13 Reasons Why People Fall in Love With Dirt Bikes –

When it comes to extreme cycling, there’s no doubt that dirt bikes are the fastest, most versatile and easy-to-use form of transportation. They’re also a lot of fun to ride, which is why so many people pursue them. These bikes are an integral part of many people’s lives, and there are likely some good reasons why you might fall in love with one.

People fall in love with dirt bikes and end up riding them, even though they may not have the skills to control them, or may get injured while doing so. This article may be a little shocking, but it is based on science and research. It takes a look at the many reasons people fall in love with dirt bikes from the rider’s perspective to see if it would make a difference.

As an Amazon Associate DirtBikePlanet.com earns from qualifying purchases. There are many extreme sports that people love and could talk about all day, but none are quite like dirt biking. Those that have found a love for this sport have so many reasons why, and you could discover the benefits too! People fall in love with dirt bikes because they offer a feeling of freedom, mental stimulation, physical benefits, and an opportunity to build a new social circle. They’re also relatively cheap and easy to ride, so most people can easily start riding. While knowing the reasons why people love dirt biking is a great start to discovering the sport for yourself, it is always better to go into greater depth. I’ll walk you all the reasons to fall in love with dirt biking, and maybe you’ll decide to give it a try!

1. It Gives a Feeling of Freedom

The most commonly mentioned reason that dirt bikers continue to ride is the sense of freedom it gives them that they can’t find anywhere else. Dirt bikers swear that off-road biking is better than a road-only motorcycle. This is because they crave the freedom they feel when they get to make their own rules and you can’t get any more free than being out in nature. The only thing stopping or slowing you down is your own skill level. If you know you can full throttle a section of a trail, then you are allowed to do that. There are no road rules or other traffic to pay attention to and you can decide your own limits off the road. When dirt bikers get stopped by their skill level, they feel a desire to improve and work towards a goal. This freedom is great for those who want to go fast, but it also benefits those who want to take it a little slower and really take in their surroundings. No one can tell you how to ride your bike on the trails, and that kind of freedom is rare. Maybe you could find that sense of freedom for yourself.

2. You’ll Get Lots of Mental Stimulation

Dirt biking provides mental stimulation believe it or not. Being on the bike and moving quickly requires a lot of awareness and sharpness from the rider. This is because there is so much going on when riding off-road that the rider has to anticipate any new terrain, adapt to any problems with the bike, and react quickly to every turn and bump in the trail. While many people ride in pairs or groups, riding alone can enhance the amount of focus needed to ride safely. When there are other people, you can better predict the trail by seeing where the other riders encounter turns and jumps, and you have help should your bike have a problem. When you are alone, you can only rely on yourself, so you have to be aware and alert. “You’ll feel refreshed and better able to tackle your stresses.” -John Hayes (Dirtbikeplanet.com) Getting on the trails is great for your stress as well because you are forced to not think about anything else besides what you’re doing. If you had a stressful day at work, feel discouraged by the downs of life, or are just dealing with a lot to do, dirt biking can take that stress off your shoulders entirely or at least for a little bit. By taking a break from the stresses of life and getting on the trail, you will feel refreshed and better able to tackle your stresses.

3. It Has Great Physical Benefits

As expected of an extreme sport, dirt biking has great physical benefits, some active, and some are good side effects of riding. Dirt biking strengthens your whole body whether you like it or not. Your lower body works hard to absorb shock and grip the bike while your upper body absorbs shock from the handlebars and keeps you and the bike balanced. Your upper body is also in charge of picking up the bike when jumping, and dirt bikes can be heavy! You will get a full-body workout every time you get out on the trails. Your cardiovascular system gets a good workout too. While riding, your heart rate can get up to 150bpm on a difficult trail with jumps or hills. The adrenaline from even just riding slower trails is healthy for your heart as well and will give your cardiovascular system a workout too. Getting your heart pumping is great for your overall health, and doing that with something that gets you outside is even better!

