5 Best Small Campers With Bathrooms

Camping in the woods is fun – especially if you have a small camper or RV that takes you to different places. I love the design and convenience of small trailers. My family and i went camping for a week. The view and camping experience was amazing! 

But another thing I’m happy about the trip is the small camper with the bathroom we found on crow survival which you can check out here. my brother drove. We don’t need to stop to the nearest restaurant or department store to use the bathroom.  We handle the “call of nature” right inside the trailer. 

If you’re looking for the best campers with bathrooms, here are my top 5 picks for you:

Barefoot Caravans 

Thanks to four caravan designers, campers now have a small caravan for their camping needs.  Barefoot is from the United Kingdom but don’t worry because the UK firm also ships to the US. 

Barefoot Caravans doesn’t disappoint when it comes to customization. You see, six different colors are available, and you can freely choose the color of your camper. If the funky shapes and sleek designs already caught your attention, wait till you see some of its amenities: 


  • Adaptable seating or sleeping area 
  • Built-in fridge 
  • Different curtain choices 
  • Attractive kitchen colors 
  • Seat cushions 
  • Large wardrobe space 
  • Roof lighting 

Yes, the caravan features are awesome, but the bathroom features are something else. Barefoot Caravans has bathroom accommodations to make you comfortable: 

  • Cupboard space 
  • Sink 
  • Shower 
  • Portrait  mirror 
  • Toilet 

Oh! Don’t forget that the water tank and heater from popular brand Truma power the sink and toilet. If you have a camper like this, you will extend your outdoor vacation for sure! 

Airstream Sport 

It’s not surprising that Airstream is a popular brand for travelers. The brand’s philosophy reflects excellence and comfort for its customers. The 2018 Sport, for example, doesn’t disappoint campers and travelers with these outstanding amenities. 


  • Integrated fan 
  • AC 
  • Insulated room 
  • Easy to use inlet 
  • Cable TV 
  • High Definition TV 
  • Beautiful dinette sets 
  • Microwave 
  • Fridge 

Besides these features, the bathroom would amaze you too! Airstream Sport offers a shower, roof fans, toilet, towel bar, and clothesline. Experience excellent ventilation due to the roof fans of the trailer. The porcelain toilet is easy to use and clean. 

No regrets if you give Airstream Sport a try on your next travel adventure! 

Jay Sport Trailer 

Level up your camping adventure in the woods with one of the best small campers with a bathroom – Jay Sport Trailer. Don’t get fooled by the trailer’s simple design! 

Jay Sport has pretty amazing features that every camper likes: 


  • Lots of storage space 
  • Vinyl floors 
  • Attractive beds 
  • Dining area 
  • Cushions 
  • Entry steps 
  • Jacks 

If that’s amazing for you, the bathroom features aren’t disappointing either.  The six-gallon heater is large if you consider the trailer’s size. Enjoy outdoor and indoor shower because of the water tank. The proportioned sinks and toilets are beautiful to see, so you’ll feel comfortable using the bathroom anytime.

With its luxurious features, Jay Sport Trailer is an exceptional choice for campers. 

Timberline by Homegrown 

Are you excited to hit the road soon with your family? Well, you’ll be happy to Timberline by Homegrown. Timberline has eco-friendly materials that suit environment-conscious campers of all ages. 

Besides its eco-friendly construction, you’ll be surprised by the trailer’s light weightiness. But don’t let its weight discourage you from driving it outdoors. Timberline by Homegrown has a quality water system that allows you to drive the camper under different weather conditions. 

Here are a few other notable amenities of Timberline by Homegrown: 


  • Luxurious kitchen 
  • Kitchen tools (cooker, refrigerator) 
  • Beautiful bedroom
  • Freshwater system 
  • Heater
  • Air Conditioning 
  • Large windows 

I know you’re surprised to find these features in a small camper such as Timberline by Homegrown. Well, that’s only a few of the features of Timberline that most campers would live. 

Are there awesome bathroom features as well? 

Yes, of course!  You’ll feel comfortable using the camper’s toilet powered by a 23-gallon system and the 2.5-gallon water tank. 

Any camper wants comfort in using a bathroom while they’re away from home. Timberline by Homegrown brings campers easy bathroom usage even if they are outdoors. 

Who knows, you might extend your outdoor adventure once you’re inside Timberline by Homegrown. 

Little Guy Mini Max 

Campers and travelers all have one thing in mind when looking for a small camper – space, time, and energy saver. Don’t worry because lots of small campers have these qualities. One noteworthy example is the trailer from Liberty Outdoors – Little Guy Mini Max

Little Guy can accommodate two to three campers and offers a spacious storage for luggage. Enjoy and experience extreme outdoor fun because of the strong quality of Little Guy. Liberty Outdoors doesn’t disappoint campers when it comes to the trailer’s quality because the camper withstands extreme weather conditions. 

That’s only the beginning of your surprise. Here are Little Guy features that are worth to check out: 

  • Large windows 
  • Open furnace 
  • AC system 
  • Large pantry, double doors, and cabinets 
  • Spacious wardrobe 
  • Quality solar panel 
  • Rotating dinette tabletop 
  • Cozy bedroom 
  • Touch screen TV 
  • Front kitchen 

Little Guy’s outstanding features make you want to embrace outdoor fun with your family and friends. But what do you think about the trailer’s bathroom features? 

Little Guy level ups your comfort through its wet bath, large sink, and water heater. Campers would no longer have to find the nearest hotel or restaurant. Little Guy Mini Max has the bathroom accommodation to suit every camper’s needs. 

But why do I need to use small campers than large trailers, you might be wonder? 

One practical reason is small campers are less costly than big campers. Small trailers require low cost maintenance fees and repairs than 5th Wheels or Class As.  Unlike big travel trailers, small trailers are easy to maneuver on the road. Also, you wouldn’t need to pay for a large camping fee if you’re driving a small camper. 

Enjoy an exciting and fun time outdoor adventure with these 5 Best Small Campers with Bathrooms. Get ready to sit back, relax, and feel comfortable inside a small camper!  Embrace the outdoor fun! 

Have a happy camping, everyone! 

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