7 Lures for Boulder Fields

Today’s post will focus on lures for the beautiful, but not easy to fish Boulder fields, as trout get more selective with their choice of food sources. The Boulder region holds some of the best trout fishing in Marylnd. In this post, we will discuss 7 lures for the Boulder fields.

Youre lucky to be living in Colorado and living in the US. You should hear the views from the arches. I could go on for hours about the beauty of Colorado, but you already know. However you have no idea what is out there unless you are willing to spend some money and some time. We are not going to show you the “hills to die on” but rather the “ponds to fish on”.

There are so many great fishing spots in Boulder Colorado that it is hard to pick only 7 of them. In this article, I wanted to cover the top 7 most popular fishing spots in Boulder where you can regularly catch trout and other fish.

Since bass in these areas are often looking for smaller, larger food (say, a lobster or two instead of two dozen peanut jumpers), big bait is often the ticket.

  • A metal sinker like the Beachmaster Cowboy offers a great profile and lazy tail action to the top of the rocks where the big pike are waiting to strike.

Beachmaster Cowboy

  • Slip bait that swims in an S-shape while moving in a straight line, such as. B. Alan’s Custom Lures Predator, mimics a large baitfish that has lost its school – just the kind of food stripers look for among the rocks.
  • Alan’s Custom Lures Predator

  • A large soft plastic lure, such as. B. a 13.5 inch GT Eel from Gravity Tackle, can be used in the scree to outsmart large streamers like an eel would. Put one on the hook of a jig head or weighted swimbait appropriate for the depth and speed of the current, so the bait floats near the bottom while moving slowly.
  • Gravity fed eel

  • On shallow rock, a metal lip that floats to the surface, like the OutCast Lures Surfster Swimmer, can be the ticket to a big catch. The action with the nose down and the tail up creates the perfect print for big bass.
  • OutCast Lure Surfster Float

  • The bait for night fishing between the rocks is a bottle neck popper. One such model, the Ocean Born Flying Popper, has the advantages of a long-throw popper, but floats like a metal lip when cast slowly and steadily.

Ocean Born Flying Popper

  • Anglers can undergo surgery with a slow-sinking wooden fishing needle like the Poombah Plug Needle. Calculate the bait at the desired depth and swim past the ambush points or the edge of the structure where streamers are sure to spin.

Poombah Needle

  • On deep rocky fields or in areas with a strong current, it’s best to use a fast-sinking needlefish like the Super Strike Heavy Super N Fish. This lure casts far and can be fished with the precision and efficiency of a bucktail jig.

Before heading out to one of Colorado’s best places to hunt, it’s important to learn about the various types of lures the state offers. You can count on these 7 lures to attract any type of game from any direction.. Read more about saltwater lures and let us know what you think.

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