7 Striper Lures for Sand Beaches

The sand beach is a great place to find fish, but it can be difficult to locate the best spots. Here are seven lures you can use in your search for the perfect fishing spot.

The striped bass is a type of fish that can be caught in many different ways. One way to catch the striped bass is by using 7 Striper Lures for Sand Beaches.

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  • A floating or slow-sinking needlefish, like as the 247 7-inch Needlefish, is one of the finest methods to mimic that easy meal. Cast it beyond the bar and bring it back across the shallows gently.

7-Inch Needlefish 247 Lures

  • When the fish are close together, such as in a trough within an outer sandbar, a tiny, slender paddletail like the Tsunami Holographic Sand Eel will seem to outfish everything else—especially in the autumn.
  • Always take an old-school swimmer with you to the beach, like the Red Fin Cotton Cordell. Load it to help it throw further and swim deeper, or fish it as is, particularly on calm evenings when it will leave a trembling V-wake on the surface.

Cotton Cordell Red FinCotton Cordell Red Fin

  • The Atom Striper Swiper, a traditional topwater popper, is still popular on the beach. With a slow-chugging retrieve, it’s still a dependable method to get stripers to the surface.
  • If you don’t bring a member of the new generation of minnow swimmers, such as the Shimano Colt Sniper Jerkbait, you’ll be remiss. Internal weights help this lure throw farther, and it has a tighter, more frenetic movement than some of the older minnow plugs.

Shimano Coltsniper JerkbaitJerkbait Shimano Coltsniper

  • A Danny-style plug, such as the Danny Surface Swimmer is lured by Gibbs., is a great choice for the beach if you want to match bigger baitfish or entice bigger fish. Danny swims near the surface, making it possible to catch it in relatively shallow water. When the movement of the plug accelerates up and slows down in sync with incoming waves, it’s at its finest.

Gibbs Lures Danny Surface SwimmerGibbs Lures Danny Surface Swimmer

  • And, whatever you toss, don’t forget to top it off with a bucktail or soft-plastic teaser, such as the Red Gill. Larger lures are typically ignored by sandy-beach bass because they are focused on smaller baitfish, but that big lure may act as a great delivery mechanism for a smaller, better match of the “hatch.”

Red GillOriginal Red Gill

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you catch striped bass at the beach?

You can catch striped bass at the beach by using a fishing rod and hook.

What lures are best for striped bass?

The best lures for striped bass are a crankbait with a small minnow head and a black or red rubber skirt.

What color lures do striped bass like?


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