7 Cool Ford Transit Camper Vans You Can Buy in 2021

The Ford Transit may not have the same cachet on Instagram as the Mercedes Sprinter, but it has become increasingly popular in the van enthusiast community in recent years.

Ford Transit motorhomes offer plenty of space, comfortable seating and low fuel consumption. They also drive very well and are cheaper than Mercedes Sprinters.

With all this in mind, it’s no wonder that many van conversion companies create great Ford Transit vans that are ideal for full-time living.

Whether you’re looking for your first RV or are an experienced camper considering a change, this article will tell you everything you need to know about Ford Transit motorhomes.

We also found 6 amazing Ford Transit motorhomes, each of which would look great on Instagram!

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Ford Transit Motorhomes you can buy now

While some people decide to build their own Ford Transit motorhomes, there are some that can be purchased from dealers, and others that can be ordered as custom van conversions.

Coaches outside

photo : Coachman

Although Class C motorhomes are usually built on a Ford Transit chassis, Coachmen is the only major motorhome manufacturer to offer Class B Ford Transit motorhomes.

The Coachmen Beyond is available in 3 different layouts, all based on the Ford Transit 350 HD and equipped with a 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine, 10-speed manual transmission and remote start.

Each of the well-designed camping plans maximizes living space and offers many smart storage solutions, as well as an RV kitchen with refrigerator, microwave and 2-burner stove.

The 22C layout has a rear seating area, and the motorized sofa converts to a comfortable bed at the touch of a button. This Ford Transit motorhome also has a convenient main control panel that allows you to control the lights, temperature, and other settings via a touchscreen or phone.

Features such as a fully enclosed bathroom, 24 HDTV, Truma Combi comfort and hot water system make this Ford Transit caravan luxurious, and the advanced solar control option means you can live off the grid in maximum comfort in the Coachmen Beyond.

More information on Kuchmer outside this section.

Transit CamperFord

Photo: The way of pleasure

Built on a Ford 2500 chassis, the Pleasure-Way Ford Transit travel camper features a 78-inch height, a large rear bed, and a bathtub.

This spacious bathtub is ideal for long car journeys for people who do not want to look for rest areas. You will find a hand shower, a mirror, a sink and a ceramic toilet with foot flush.

The fully equipped kitchen has an induction hob, fridge, microwave and large stainless steel sink.

Looking to relax after a long day of outdoor adventure? Entertainment systems include a TV with swivel stand, Bose speakers, Bluray player and HDTV antennas.

This luxurious Ford Transit motorhome is definitely worth a look – it’s available at all dealers across the United States.

More information about Pleasure-Way OnTour.

Conversion from Transit to Ford Vanduit Motorhome

photo : VanDoIt

Vandoit, based in Blue Springs, Ohio, specializes in outfitting Ford Transit vans for active people who need to be able to haul a lot of stuff.

Vandoit offers two different packages for their Ford Transit motorhomes, LIV and DO, and prices range from $48,000 to $108,000 for one of these fantastic Ford Transit motorhomes.

The conversion design is based on the T-Track modular skeleton, which is based on the interior of the van, so the interior design is up to you.

The supernormal kitchen module of this Ford Transit motorhome is attached to the T-rail and can be moved as desired. The LIV package includes a hydraulic bed that can be raised to create storage space underneath or room for another bed.

At the same time, the DO package features an innovative open design with Murphy modular beds that fold down to create a transfer area and multiple attachment points for hooks, shelves and straps. This pack is designed for those who need to take bikes or kayaks on their adventures.

Vandoit offers many options, including pop-up van showers, 4×4 van conversions and solar panels. For every van sold, the company donates a bicycle to a person in need.

These Ford Transit motorhomes are really great and come from a company with principles.

More information about VanDoIt.

Ford Transit 4×4 Camper

photo : Sportmobil

The folks at Sportsmobile have been building vans since 1961, so they really know what they’re doing. Sportsmobile offers a wide range of proven conversion equipment. If you are looking for a great Ford Transit motorhome, you have come to the right place.

Sportsmobile offers dozens of configurations for Ford Transit motorhome conversions, with different seating, bed, window, and kitchen options.

You can also choose from a wide range of plumbing, heating and electrical systems to make your Ford Transit Camper the perfect RV.

