7 Best Pistol Crossbows of 2021

It’s a safe bet that if you hold a crossbow then you’re already partial to its tactical advantages. The crossbow is a versatile weapon capable of delivering high-speed projectiles with deadly efficiency. (Trust me, I’ve lost a few friends to an overzealous archer who is more concerned with bragging rights than keeping his friends safe.)

At the end of the 20th century, crossbows were still the weapon of choice for professional archers and hunters. But as of 2019, they’re rapidly making their comeback as sport and hunting weapons of choice. A number of companies have recently released pistol crossbows, which are affordable, easy to shoot, and available in a range of styles and colors. Whether you’re hunting coyotes or taking down the big game, a pistol crossbow is a great hunting tool that can also be used for target practice at the range.

There’s a new kid on the block, and they don’t even have a name yet. A crossbow is a bow designed to launch arrows with a draw weight between 50 and 200 pounds. This means that the bow is capable of launching arrows with enough force to penetrate a target or use them to hunt down your prey.

6. Best budget crossbow gun: CrossbowTactical Crusader 50LB

Technical data

  • Nature of the amalgam : Manual drive
  • Pulling weight: 50 lbs
  • Maximum FPS: 150
  • Crossbow weight:
  • Accessories: 4 bolts

Overview The Tactical Crusader is a crossbow pistol that costs less than $20. My first crossbow rifle cost me double that a few decades ago! It has a 50 pound towing weight that is uncomfortable to pull. The weapon has no handle or self-locking lever, so you have to push the handle down with one hand and pull the metal part back with the other. For some people, even 50 pounds may be too much to put on repeatedly. But it’s good practice, right? The ram is made of metal, not fiberglass as other crossbow pistols are. I prefer this because the metal rods are less likely to break. However, they are more difficult to attract. That 50 pound crossbow may be harder to shoot than an 80 pound bowstring! The view is not very good though. They don’t like to sit around. One critic suggested using epoxy to hold them in place. Loctite may also work. For

  • Metal rod
  • Very cheap.


  • It’s hard to find a set
  • No stirrups.
  • Stray landmarks

Recommendation The Tactical Crusader 50LB crossbow pistol is certainly not the best crossbow pistol on the market. Nevertheless, it is very good for a surprisingly low price! Check availability on Amazon.

7. Most powerful crossbow: Wizard Archery 150lbs short crossbow for hunting

word-image-5722 Technical data

  • Nature of the amalgam : Rope lock
  • Pulling Weight: 150 lbs
  • Maximum FPS: 210
  • Crossbow weight: 6.2 lbs
  • Accessories : Sight 4×20, 8 bolts, cable lock

Overview Let’s finish with the most powerful crossbow I’ve ever seen. How about 150 pounds? That’s almost twice the draw weight of the second most powerful crossbow! The Wizard Archery hunting crossbow with a short 150-pound stock is something between a semi-automatic rifle and a crossbow. The grip looks more like a rifle grip than a normal pistol grip. Wizard Archery claims that this crossbow shoots up to 210 feet per second. Compared to the faster 50-pound PSE crossbows, this doesn’t seem all that impressive, until you realize that this crossbow shoots bolts that are twice as long (14 inches!) and a lot heavier. They hit harder than bolts fired by any other crossbow weapon. You can even use it to hunt deer! The scope also includes a 4×20 scope, eight latches, and a rooster with rope. It does not come with a bowstring, which is unfortunate because you need a bowstring to cock this crossbow because if you try to handle 150 pounds while cocked, you could injure yourself. For

  • Can be used for deer hunting
  • More power in a small package


  • Not included with the stringer

Recommendation The Wizard Archery 150lbs Short Stock Hunting Crossbow is the most powerful crossbow on the market and can take down big game like deer with ease. Check availability on Amazon.

