8 Best Biometric Gun Safes of 2021

It’s not often that technology and the outdoors come together, but that’s what makes these biometric gun safes so great. These safes are literally designed to keep your guns safe from those who would try and steal them.

What are the best biometric gun safes of 2021? For the summer, get to know the top 8 biometric gun safes that are available on the market, and which one is the best.

It seems like a good idea, doesn’t it? When you think about it, leaving a loaded gun lying around can be a bad idea. Not only is it a potential fire hazard, but also it’s a serious safety hazard. A gun can be stolen, or your gun could be used in an accident, or your gun can be used to harm someone else. So, you want to keep it locked up, and you want to lock it up securely.

When to choose a biometric weapon safe

Firearms should be stored in a safe place when not in active use. The ideal gun safe is strong enough to withstand fire and all break-in attempts. But they’re not very fast! The principle of a biometric safe is that you can open it by touching or sliding a finger. This reduces the time spent fumbling with keys or entering easily forgotten PINs on the keypad. Fingerprint gun safes, however, have a weakness: They are not as robust as traditional safes. Even if the rest of the construction was equally solid, the electronics are a weak point that can be easily damaged. This means that biometric safes are the best for home gun protection. Keep a pistol or rifle in your home so you can respond to a break-in within seconds. They’re not for everyone. But they’re safer than hiding a gun under a book in a nightstand. And even small safes fit in this box!



  • Access to biometric vaults is very fast compared to other unlocking methods.
  • These gun safes are usually small and can be hidden near the house.
  • You can fingerprint multiple people to give your spouse access to the gun without having to remember a PIN or carry a key.


  • Batteries become discharged over time
  • Biometric safes are more expensive than other gun safes.
  • The electronics are the weak point and cannot survive the fire.
  • The sensors cannot read your fingers if they are too wet or too dry.

Selecting a biometric gun safe

word-image-6070 Once you have decided that you need a biometric safe or a gun safe to keep your weapons handy and protect your family, you still need to decide what type of safe to buy. Biometric weapon safes range from small devices that fit in a pocket to large safes weighing more than 50 kg. Of course, you can’t use one as well as the other. If you don’t have a lot of money, the BILLCONCH smart gun safe is a fairly inexpensive but reliable choice. The Vaultek VT20i is an excellent choice if you want to travel with your gun or store it in a desk drawer. And if you want to hide your weapon behind a fingerprint reader, you can choose from several safes from Barska. If you are still unsure, the answers to the following questions may help you decide.

What do you keep in the boot?

word-image-6071 A good tip is to buy a safe that is big enough for everything you want to store in it. If you want quick access to an AR-15 for home defense, buy a Barska 4 gun safe. If you have multiple firearms for home defense and want to divide them among family members, buy a 16 shotgun safe. Otherwise you need a gun safe. Biometric gun safes can be used for more than just storing weapons. A two-compartment model, like the Viking Security VS-20BLX safe, is a good choice for storing a firearm, as well as jewelry, documents and other valuables. However, if you don’t want to hide other items, a larger safe will cost more without adding value.

How many weapons are you hiding?

word-image-6072 If you live alone or are the only person in the house who uses a firearm for self-defense, consider buying the smallest safe you can afford. Smaller safes are easier to hide, and you have less to investigate when responding to a break-in in the dark. However, if you live with other people who are familiar with firearms, it is advisable to keep everyone’s firearms in a safe that can be opened quickly. The Stealth biometric handgun safe is an excellent choice for families with multiple shooters. Again, I recommend keeping only the weapons you plan to use in a biometric safe and leaving the rest in a slower but more durable traditional safe.

Other considerations

The type of gun, what you will store around it and how many guns you want to keep in the safe are only part of the equation. Alternative input methods word-image-6073 Fingerprint readers can be reliable, but even the most reliable fingerprint sensor may not be able to read your finger if your skin is very dry or sticky with sweat. And some people just have no luck with fingerprint readers! If so, consider other options. The keyboard is almost as fast as a biometric reader if you are used to typing in the code. All biometric safes come with spare keys, but these are not always easy to use. Sometimes the keyhole is hidden by the logo plate, which must be unscrewed to insert the key. You can speed up this process by unscrewing the panel and leaving it in place, but this increases the chances of someone breaking into your trunk. Battery life word-image-6074 All biometric safes work on electricity. Most of them run on batteries. Some take months, some take years. Did you forget to change the batteries? If this is the case, avoid safes with a short lifespan! Consider one of the safes that last for years, or one of the safes that can be plugged into an electrical outlet. Mounting points Almost all gun safes have pre-drilled holes so you can permanently attach the safe to the floor or wall. It is advisable to use heavy bolts or a flexible lock for this. However, the latter option is easily destroyed. But if you want to travel with the suitcase, the attachment points are more of an obstacle than an advantage. Resistance against burglary word-image-6075 Weapon safes can be nearly impenetrable, burglar proof or forged as if they were made of butter. Personally, I don’t pay as much attention to this quality as some people do, and here’s why: If the burglar is in your room and has physical access to the gun safe, you have already lost the gun safe, unless it is a multi-hundred pound monster. Even if you have the safe bolted to the wall, a burglar who wants the contents of the safe can pry the safe off the wall with a crowbar. You can then take the safe home with you and open it at any time. At other times, a modest capacity is sufficient for a gun safe. If the safe prevents children from accessing your weapons, it serves its purpose. Keep your most important documents and the rest of your firearms collection in a safe that is sturdy and heavy enough to prevent a burglar from taking it out of your home.