One of Sportsmobile’s most popular options is the pop-top penthouse. This beautifully designed pop-up roof provides plenty of extra space in the camper and can be configured to accommodate an extra bed, making it a great option for families living in RVs.

If you want to build your own Ford Transit motorhome, Sportsmobile will work with you. They’ve gone out of their way to make sure your dream layout doesn’t stand out, and you can easily get started with their online design tool.

Learn more about Sportsmobile.

External Carrier

With over 30 years of experience in the van conversion business, this Portland, OR outfit is one of the most trusted companies among those looking for the perfect van lift installation.

For the Ford Transit Camper, the van offers two conversion options. The Ascend series is a collection of coaches that have already been converted and are ready for use. This is a popular option, so you will have to be quick if you want to get your hands on one of these beauties.

The Peak range is designed for customers who bring their own van and do not wish to convert it to their own specifications. This is where it really gets fun when you need a Ford Transit camper conversion.

You will be assigned a personal designer to guide you through the design process, and the possibilities are truly endless when it comes to options.

You can choose from a variety of lighting, power and interior options, as well as cool extras like a built-in air compressor, rooftop tent and side extensions to create extra space in the van.

Van conversions aren’t cheap – you can expect to pay around $125,000 – but you do get an exceptional Ford Transit camper that not only looks incredible, but is also completely unique.

More information about Beyond the Van.


In operation since 2015. TouRig is one of the youngest companies on the market, but the Golden, CO-based company, which started in a garage, has quickly become one of the top-rated companies in RV remodeling.

Touring can do almost anything to make the Ford Transit Camper the van of your dreams. They can accommodate up to 6 people, with custom mattresses, individual seating and thoughtful storage solutions, including exclusive Airline storage lockers.

As for external options, there are so many to choose from that it can be difficult. You can choose from thermally tinted windows, ladders, roof racks, sunshades and much more. Whatever you want to use your Ford Transit motorhome for, the Tourig has everything you need.

Tourig has a really cool online store where you can buy all kinds of van accessories and goodies. They also offer prefab vans, but those sell like hotcakes and it’s best to get on their mailing list if you want to be on it.

For more information about TouRig Transporter, click here.


The folks at Modwana, based in Ventura, California, really love the Ford Transit and have spent years perfecting the design of their Ford Transit motorhome.

The CV1 is Modvans’ flagship vehicle and is built on the low-roof chassis of the Ford Transit 150. This conversion has a folding roof and offers sleeping facilities above and below.

The Ford Transit Camper from Modvans has a clean, modern design that appeals to families and offers a simple and stylish solution.

Like the Vandoit inverters, the Modvans CV1 is modular, so all cabinets, seats and accessories can be removed.

This beautiful Ford Transit motorhome is equipped with everything you need, including a stove, refrigerator, toilet and LED lights. Modvans also offers a range of extras that allow you to tailor your van to your taste.

Learn more about ModVans.

So, is the Ford Transit Camper Van for you?

When making such an important decision as moving into a mobile home full time, it is always best to have all the facts at hand. Let’s take a look at the basic facts about the Ford Transit Camper.

In 2014. Ford has designed another great van for RV enthusiasts, the Ford Transit (intentional or not). This van has the size of a Mercedes Sprinter, but at a fraction of the cost.

If you’re looking for more space at a more affordable price, the Ford Transit camper conversion may be just what you’re looking for.

The Ford Transit Camper is a great passenger or cargo vehicle that is a great cover for your RV.

As with the Sprinter Transporter there are several height options. For full-time vans, a large or mid-sized Ford Transit is the best choice, unless you plan to add a retractable roof for parking.

There are 150/250/350 options for the Ford Transit vans with low and medium roofs, and 250/350 options for the HR model. This corresponds to the power and weight of the engine. Depending on your needs and desires, this should be taken into account in your search.

Specifications and dimensions of all Ford Transit vans are available here. The 2021 Ford Transit van can start at $34,000.

Ford Transit Camper fromPositive balance.

Buying a large RV would be a good decision. When you have an important decision to make, it’s best to consider all of your options and the pros and cons of each.

First, let’s look at the positives of the Ford Transit Camping.

The Ford Transitmotorhomes are cheaper than the.

As mentioned earlier, you can save money with a Ford Transit motorhome if you are considering a full-size van conversion.