4. It’s a Social Sport

There is a whole dirt biking world, and the people in it are just as passionate about the sport as you could be! Dirt biking can be a very social sport. From the outside, it might seem very isolating to get into dirt biking. Riding alone out in the middle of nowhere, not a soul or another voice in sight does not seem very inviting to people who are social. However, this is not the case. Dirt biking can be your next big social circle if you let it. You can gather friends who also like dirt biking and ride a trail together. If you do not know anyone who likes to ride, there are plenty of dirt biking groups you can join on Meetup or Facebook Groups. These sources are helpful when it comes to finding people to ride within your area. People who love to dirt bike really love it, and they are almost always happy to talk about it with new people and share tips on riding and equipment. Going to dirt biking competitions or events can be a great way to meet people who have the same passion for hitting the trails as you do.

5. It’s Easier Than Riding Street Bikes

Most people don’t see how riding around trees in the dirt can have the same effect as riding smooth and fast on the road. The truth is, riding on the road is actually more restrictive and dangerous than dirt biking on the trails. We have already covered how freeing dirt biking can be, but some would still argue that street riding gives you that same feeling. Some people do feel that way, but when it really comes down to it, you have to follow speed laws on the roads, and there are other vehicles cutting you off and making it more dangerous. Dirt biking has no speed rules and there are no other bikers around you, so the only danger is the rider not being smart about their riding. Dirt biking will make you a better street rider. At first glance, dirt biking seems more difficult than street riding, but that is not necessarily true. Dirt biking is not that hard to pick up and it will help make you a better street rider in the process. By making the unpredictable terrain and obstacles your normal, the roads and poor drivers become much easier to navigate.

6. It’s a Sport for the Whole Family

Though it may not seem like it, dirt biking is a great option if you are looking for a family sport or just something you can include the people you love. Dirt biking is very doable for such a wide range of ages, that it can be something the whole family enjoys. Kids can pick it up pretty quickly and have tons of fun being on the bike. Teenagers can enjoy it just as much as the kids and get that feeling of exhilaration that they seek. If anyone does not want to ride for whatever reason, it is so much fun to watch anyway, that they will never be bored. Dirt biking can be a huge bonding experience for the whole family. It caters to everyone’s needs and preferences because of how versatile it is. If you let it, this motorsport can be a collective family obsession that brings everyone together. As for safety, it’s one of those sports where you can control how safe it is based on your actions. So if you take the proper steps it can absolutely be a safe sport. If you want some real hard data and statistics about how safe (or dangerous) dirt biking can be, see my article about dirt biking dangers as a family sport here.

Even More Great Reasons

In addition to the main reasons to love dirt biking, riders from all over have many different aspects of the sport that they love. Every rider has different experiences with dirt biking, but they almost always have a favorite thing about it. Here are some other reasons, from people who ride, to love getting on the trails.

  • There is something great about the feeling of sheer power in your control.
  • They feel a sense of accomplishment when they hit a jump or a turn just right.
  • Dirt biking gives you the option to tinker with the parts and improve your bike if you want to.
  • While riding, nothing matters on the bike, except the bike.
  • It is easy and cheap compared to other motorsports.
  • There is a sense of competition and sportsmanship.
  • There are so many ways to ride, that everyone can find something they like.

Is a Dirt Bike Worth it?

Buying a dirt bike is so worth it. Every cent you spend on a new bike and repairs enables you to have access to all the benefits and reasons people love dirt biking. Starting the new challenge of learning how to ride gives you a break in a possibly mundane schedule.


Contrary to what people think, dirt biking is cheap to get into compared to other motorsports. In other words, it does not have to break the bank. As a beginner, used bikes are recommended and can be found for $1,500 or less. But there’s a much more complete list of the average cost of kid’s dirt bikes here and the average cost of adult dirt bikes here that can give you a better idea on cost. You also need protective gear and equipment for your bike, but those prices aren’t near as bad as most other motorsports. You can see my recommended dirt bike gear page for some ideas on the cost of things like helmets, chest protectors, gloves, boots, and other accessories you’ll need. Other motorsports can require you to put down $40k or more just to start. Dirt bikes do require maintenance, but until you get into biking every day, oil changes and little tune-ups are more than enough to keep you up and riding.

