8 Best Bedside and Under Bed Gun Safes of 2021

Guns are a common feature in the backcountry. They’re used for hunting, defending small trails and campsites, and even for giving a small bushwhack a bit of extra firepower. But while owning a gun may seem like a good idea, doing so can also be very dangerous to your health, as there are some safety precautions you need to take.

If you’re a gun owner, then you know that having your firearms close by when you need them is important. This is especially true if you live in a high-crime area. For this reason, bedside gun safes are some of the most useful, and they’re also some of the most expensive. Gun safes are a type of security vault designed to keep your firearms and accessories safe, available, and hidden. The benefits of a bedside gun safe are the obvious ones–you’ll have your firearm in the room you sleep in–but more importantly, you’ll have it within easy reach should you need it.

Gun safes are a common way to keep your guns safe from theft. They are a good option for your guns because they are relatively inexpensive, safe, and secure. Bedside safes and under-bed safes are among the most popular gun safes on the market. They are not the most expensive options but they are not the cheapest.

Underbed safes vs. night safes vs. other home based weapon safes

Under-bed weapon safes and night safes serve the same purpose: They secure your firearms by storing them for quick access. Unlike other gun safes. Most gun safes are carefully designed and hidden. They are often fireproof. They protect your collection against theft and unwanted access. However, large, rugged gun safes often have more secure locking methods that are slower to open. And when faced with an intruder, you don’t always have time to get to the cabinet or even leave the room to get to the gun safe. Home Defense gun safes are not designed to hold your entire gun collection. They’re only big enough for two weapons. Often these are faster access methods that are not as burglar-proof as the larger ones. Some fit in drawers. In general, you need a large safe for the bulk of your gun collection and a smaller, faster safe for your defensive weapons. word-image-5996 The difference between a nightstand and an under-bed safe is convenience and size. A nightstand fits in or under a nightstand, so all you have to do is walk up to your weapon, enter the code, swipe your finger or click on the RFID tag and get your weapon out. With the safe under the bed, you have to get out of bed or make an effort to reach the safe. But when it’s open, you have access to a larger pistol or even a rifle!


  • These gun safes allow you to keep weapons on hand in case of an emergency.
  • They are also useful to prevent children from finding your weapons and causing a tragedy.



  • These gun safes are rarely fireproof.
  • Under-bed safes and night safes are designed to protect firearms from other family members and generally do not offer much protection from theft.

How to choose a safe nightstand or gun

Gun safes, even small ones, are a serious investment. Some gun safes can be worth as much or more than the weapons hidden inside! Of course, you don’t want to spend money on a product that isn’t right for your needs. So let’s try to figure out which type of safe will keep your firearms and your family safe.


word-image-5998 The first choice is whether you want a gun safe that fits on your nightstand or one that fits under your bed. Your furniture can sometimes help you make this decision. If you don’t have a nightstand or desk next to your bed, you can’t have a nightstand weapon. However, if your bed frame extends to the floor, you cannot install a safe under the bed. For example, some safes can be installed anywhere. For example, the compact Titan safe, which can also be installed between the mattress and the headboard. Night safes are easier to access.


word-image-5999 Weapon locks for under the bed make it possible to store larger weapons. If your defensive weapon is a 12 caliber shotgun or an AR-15, your only choice is one of the long gun safes. And all the boxes are under the bed (unless you have a huge nightstand!). However, if your defensive weapon is a handgun, almost any safe will do. However, this depends on your gun or revolver and any accessories. For example, a full-size 1911 with a 5″ barrel, RMR scope and flashlight might not fit on the otherwise good Vaultek VT20i. But a 1911 stock is good too. If you plan to arm a loved one and keep multiple weapons under surveillance, you will need one of the larger gun safes.

Input methods and access speed

word-image-6000 Another factor to consider is how you plan to enter the trunk. All of the safes listed above have one or more of the following four burglary capabilities:

  • RFID
  • Biometrics
  • Keyboard
  • Key

Let’s take a closer look at each of these methods, as they each have their own advantages and disadvantages. RFID word-image-6001 RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. Both the safe and the RFID tag are equipped with a radio receiver. The RFID reader dome emits radio waves and the RFID tag receives these waves and is energy efficient enough to be powered by it. It answers with an identification number. If these data match the expectations of the RFID reader, the safe is unlocked. RFID tags can be part of a wristband, a device you attach to your keychain or even a sticker. You can stick this sticker on the casing of your phone or on any other object. Sticking the sticker directly on the phone may not work since the electromagnetic field of the phone may interfere with the radio waves used for identification. For RFID devices, only one RFID tag may be attached to the device when it is powered up. However, you need to keep an eye on these RFID devices, even though that can be as simple as keeping your keys on your nightstand. In addition, RFID tags can sometimes malfunction, so it is advisable to check them from time to time. RFID increases the price of the safe and requires electricity to operate. Biometrics word-image-6002 Biometrics uses unique biological markers, in this case fingerprints, to unlock the safe. When you install a biometric safe, you lock multiple fingers at different angles. Then when you place your finger on the sensor, it reads the fingerprint and compares it to the data. Is this appropriate? Then the trunk is unlocked in seconds! However, fingerprint readers generally use capacitive sensors that are sensitive to too many factors to be comfortable for some people. If your finger is too dry, the meter may not work. Excessive moisture can also cause a breakdown. And some people can’t get up to read, no matter how many times they try. Moreover, biometrics always require energy to operate. Fortunately, all biometric gun safes have another way to unlock the safe if the quick fingerprint doesn’t work. Keyboard word-image-6003 You can enter a numerical code into the safe using the keypad. If the combination matches the previously set combination, the safe is unlocked. Many safes have electronic number plates, which are often (but not always!) backlit so you can see the numbers even in the dark. The ergonomic shape of the keys, which resembles that of the human hand, can also help you find the keys in the dark. The lack of power also makes electronic keyboards useless. The same applies to excess electricity in the form of an electromagnetic pulse. There are also mechanical combination locks that do not have these disadvantages. Mechanical pushbuttons that activate a mechanical lock do not suffer from power loss, but this option is rare. However, many people prefer the added security of a mechanical lock. Key word-image-6004 Key locks are simple and are often used as a replacement for electronic access methods. The problem with a keyhole is that you can choose any keyhole. And the tubular or barrel style used in most night safes is also vulnerable to penetration. However, as long as you don’t lose your keys (and don’t keep them near the safe!), this is a reliable way to access the safe.

