetrating power over longer distances. This is not the case with archery. These are close-ups. Their targets do not have thick fur and heavy wool. A towing weight of 35 to 50 pounds is sufficient in most situations. Almost any type of arch is suitable, but each has its own advantages and disadvantages: Curves word-image-5634 This is the most common type of bow used by anglers. The traditional design may be outdated in the field by modern yacht arches, but on the water it feels right at home. They are simple and easy to use and allow you to shoot quickly and accurately, even if you are unable to perform a full flight. Fewer moving parts mean less maintenance and lower costs in the long run. Recurves, however, are longer, making them easier to maneuver on a boat or when chasing the shore. They also lack the separating power of joints, requiring less force to pull fully. This means you have to fight with your full draw weight on every shot. Connections word-image-5635 These bows are most commonly used by traditional hunters, but they are also popular with fishermen. They are easily identified by the pulls, or lugs, at the end of each link. The lugs help the shooter pull the heavier bows, and the bows themselves are shorter than the recurves. The latter is a definite advantage when sailing around a crowded boat or following an overgrown shoreline. However, the first option may be less advantageous. Although the trigger makes it easier to pull the string, it hinders the ability to make quick, accurate shots, which is common in bow fishing. Fortunately, manufacturers have realized the different needs of bow anglers and have adapted their designs accordingly. The new compound models, designed specifically for archery, have a lower trigger pull and the ability to shoot without pulling the trigger. Crossbows word-image-5636 Crossbows are becoming increasingly popular, and some fishermen use them for archery. However, of the three types of bows available, these are the least suitable for bow fishing. On the positive side, a crossbow allows you to use one device for both fishing and hunting. They are also used as a rifle – with a trigger, safety and sight. This makes them easier to learn and master for beginners. However, these positive attributes are often offset by their weight, size and traction. They can be awkward to hold and uncomfortable to hold all day on a small, crowded ship. They are also slow to reload between shots, which limits your options for follow-up shots. Finally, there are very few manufacturers of crossbows or of accessories needed for bow fishing.


word-image-2756 You cannot use the same arrows for fishing as you can for hunting or target shooting. Bowfishing arrows are heavier and designed to withstand the stress of multiple shots on the river bottom in shallow water. They are also longer than regular arrows. Finally, they have no springs, as this would offer too much resistance when immersed in water.


word-image-5637 When you hunt, you need a razor-sharp point. They are designed to do massive damage, kill the animal quickly and recover easily. When you catch fish, you don’t have to kill them right away, but you should prevent them from escaping. The tips have a sharp point for penetration, but are not razor sharp. Instead, there are a number of large barbs that hold the fish in place and prevent it from releasing when you reel it in.


The reel you use when bowfishing holds the line between casts, releases the line when you pull, and sometimes helps reel in the line or fish after the shot. There are three basic types of reels for bow fishing: Drum word-image-5638 This is the round main coil attached to the bow. Although he holds the line until the shot is fired and assists in retrieving the line, he does not assist in the retrieval. There is no crank, so the line must be pulled by hand. Retriever Tracker word-image-5639 Also called a bottle retractor, this option looks like a plastic water bottle with a small crank on the front. Like the reel drum, it is attached to the bow when in use. The line left empty in the bottle pays off when the shot is fired. After the shot, the handle helps to retrieve the line and any submerged fish. This method is easier than hand over hand and is less likely to cause hand or finger injury. Spider reel word-image-2757 This option is almost identical to the closed face and button reels that many anglers have learned to fish with. Before firing, a button is pressed to release the line. When the shot is released, the line is unwound in the same manner as when casting with a rod and reel. After shooting, turn the handle to pull in the line and catch the fish, as if you were hooking the fish with a fishing pole. The adjustable pull tab provides better leverage when catching big fish and allows you to adjust the pull pressure to the type of shot. Specialized reels for bowfishing feature heavy-duty gears that can withstand the rigors of bowfishing and corrosion-resistant components for use in saltwater.


word-image-5640 Conventional fishing lines can be used for bow fishing, although most bow fishermen prefer a stronger, tougher, rope-like line. However, the type of line you use is partly determined by the type of spool you choose. Coils for drum or retriever require heavier lines. Thinner conventional lines would be difficult to hold in a bottle-shaped holder and could cause injury if touched. On spinning reels, conventional fishing line is always used because it would be too thick for the body of the reel. Whatever type of line you choose, it should be much heavier than if you were catching the same type of fish with a traditional rod and reel. Remember that without a rod, the line will bear all the weight when the fish is hooked.