Maximum Versatility

Dirt biking is the most versatile motorsport allowing for a thrilling ride in the rain, snow, dust, or through the woods. Unlike street biking which has different bikes for different terrains, dirt biking has one bike for every terrain. You only have to have one bike to be able to ride in the summer and in the middle of winter. It only takes a couple of minutes and a change of tires to keep you riding year-round. Dirt bikes are also versatile for different riders. Beginners and advanced riders can ride the same bikes. A nicer bike might be used more by experienced riders, but only because they have committed to the sport. Beginners can ride the nicer bikes as long as they are willing to drop the money on them.

Start Something New

So many people have busy lives, but that does not mean they are necessarily exciting. While people are busy, they also tend to get into schedules that never change and become mundane. Dirt biking can be the thing to get out of that. There are plenty of other hobbies that you could take up, but none of them will give you the same benefits in for your busy life as dirt biking does. Not only does dirt biking give you something new and exciting to learn, but the other benefits from it can be applied to your life off the trails as well.

  • The mental benefits mentioned can help you be more focused and less stressed for the rest of your life.
  • The physical benefits can help you feel more refreshed and less sluggish.
  • The social benefits can help you feel understood and less alone.
  • The feeling of freedom can break you out of your too familiar schedule.

All of the reasons to dirt bike can be applied in your normal life and will at least make you feel better when you’re on the trails.

A Dirt Bike Is so Worth It

The feeling of freedom you can get for such a cheap price is unbeatable. In comparison to other kinds of biking, and other kinds of motorsports, dirt biking really takes the cake. You will not regret buying a dirt bike and getting into it. It will bring you so much freedom and can be a great benefit to your life physically, mentally, and socially. If all the reasons mentioned have you interested in purchasing a dirt bike, we can almost guarantee that you will fall in love with the open trails and sound of the motor too!

More Helpful Information for Beginners

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a 13 year old ride a dirt bike?

It’s hard to believe, but there are still kids out there riding dirt bikes at 13 years old.   Some even do it right after graduating from elementary school.   I’m not kidding!   It’s not just race-track riding, either.   Some riders do it for fun.   But why?  A 13 year old has a lot of room to grow and learn.   It seems like a lot, but the average life span of a human being is only about 80 to 90 years.   You have a lot of growing up left to do.  A dirt bike can be a great companion to help you through your teenage years. If you are planning on riding your dirt bike this summer, you have probably already considered your safety precautions and practices, but here are a couple tips for beginners that can help you stay safe.

Can a 13 year old ride a 125cc dirt bike?

One of my favorite things about living in the mountains is riding my dirt bike. Since I live in Canada, bumpy, unpaved roads are often the only route to the local trail system. As a result, I’ve spent countless hours trying to learn how to ride my dirt bike. I have been on every type of bike that my parents owned and have been on bikes that cost more than my house. I have also been on bikes that were older than me, but are still often in use. The bike I am riding now is my first 120cc dirt bike and is my first step into the world of high performance dirt bikes. A massive 125cc dirt bike that can be ridden by anyone with a license, from 13 years of age and up. After a few years we were able to update the engine to a 125cc motor in the new model that can go up to speeds of around 70 mph and go up mountains that would normally be too steep to ride.

Are dirt bikes safe for 11 year olds?

So, you’re in love with a dirt bike. You can’t get enough of the smell of the oily engine, the noise of the engine as it roars to life, the feeling as you drag the bike down the street, and then you have the craziest urge to get off the ground, kick it into high gear and launch it off a ramp. But wait! Where will you store this beast? Will your parents allow you to keep it in the garage? And where will you ride it? As the name suggests, dirt bikes are all about fun. They provide an enjoyable way to experience the natural world, meet new people, and test your skills. So, why would a 11 year old want to ride one? It’s a question many parents are asking these days. And the ones that have heard the whispers and seen the pictures don’t always know what to think.

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