Why buy a crossbow?

word-image-5724 Pistol crossbows seem like toys at first glance. They are the size of a toy gun and are much less powerful than a real crossbow. Of course, it’s an air rifle in the crossbow world, right? That’s not the case. A crossbow rifle is a weapon. And while you can use it for recreational purposes (which is the primary purpose of most crossbows), each of the crossbows discussed here is capable of putting an animal to sleep or seriously injuring a person, or worse. Even a small 28-pound crossbow can fire shots fast enough to pierce skin. This makes it an exciting weapon to use during training. And because they’re small, quiet and easy to use, they’re perfect for backyard shootings. Some are even light enough to be used by children! word-image-5725 This makes it a great teaching tool before your child learns about real weapons, such as firearms. Crossbow rifles are also good weapons for hunting small game. Even a 50-pound crossbow gun will kill a rabbit that can get you dinner. And since a crossbow rifle only weighs a pound and a half on average, it won’t weigh you down while camping. Crossbow bolts are not expensive and are sold in large packages. Buy plastic bolts for training and aluminum bolts for hunting. Heavier arrows fall faster, but send more kinetic energy to the target. In general, crossbow pistols are good recreational tools. They are small, silent weapons, ideal for light hunting and pest control.

Crossbowman’s buying tips

word-image-5726 Pistol crossbows don’t differ that much in their design. They all have a poker, which is a horizontal arch at the front. Whether it’s metal or fiberglass, it’s the heart of the crossbow. As the tendon moves away from the shooter’s limbs, kinetic energy builds up and is released by the bolt when you pull the trigger. There is also a flask that contains the fork, trigger, grip and everything else. Of course, you’ll need a string attached to both ends of the awl. Each crossbow weapon comes with a bowstring of the correct size, and you can buy a replacement string if yours breaks, which can happen. However, there are a few options that will make or break a crossbow for you.

Towing weight

word-image-5727 The performance of the crossbow is the biggest problem. A lighter crossbow is easier to string. If you don’t want to hunt with a crossbow, you should get a lighter rifle. Fifty pounds is a good choice. You won’t be shooting at targets from a hundred yards, but you won’t need much power for backyard shooting. If you want to hunt with a crossbow rifle, you will need a more powerful model. A 50-pound crossbow can tackle rabbits, but it won’t be as effective as a heavier version, and you won’t be able to hunt at longer distances. I would recommend at least 80 pounds, even if you only hunt the smaller animals. For big game, there’s only one option: Wizard Archery crossbow pistol with a 150 pound short stock. word-image-5728 Indeed, crossbows are not as effective as longer bows. The draw weight is only part of the potential speed of the bow. Other aspects are the length of the limbs and the tensile force, which in crossbow jargon is called power stroke. Pistol crossbows do not have long limbs due to their small size. This is good for not getting stuck in the foliage, but bad for making the bolt fly fast. The same goes for a short piston stroke. So a 50 pound crossbow may be more than the minimum draw weight of a bow in your state, but do check the minimum draw weight of the crossbow. In Illinois, for example, you may hunt deer with a 30-pound bow. But the crossbow must weigh at least 125 pounds! On the other hand, heavier kettlebells are much harder to pull and tighten. This seems obvious, but it’s hard to understand without picking up a light crossbow and a heavy crossbow. If you don’t need much power, even with a semi-automatic pistol, I recommend a lighter, smaller crossbow.

Drawing/marking method

word-image-5729 For the hand crossbow to work, the tendon must be at maximum tension. Every crossbow uses a thick metal wire with stretched edges to pull the bowstring, but how you pull these pieces of metal depends on the type of crossbow. My first pistol crossbow only had a square loop sticking out of the back of the stock. They pulled on the metal and your power was transferred directly to the rope. The most advanced versions have a metal support on the front that allows you to hold the crossbow with your foot to make tensioning easier. However, more modern crossbows are self-loading. They’re not really arrogant. Instead, there is a lever on the back of the crossbow. You bend the lever down and the device uses the mechanical lever to catch and tension the rope with less effort on your part. It would take a lot of force to pull that lever! But a self-loading crossbow will be much easier to use shot for shot than a hand-held pistol crossbow.


word-image-5730 All crossbow rifles are about the same size, with one or two exceptions. The 80-pound crossbow pistols will be slightly larger than their 50-pound counterparts in all areas. And self-loading crossbows have a lever which makes them longer than handloaded crossbows. Overall, the size difference is minimal, with the exception of the Wizard Archery crossbow, which is the size of a full-size hunting crossbow without the stock. If you do want the smallest crossbow gun, choose a model with a low extension weight, no self-locking lever and no cantilever.