While a bow, arrows, rods and fishing line are all you need to start fishing, they are not all you need to have the most productive or enjoyable day on the water. Here are a few things to add to your equipment list: Finger guard word-image-5641 You’ll be doing a lot of archery. Unlike hunting, you won’t be using the trigger (it’s not suitable for the quick, short shots you need). This means that unprotected fingers will eventually suffer. Wearing a glove, using a recording pad or placing the finger tabs on the strings makes playing much more comfortable. Rest for the shooter word-image-5642 A stop is necessary so that the arrow has a place to rest between shots and during the draw. If your arch does not have a built in fence, that will need to be installed. There are several types, and the choice depends on the characteristics of your arch and the manufacturer’s recommendations. Be careful if you try to reuse a standard hunting point for archery. They tend to cause dirt in the line, which can lead to injuries. Polarized glasses or flashlights word-image-5643 Successful archery requires the ability to see and identify the target. Anyone who has ever wanted to look a few inches into the water on a sunny day knows how difficult that can be. With polarized glasses, you can see what you want to photograph. Of course, you need to illuminate the target at night, so a bow-mounted flashlight or headlamp is just necessary. Many anglers with a boat go a step further and install multiple powerful lights that can illuminate a large area.

Top marks


word-image-5644 Precision Shooting Equipment was founded in 1970 to improve the archery industry by manufacturing state-of-the-art equipment. Today, PSE is the largest privately held archery equipment company in the United States. The current production facility, test workshop and professional shop cover an area equivalent to one city block. From the beginning, PSE has been committed to producing equipment using the latest technologies and materials, and over the years PSE has developed many innovative products. PSE manufactures both high-end products for the professional archer and equally impressive economical products for everyday shooting.


word-image-5645 The company’s founder, John Musacchia, was not an engineer by profession. When he founded Muzzy Broadheads in 1984, he was a retired restaurant owner. Passionate about archery, he began making bow points out of necessity. He dreamed of demolishing the Cape Buffalo in Africa and then was not satisfied with the possibilities. He eventually succeeded in developing a revolutionary retractable point that revolutionized archery. Over time, the company has expanded its product line and Muzzy is now part of the FeraDyne Outdoors family, which manufactures even more products, including high-quality fishing bows.

Cajun Bowfishing

word-image-5646 Unlike most of its competitors, Cajun Bowfishing was not a traditional bow maker taking advantage of the growing popularity of bowfishing. They’ve been experts at bow fishing since the beginning. Founded in 1962, Cajun originally produced a renowned line of hardwood and cedar arrows for fishermen. In 1976 they bought the rights to the Sting-A-Bee bowfishing tip and added it to their line. Eventually they diversified and began to offer a wider range of products and accessories, including bows, string wax and tools for making bows. But they have always stayed true to their roots and continue to produce bowfishing equipment.


word-image-5647 Can I change an ordinary bow into an archery bow? Yes, converting a traditional bow to archery is the starting point of many anglers’ careers. Others do so because it allows them to use a bow year-round for traditional fishing and hunting. How can I keep my bow from sinking when I fish? A bow falling into the water is a fisherman’s worst nightmare. Not only does losing a bow ruin the rest of the trip, but many bows are too expensive to watch sink to the bottom of a lake or river. Unfortunately, there are few ways to avoid this nightmare. Some anglers use a bow sling, but it can be awkward to shoot and move in tight areas of the boat. Others make floats, often from foam pool noodles cut into small pieces and glued to the limbs. While this option may work, you will need to check your bow to make sure it shoots properly when adjusted. Recommended reading: A beginner’s guide to archery: Equipment and machinery 11 practical tips for successful bow fishingThe bow is a classic weapon, but not many people use one for its intended purpose. That is, hunting and fishing. Rather, many bow hunters choose to use their bows to collect arrows, as archery shops are known to do. And why not? It’s a nice, quiet, and productive way to add to your archery equipment collection.. Read more about bowfishing kit amazon and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best bow of 2021?

In the early 2020s, most of us will be using new technologies that will allow us to go to the ends of the Earth and explore every nook and cranny of our planet. So when it comes to travelling and hunting, the past decade has seen a lot of advancements in the worlds of hunting and fishing. The first bow I ever shot with was a traditional recurve. I was 10 years old and it was my dad’s. We shot a lot of banded mullet and bluegill that year. I never thought much about bows much after that, until a year later when I shot a compound for the first time. I was immediately hooked. I spent countless hours watching videos on YouTube. I was following every expert on the Internet. I read every book I could get my hands on. I was completely obsessed.

What is the best draw weight for bowfishing?

Bowfishing is a fun sport and a great past-time for people who enjoy fishing or hunting, but the key to enjoying the sport is choosing a bowfishing bow that fits your needs. Bowfishing bows come in many different styles, sizes and draw weights, which means they are suited for a wide variety of archers. If you are looking for a bow that is great for bowfishing, then there are a few things to consider. There are many types of bows for bowfishing, but there are 4 top-rated bows in this article. They are the: Truglo Eclipse, Truglo Elite, Truglo Hunter, and the Truglo Carbon Elite.

Can you use any bow to Bowfish?

While bowfishing has been around for decades, it’s only recently been the subject of a growing number of scientific studies in the areas of human ecology, animal ecology, and wildlife behavior. In 2012, the National Bowfishing Association (NBA) asked the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) to evaluate bowfishing’s environmental impacts, particularly its effect on wildlife and fish. This resulted in the publication of “Bowfishing and Wildlife: The Science Behind the Sport,” a report that provides a comprehensive overview of bowfishing’s effects on wildlife, including birds, mammals, and fish. There is a great variety of bows on the market, and each one has its advantages and disadvantages. The best bow for bowfishing will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

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