Safety / Installation

word-image-6005 Overnight safes are not as secure as the big safe in your closet. That’s not the point. Still, such a safe can be much more secure than a locked wooden box. Almost all gun safes that are placed under the bed or on top of the bed have at least the option of securing the safe with a steel safety cable to prevent it from growing and floating away. Wrap it around the bed frame so the thief has to disassemble the bed to remove it. It is even better to use a safe with pre-drilled mounting holes. You can drill suitable holes in the bed frame, the bottom of a desk, a nightstand or even the floor and screw the safe to a secure object.

Top marks

Hornady Manufacturing Company

word-image-6006 Hornady is one of the biggest names in the American firearms industry. Hornady, based in Nebraska, is the largest independent ammunition manufacturer in the world. They also sell high quality reloading parts and the tools needed to load ammo at home. In fact, Hornady is one of the most innovative ammunition companies. So Hornady invented the LEVERevolution cartridges, which finally made it possible to use ray bullets in lever-action rifles. Hornady also works with other companies, including Ruger, to develop patterns, such as the .375 Ruger. But ammo isn’t the only thing Hornady makes. Hornady also pays special attention to firearms safety. Mainly safes and weapon storage cabinets, but also weapon racks and dehumidifiers. The Rapid Safe line is the most technologically innovative range of gun safes to hit the market in recent times. Instead of relying on expensive and complex biometric technology, Hornady has equipped its safes with robust RFID technology. However, Hornady gun safes are not the most theft-resistant safes on the market. None are fireproof, and half are ordinary gun safes. However, if you need speed and are more concerned about unwanted access than theft, Hornady safes are among the best on the market.


word-image-6007 Vaultek is a company that focuses entirely on technologically advanced weapon safes. Not all are equipped with biometric fingerprint readers, but many are. But biometric technology is not Vaultek’s only achievement in the world of gun safes. Vaultek offers an app for iPhone and Android that can connect to its vaults. This allows the electronic components of the safe to be controlled and the alarm to be activated in the event of an attempted break-in. Some safes are also equipped with WiFi. Another small but handy feature is the backlit keyboard that lights up when it detects your hand. But what’s even better is the way Vaultek responds to criticism and discovered security holes. A vulnerability in the LifePod series of locks was recently discovered that people familiar with the platform could exploit. The security specialist found a way to get in through the side of the case and access the software button from the outside. In response, Vaultek redesigned the LifePod to prevent access to the button when the door is closed. An update kit that fixes this vulnerability is available for free. This is a good response from a company that cares about the safety of its customers. Most other companies would not respond to this vulnerability in this way, let alone offer a free patch! Recommended reading: Weapon cases: The 10 most important facts and tips you need to know The best gun safes for cars The best fire resistant weapon safesFor many gun owners, they don’t want to keep their guns on their bedside or in a night stand drawer, instead they want to have a gun safe built into their bed or under it! With many different types of gun safes available, it can be a hard choice to make. In the world of gun safes, there is no “one size fits all” type of safe that will work for every gun owner.. Read more about diy under bed gun safe and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best bedside gun safe?

Gun safes have been around for years, but they’re not very efficient. Traditional bedside safes are too bulky (from a gun’s perspective), and their smaller boxes just can’t hold enough to be useful. The most common bedside gun safes are the gun case and the gun chest, and they both have their problems. Gun cases and gun chests do give the gun a little more protection from being stolen, but they lack space to keep a gun’s accessories in separate compartments. Gun safes are a hot commodity these days, with more people buying them than ever. With the recent tragic reality of school shootings and other gun incidents, it has never been more important for responsible gun owners to store weapons safely, especially if they have children. This article will look at the most effective handgun safes available today, from the latest technology to the least expensive options.

What is the best gun safe for the money?

The #1 Bedside Gun Safe on Amazon was the GunVault Nano Vault, with an average rating of 4.7 stars. The #2 Bedside Gun Safe on Amazon was the GunVault SpeedVault, with an average rating of 4.6 stars. The #3 Bedside Gun Safe on Amazon was the SecurySafe, with an average rating of 4.5 stars. The #4 Bedside Gun Safe on Amazon was the GunVault MicroVault, with an average rating of 4.3 stars. The #5 Bedside Gun Safe on Amazon was the GunVault Guardian, with an average rating of 4.2 stars. The #6 Bedside Gun Safe on Amazon was the GunVault Firestorm A gun safe is an investment. It’s an important piece for your home or business, and it’s worth protecting and keeping up.

What is the most reliable handgun safe?

Gun safes, also sometimes referred to as gun cabinets, are designed to store and protect firearms. They are designed to keep these guns protected from theft and from accidents. The design of the gun safe is usually a good indicator as to how well it will protect your guns from being stolen or damaged. Over the years, gun safes have become a very important piece of equipment for the gun enthusiast. There are several different types of gun safes available, and they can range from traditional design that can hold a firearm in a secure location to custom designs that are made to fit your needs. Some types of gun safes are heavy and bulky, while others are small and compact.

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