14 Camper Shell Interior Ideas For Comfortable Truck Camping

Trucking or RV camping is the perfect occasion to enjoy the outdoors with your family, but that doesn’t mean you can’t also enjoy it with a little comfort. With the right camping essentials, the trucker camper or RV camper is a luxurious place to sleep and stay productive. Here are a few ideas to get you started on the road to comfortable, fun truck camping.

It’s important to get a good night’s rest. But, it’s no secret that sleeping in a bed is no easy task. To make things a bit less uncomfortable, you can purchase one of these nifty truck camping beds. These beds are specifically designed to fit inside your truck’s camper shell. They offer lots of room for storage, and come with various accessories to make them comfortable.

This article will include 14 interior ideas that you can use to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere for your truck camper, such as using a solid wood or oak floor, installing carpet, and so on.

As a full-time truck camper, I’d go insane if my camper shell’s stuff was disorganized. I’ve done a lot of study on camper shell interior designs for comfortable truck camping, and I’m eager to share what I’ve learned with you. 

Interior Design Ideas for a Camper Shell

These ideas are intended to provide you with some inspiration and ideas for your own DIY camper shell construction.

The Simple Sleeping Platform in a Camper Shell

14-Camper-Shell-Interior-Ideas-For-Comfortable-Truck-CampingFlickr user westadw contributed this image.

Building a sleeping platform is one of the easiest camper shell interior ideas, depending on the make and model of your vehicle. 

For example, the walls of my Tacoma’s bed have notches that enable me to put two-by-sixes across the bed and then place two different pieces of plywood on top. 

To protect it (and my belongings), the plywood is covered with outdoor carpet. 

In severe weather, I do utilize it to crawl in and get some slumber. The platform, on the other hand, is helpful for increasing storage space in my camper shell. 

Wrap Around Shelving in a Camper Shell

1623630427_65_14-Camper-Shell-Interior-Ideas-For-Comfortable-Truck-CampingCamperlife.co is the source of this image.

When you’re loading your camper shell, the wheel wells of a truck bed may get in the way.

Wraparound shelf is a camper shell interior concept that enables you to better use that area. 

This technique seems to include bolting two-by-two supports vertically into the truck bed.

They utilized six vertical supports in total (three on each side), and they must have built them tall enough for the shelves on top to rest on the bottom border of your camper shell (just below the windows). 

The secondary shelves may be mounted to the vertical supports and sit on top of the wheel well. For further support, the other parts may need brackets to be placed on the truck bed’s walls. 

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Sliding Drawers in a Camper Shell

1623630428_146_14-Camper-Shell-Interior-Ideas-For-Comfortable-Truck-CampingTucker Ballister is the photographer for this image.

In my instance, I used wheeled locking boxes similar to those that could be used for under-bed storage in a house. Prefabricated truck bed sliding drawers, such as these from DECKED, are also available. 

As you can see in the picture above, this is also a do-it-yourself job.

Install tracks and sliding drawers to offer you a safe location to store clothes or cooking items that you want to be able to reach quickly, rather than simply the sleeping platform. 

You can also simply install locks to the handles on your drawers to further increase the protection of your valuables.

You should also pay attention to the edges of the sleeping platform in this design. To make use of the storage area surrounding the wheel well, the camper shell owner seems to have carved out three or four cubby holes on both sides. 

Double Twin Beds in a Camper Shell

1623630429_768_14-Camper-Shell-Interior-Ideas-For-Comfortable-Truck-CampingCamperlife.co is the source of this image.

Isn’t this fantastic? This camper shell concept seems to be constructed in a high-rise camper shell to provide greater headroom while sitting in bed. 

On each side of the truck bed, two very basic enclosures have been constructed over the wheel wells. In the center, they left a little corridor for storage or swinging your legs out of bed in the morning. 

Each “bed” seems to have an inner drawer accessible from above the tailgate.

For these beds, you’ll almost certainly need to locate or make custom-sized mattresses (I doubt they are actually twins). You will, of course, need to provide your own fruit basket! 

Easy Drapes for a Camper Shell

1623630430_834_14-Camper-Shell-Interior-Ideas-For-Comfortable-Truck-CampingPhoto credit: Instructables user Azukibean

Installing curtains on the side windows is a fantastic camper shell interior concept if you want to preserve privacy while sleeping in your camper shell. If your camper shell is packed with stuff, drapes may also be used to prevent inquisitive eyes from looking through your things. 

Drapes Installation Instructions for Do-It-Yourselfers

Fortunately, these curtains are simple to install. Here’s a quick rundown of everything you’ll need for this project: 

  • Both windows have curtain rods.
  • Curtains
  • Clamps
  • Twine or rope
  • O-Ring
  • Weight

Use the screws that keep your camper shell windows in place to install the curtain rod mounts. Remove a screw from either end of your window (and the center if possible) and fasten your rod mounts with it. 