word-image-5731 It’s up to you to decide if you need accessories or not. Some pistol crossbows are equipped with accessory rails to which you can attach other gear. The stock is a good choice, because you definitely want to keep your fingers off the crossbow string. Red dot sights are also suitable for crossbows, as you will rarely release the bolt on a target far enough away to warrant a scope. However, you can usually do without the red dot sights that come in most pistol crossbow kits; they are rarely high quality. As for the bolts, the more bolts that come with the crossbow, the better. Without compromising your shooting ability, you will lose some or all of the frames that come with the crossbow!


word-image-5732 What is the best way to carry a crossbow pistol? Pistol crossbows are boring and uncomfortable to carry. They have all kinds of protrusions, but I’ve never seen a holster for it. The best way I’ve found to carry a crossbow pistol is a custom-made brace with two buckles and latches that hold the pistol with a ram or brace facing up. However, it was a custom-made leather product. You can use a leather buckle with snaps, such as a Hide & Drink whip holster, to attach your crossbow pistol to your belt. How do you pull the string of a crossbow gun? Pulling the string of a crossbow is the worst thing about owning a crossbow! You need to press firmly on the spikes, bend the limbs inwards and hook the ear of the rope to the two spikes. It’s a four-handed job, and I only have two. The best way I’ve found to do it without a rope holder is to tie the rope to a point. Put this spike on the ground and put your boot on the pole, under the rope. Push this end into the ground by pulling on the other branch with your hand, and attach the other end of the rope. The easiest option is to purchase and use a stringer that comes with instructions. Is it legal to hunt with a crossbow? Whether hunting with a mini crossbow is legal depends on where you live and what you are hunting. I can tell you that if you want to hunt deer, you can’t do it with a 28 pound, 50 pound or even 80 pound crossbow. Hunting for small game and vermin will likely be legal, although this is not guaranteed. You may need to contact your local Fish and Game Department or Department of Natural Resources for this information. Recommended reading: Review and disclosure of the best crossbows Review: Wicked Ridge Warrior G3 Crossbow SetOne of the biggest trends in outdoor equipment (and much of the rest of the market) is finding ways to make the gear lighter, easier to carry, and less bulky. This makes sense, since the slimmer, lighter gear gets you out there with less effort. But in the case of crossbows, a lightweight weapon has a drawback that is very evident in the field—it makes it harder to hit consistently.. Read more about best pistol crossbow bolts and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best pistol crossbow on the market?

There’s nothing better than getting out into the great outdoors to enjoy nature, but carrying around a rifle takes a whole lot of room and weight. So, if you’re looking to go portable; there are plenty of crossbows out there to choose from. The price range and quality will vary based on the type of crossbow, as well as the materials. And the best pistol crossbow on the market? You’ll have to look at all of them and decide for yourself. You are at a crossbow hunting event, and you have just zeroed in on a deer standing in a clearing about 50 yards away. As you slowly pull back the crossbow, you notice the massive buck is starting to move. “Not now, you fool!” you think to yourself, and you pull the trigger. The crossbow releases, but the bolt does not hit the deer. Instead, it hits the ground where the deer was standing, and ricochets back towards you. Determined, you slowly pull the trigger. Much to your dismay you hear a loud “click” and the crossbow does not fire again. You try and load another bolt, but you soon find out that the bolt is completely

Are pistol crossbows good?

Can pistol crossbows help you hunt big game or take down feral hogs? To answer this question, you’ll want to check out the top 5 pistol crossbows on the market. Looking to head out into the woods and take down a couple of deer? Maybe you just want to enjoy a romantic evening bow hunting, or maybe you just need something to shoot rats in your attic with, so you can enjoy the peace and quiet. Well, whatever your reason, there’s a pistol crossbow out there that’s the perfect solution to your needs.

Can I deer hunt with a pistol crossbow?

Yes, you can deer hunt with a pistol crossbow. Painted some designs for a new crossbow I’ve been working on. There are many different uses for crossbows, so it’s not surprising that there are a variety of crossbows that are appropriate for a wide range of scenarios. One of the most popular uses is to hunt with a crossbow. Since crossbows are considered to be more powerful, hunters can take down much larger animals than they could with a more traditional weapon, like a rifle. One of the downsides to using a crossbow for hunting is that most manufactures will only allow you to use crossbows with bolts that are designed for a specific bolt type. The bolt that is designed for a crossbow is called a broadhead, and is often referred to as a shallow penetration broadhead. The other type of bolts that are used for ar

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