Top brands of biometric weapon safes


word-image-6076 When I first saw that Barska sold gun safes, I had to step back and take a breath. To me, Barska is an optics company. The company basically describes itself on its website as a global sports optics company. And that’s what the company is known for. Barska riflescopes, reflex sights, binoculars and rifle scopes are available at sporting goods stores in the United States and around the world. The company’s offerings are a bit more expensive than budget, but generally good enough that most people are satisfied with their products. It appears that Barska safes are also very good! The company seems to have discovered a niche that was missing in the world of fire safes: biometric gun safes. That’s why they took over this niche. Barska also offers many small safes and even biometric door locks. None of these safes stand out, but the most reliable safes can command a significant premium, so a good safe will suffice for most people. Most Barska products seem to fit into this theme. The company offers nothing advanced or cheap to be unreliable. And if all you need is a good biometric gun that won’t infringe on your bank account, the Barska is a good choice.


word-image-6077 Vaultek is a company that focuses on one thing and does it well. It is one thing to combine reliable engineering with modern, intelligent technology to produce the most advanced safes on the market. The VT20i (and its biometric version, the VT20) was Vaultek’s first product. It took months to perfect this design before the VT20i was launched. The safe became an instant bestseller and to this day is the best gun safe, regularly winning Best Of competitions. Vaultek has many other good safes, but they are all more advanced than the competition. Some come with Wi-Fi, most with Bluetooth, and some even float when you put them in the water! This is not what other safe manufacturers claim. Vaultek is not primarily a manufacturer of sports equipment. Although most of their safes show guns in their promotional materials, Vaultek safes are perfect for anyone who wants a safe that can be opened in moments, but won’t open if someone else tries to break in.


word-image-6078 Verifi is a secure company owned by Zvetco and should not be confused with Verifi, a payment processing company. Unlike most other companies that sell gun safes, Verifi did not arrive at this product through gun safes, but through biometrics. Zvetco is a biometrics company that has helped develop some of the best practices in fingerprint sensor design. The Verifi range is proof of this. All their safes are equipped with fingerprint readers. You can also purchase individual fingerprint sensors from Verifi, as well as smart card readers. Some of these products are used by banks, Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. When it comes to reliable fingerprint readers, Verifi is the leader in the field. If you want a handgun safe that can compete with the safes trusted by the world’s largest financial companies, buy the Verifi Smart.Safe.


word-image-6079 How do biometric gun safes work? Biometric gun safes are electronic safes. But instead of entering a PIN, the capacitive fingerprint sensor displays a unique pattern of bumps and dimples that make up your fingerprint. If the received image matches the image stored in the electronics, the safe is unlocked. Depending on the trunk, this is done by moving the bolts or loosening the bolt. Are biometric safes secure? Biometric safes require electricity to operate the fingerprint reader. It usually runs on batteries, although some models can be plugged into an electrical outlet. Does that mean you’re locked in a vault when the battery dies? No. All biometric safes have spare keys that can be used to unlock the safe in the event of an electronic failure. This makes biometric safes very secure. If you can’t open it with your fingerprint, you can unlock the safe manually. Note that capacitive sensors require a certain amount of moisture on the skin to read a fingerprint properly. Too much or too little moisture will prevent the reader from reading your fingerprint correctly. Some people have more problems than others. In addition, skin moisture can change with age, so biometric safes are generally more reliable for younger people. Recommended reading: The best gun safes for home The best gun safes for carsIf you’ve got kids, you know how important it is to keep your guns secure—especially if you have more than one firearm in your home. But, keeping up with your guns can be a challenge. There are a lot of gun safes out there, but which ones are the best for keeping your guns safe and out of reach of your children?. Read more about awesafe gun safe with fingerprint identification and biometric lock one handgun capacity and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best biometric gun safe on the market?

Modern gun safes are an increasingly important part of the modern gun owner’s gear. They are extremely reliable, but also very, very expensive. Do you need a biometric gun safe though? One of the most important steps of keeping your gun safe is locking it up. When you do that, you should also set some boundaries for keeping it from getting into the wrong hands. While a gun safe is not the most effective way to prevent a thief from breaking into your house, it is a great way to prevent theft in the first place.

What is the best gun safe for the money?

The best gun safe for the money should be able to hold all your guns without ever getting too warm, or too cold, as well as keeping them from coming into contact with the dangerous elements that are always a possibility. It should also be able to withstand the test of time, as well as a multitude of other conditions, such as power surges, natural disasters, and burglars. Biometric gun safes are the latest trend in gun safes. These safes are equipped with a fingerprint sensor that automatically unlocks the safe. This means that no one will be able to steal your guns.

What is the most secure Pistol Safe?

When it comes to gun storage, there’s no doubt that a safe is the best option for keeping firearms out of the hands of strangers, but the right safe for you will depend on many factors, including your lifestyle, the type of gun you own, and the level of security you are seeking. To help you decide, we’ve compiled a list of the 8 safes that make the most sense for gun owners who are looking for the best way to keep their firearms and valuables safe. Gun safes are not for everyone: the way in which they are marketed and even their appearance have changed over the years, making them seem more suitable for hunters and collectors than people who will keep guns in them. The last thing you want is to accidentally reveal your most expensive firearm or your collection through careless actions.

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