If you’re searching for a more cost-effective alternative, a wood or aluminum dowel with wire clamps may be used as a rod replacement!

To cover your windows, cut your curtain fabric to the desired size. Most people cut two curtains for each window so that they may be opened in either direction after they’re fitted. 

To move the drapes over the curtain rod, use clips or curtain rings.

Install three wire holders at the bottom border of the windows to keep the curtains tidy. Install an O-ring in the middle wire holder, then weave a length of rope or a section of wire through the wire holders and the O-ring. 

This will provide a place for you to tuck the bottom edges of your curtains.

It will keep them from dangling and preserve them from harm when you slide other camping items into and out of your camper shell. 

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Floating Shelving in a Camper Shell

1623630431_979_14-Camper-Shell-Interior-Ideas-For-Comfortable-Truck-CampingErnie took this photo and shared it on Flickr.

Check out this camper shell concept if you like the idea of wraparound shelves but not the appearance.

Because the sleeping platform concept provided insufficient headroom, this owner choose to retain their bed directly on the truck bed. 

The eight-inch-wide side shelves are mounted above the bed rail. The four camper shell fasteners that hold the shell to the truck bed were used to secure them. 

They added a bigger 22-inch shelf to the front of the camper shell. That shelf simply hangs on the side rails and may be easily removed or reinstalled.

If you need the remainder of your truck bed for stuff, the four pieces of four-inch mattress pad may stack beneath the front shelf. 

Solar LED Lighting for Camper Shells

1623630432_92_14-Camper-Shell-Interior-Ideas-For-Comfortable-Truck-CampingGab Travelling/Getty Images

While your truck battery or a portable Goal Zero Yeti battery bank could certainly power LEDs, I prefer solar illumination for truck camping. 

My lights just sit on the dash of my vehicle throughout the day, gathering sunshine, and they are fully charged for my requirements at night.

If you’re concerned about solar since you’ll be traveling in overcast conditions, I recommend this rechargeable Knog light. 

Check out MPOWERD’s string lights if you’re a lover of sustainable energy. Install tiny hooks around the top portions of the side and front windows using the screws that keep your camper shell’s windows in place. 

You may then drape your string lights over these hooks for gentle, helpful illumination in your camper shell in the evenings.  

The Slide-Out Platform is a great idea for a camper shell.

1623630433_801_14-Camper-Shell-Interior-Ideas-For-Comfortable-Truck-CampingBEDSLIDE is the photographer behind this image.

If you have a little more money, you can purchase one of these slide-out platforms instead of just a sleeping platform. 

To be honest, this is one of my favorite camper shell ideas on this list because of the number of times I have uncomfortably crawled into my camper shell to grab something that I shoved all the way to the front. 

BEDSLIDE has three distinct versions that can handle 1,000, 1,500, and 2,000 pounds, respectively.

They’re all weatherproof and may be mounted directly on top of your truck bed or on top of a pair of sliding truck bed drawers to help you optimize the storage space in your camper shell. 

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Ideas for a Camper Shell: The Mobile Office/Surf Camper

1623630434_714_14-Camper-Shell-Interior-Ideas-For-Comfortable-Truck-CampingRig Racks is the source of this image.

This concept for a bespoke built-out camper shell inside is fantastic! When I can finally get rid of some of my recreational stuff, I’ll have something fresh to strive towards. 

It’s constructed from a six-foot Tacoma bed and a high-rise camper shell. The wrap-around seating serves as both a comfy sofa for daytime lounging and productive sitting for remote work. 

The workspace is provided by a flip-up desk on the passenger side, and an open storage compartment beneath the sofa is just long enough for this owner’s small board.

This design has a pull-out table for your outdoor kitchen, as well as a large bed that can comfortably accommodate two people (or you and your adventurous dog). 

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DIY Truck Bed Extension Ideas for Camper Shells

1623630435_643_14-Camper-Shell-Interior-Ideas-For-Comfortable-Truck-CampingYouTube video credit: Off Grid Backcountry Adventures

This guy, like myself, has a Tacoma with a short bed.

He must have become weary of sleeping in a V-shape in his camper shell and turned to this truck bed extension for help. 

He designed it to slide out of his camper shell, providing additional inside room for sleeping and living.

He constructed it precisely such that it doesn’t actually affect the storage space within the camper shell, and it locks so he doesn’t have to worry about security issues. 

Check out the whole video of his brilliant camper shell concept! 


Ideas for the Lounge in a Camper Shell

1623630436_960_14-Camper-Shell-Interior-Ideas-For-Comfortable-Truck-CampingCamperlife.co is the source of this image.

Doesn’t this look lovely on a wet day? My guess is that they used a high-rise camper shell to install this camper shell concept so that they would have plenty of headroom while sitting. 

For me, the angles are the most intriguing aspect of this camper shell interior design concept.