If you are looking for a used Ford van, reconditioned or otherwise, you will notice a significant drop in value compared to a Mercedes.

In addition, converting a Ford Transit to a motorhome is less expensive in maintenance and repair. Since the main reason most people live in a van is to travel, regular repairs and maintenance are to be expected and inevitable.

So with a Ford motorhome, you’ll have lower operating costs and lower purchase costs.

Light version

The Ford Transit Camper is known for its ease of driving for a vehicle of its size. The steering is smooth and the turning circle small.

The standard V6 engine delivers decent power for all your van adventures.

Sufficient space

The large Ford van offers endless possibilities for your transformation dreams. Check specifications for accurate measurements.

There is enough room to comfortably accommodate a couple, family and pets on the go.

Negative Ford Transit

We will now look at the negative aspects of the Ford Transit motorhome, so you can make an informed decision on which van to buy for your DIY motorhome.

Towable mass

Converted Ford Transit vans have towing capacity, but not as much as comparable vans in their class. Therefore, if your life plan includes frequent towing, this may not be the best van for you.

Transmission limits

The 2020 Ford Transit Campervan is the first in its class to feature all-wheel drive. For 2019 and earlier versions, you’ll find two-wheel drive only. This can limit some harsh weather conditions and off-road adventures.

However, you can still turn a Ford Transit into a 4×4 with a Quigley conversion.

Ford Transit Van do-it-yourself or customised conversion

If you look at the numbers, a homemade Ford Transit will always be cheaper. But it’s not always a black and white money solution.

Converting a Ford Transit into a do-it-yourself RV takes space and time. It is important that you consider all of these factors when making your decision.

A professional Ford Transit van conversion can be beautiful, but it can cost tens of thousands of dollars for a custom build. Both options have advantages and disadvantages.

The famous re-builder of the Ford Transit is Sportsmobile. Many professional conversion companies tackle both Ford vans and sprinters.

Van Life Customs is another company that makes excellent RV conversions for the Ford Transit. Their latest Vincent Van Goh-Van is a jaw-dropper.

The Vincent Van Go Ford Customs Van Life Transit Camp has a great interior.

If you want to go the do-it-yourself route, there are several online resources to help you with this.

If you’re looking for something in between DIY and professional remodeling, the RV conversion kit might be a good option for you.

Need help installing your do-it-yourself RV?

Then you should check out the Sprinter RV Conversion Sourcebook, a step-by-step guide to building an RV.

Don’t let the name fool you – this book works on any do-it-yourself vehicle.

Sprinter Transporter Conversion Manual

Look inside:

This amazing 378 page ebook contains everything you need to know about turning a van into a campervan. This does not only apply to sprinters!

  • Learn about the six key interior design considerations that lead to 13 secondary features in your design.
  • Chapter RV Installations on pipes, fittings, tanks, pumps, water heaters, toilets, etc.
  • Advice on the choice of solar modules
  • How to install black, grey and fresh water tanks in a campground.
  • Fifty pages of information on designing your camp’s electrical system and rewiring it.

Ford Transit rough finish

If you are looking for a van to live in full-time with more than one person and you need a lot of space, the Ford Transit camper conversion might be a good option for you. You’ll find that the price drops as you add more miles to your RV adventure.

These vans are easy to drive and reliable, which is essential for long trips.

2019 and older Ford Transit vans are not the best choice if you often need four-wheel drive for your adventures. It may also not be the best option if you need a van to do heavy towing.

But don’t forget that the new 2020 Ford Transit will come with the AWD option.

Overall, the Ford Transit is a great option for anyone looking for a spacious, reliable, and fuel-efficient van!

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frequently asked questions

When can I order a 2021 Ford Transit van?

The ordering guide for the 2021 Ford Transit will be available in mid-October, followed by pricing for all major body styles, including van, double van, passenger car, chassis cab and trunk.

What is the best motorhome to buy?


How much does a Ford Transit motorhome cost?

Vandoit offers two different packages for their Ford Transit motorhomes, LIV and DO, and prices range from $48,000 to $108,000 for one of these fantastic Ford Transit motorhomes. The design of the conversion is based on the modular skeleton of the T-Track, which is based on the interior of the van, leaving the individual layout of the interior to your wishes.

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