They most likely utilized a timber frame and then wrapped all of their finishing panels in waterproof maritime carpet. 

Access to lockable storage compartments is provided via the holes in the design. Several panels may also be moved or changed to create various configurations for ‘The Lounge.’

Furthermore, it seems that they retained a full-length compartment (the only place where the truck bed liner can be seen) for longer goods. 

Ideas for Camper Shells: The “Triple-T” Platform

1623630437_327_14-Camper-Shell-Interior-Ideas-For-Comfortable-Truck-CampingCamperlife.co is the source of this image.

You may utilize the ‘Triple-T’ design as an option if you have a longer bed truck or if your truck bed doesn’t have simple slots for putting cross beams for your platform.

You may build the bed platform whatever height you choose, but many people make it level with the truck bed’s edges to provide the platform more support on the edges. 

The main disadvantage is that unless you have a high-rise camper shell, it may seem claustrophobic.

The platform itself may not seem to be too near to the top of your camper shell at first, but after you add a mattress, things become tight fast. 

The main advantage of this interior design for your camper shell is the ample storage space under the platform. You have the option of using the platform as a foundation and then installing your own slide-out drawers, or just storing all of your camping stuff in waterproof totes. 

If headroom is more important than storage capacity, you may lower the platform so that it rests directly on top of the wheel wells.

You’ll still have some storage space below, but for safe storage, you’ll need smaller totes or wheeled boxes. 

The major disadvantage of lowering the ‘Triple-T’ platform to the level of your wheel wells is that you may lose access to the storage area in front of them.

As a result, many individuals cut hatches in the front right and left corners of their platform so that they may drop in specific things rather than totally obliterating the storage area. 

The Mega Drawer is a great idea for a camper shell.

1623630438_945_14-Camper-Shell-Interior-Ideas-For-Comfortable-Truck-CampingCamperlife.co is the source of this image.

You can always opt with the giant drawer method if you don’t want to deal with numerous slide-out drawers. This needs less rolling track material, but you must ensure that the tracks you do purchase can handle the additional weight of a big drawer. 

Large drawers, in my experience, may be hazardous unless they are divided.

It’s similar to having your belongings kept in a big tote or storage container in several respects. You’ll often find yourself digging through a jumble of various items in search of the one thing that has wiggled its way to the bottom. 

This is most likely why the owner of this camper shell added dividers to their giant drawer. This will make it easier for you to stay organized.

Using packing cubes to arrange your soft goods and clothes is another one of my favorite camper shell interior ideas. 

Insulation Interior Design Ideas For Camper Shells

1623630439_606_14-Camper-Shell-Interior-Ideas-For-Comfortable-Truck-CampingPhoto Credit: GB Conversions & Adventures via YouTube

If you want to live in your camper shell during the winter, you’ll need some insulation camper shell interior ideas. Most camper shell owners utilize stiff foam board insulation or a couple rolls of Reflectix foil. 

I would prefer Reflectix foil rolls for RV insulation, having used both in the past.

They’re simpler to work with around curves and in tight places. Furthermore, they do not come apart when chopped, resulting in foam all over the yard where you are working. 

The R-values of these Reflectix rolls vary depending on where they are used. So, if you’re going to be camping in very cold weather, you may want to double up on this gear. The good news is that it’s reasonably priced. 

Because heat rises, adding extra insulation to the top of your camper shell may be beneficial. You’ll also need to insulate the windows, but if you put Reflectix over them permanently, your camper shell would be devoid of ventilation and natural light. 

So, here’s one of the camper shell designs I’ve previously utilized. To make your window insulating panels detachable, use double-sided Velcro. Cut the Reflectix to the precise size of your camper shell windows, then use double-sided Velcro to line the edges (the two halves are already “Velcroed” together). 

You’ll have “handles” if you leave one or two 2-inch areas around the borders of the panel without Velcro. This will make it simpler to remove the panels as required. 

Then adhere the panels to your windows and firmly push down the borders. Allow the adhesive on the window side of the Velcro tape to stick to the edges of your window for several minutes.

After that, you may verify your work by removing the panel and inspecting the tape around the camper shell windows for adherence. 

Interior Design Ideas for a Camper Shell

Keeping your camper shell tidy allows you to spend less time looking for your belongings and more time really enjoying it.

I don’t know about you, but loading and unloading superfluous stuff only to locate the ones I really need in my daily truck camping life gets old fast. 

So I hope these camper shell interior ideas for comfy vehicle camping have given you some inspiration. 

I’d love to hear from you if you have any ideas that I didn’t come across when studying this subject. Please leave a remark below so that we may all benefit from your DIY camper shell expertise!

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How can I make my truck bed more comfortable?

You can add a bed liner to your truck bed.

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You can use a fan to help keep the camper shell cool.

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You would need to use a sealant such as silicone.

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