13 DIY and Custom Build Ideas

From backyard bird feeders to a DIY outdoor shower, these 13 DIY and custom build ideas will help you transform your backyard into a sanctuary.

The cool projects to build at home is a list of 13 DIY and Custom Build Ideas. These ideas are for people who want to try something new or just have fun with their time.

Over the past several years, the Nissan NV200 camper has established itself as one of the finest vans to live in. It’s dependable, practical, and cost-effective. A new car costs between $23,000 and $26,000, whereas a good secondhand car costs about $15,000. 

The NV200 camper has a 2.0-liter engine that gets 26 miles per gallon on the highway, making it an excellent long-distance vehicle. It’s ideal for stealth camping because of its low-key appearance.

You have three choices for converting an NV200 into a camper: a professional conversion, a DIY construction, or a conversion kit. Let’s take a closer look at each choice.

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Custom Nissan NV200 Camper Builds

Consider employing a conversion business to obtain the ideal finish for your NV200 camper. They take care of locating, ordering, purchasing, and installing the equipment. 

The most stress-free method to convert a van is to hire a professional. However, keep in mind that, particularly during busy periods, the waiting list may be very lengthy. Don’t plan any road trips just yet since you’ll need to book many months in advance.

Recon Campers are a group of people that go on missions.

Recon Campers, headquartered in Los Angeles, creates professional Nissan NV200 camper conversions. Every NV200 will be transformed into a “off-grid weekend adventure-mobile,” according to the company.

13-DIY-and-Custom-Build-IdeasRecon Campers provided this image.

There are two models to select from: the Envy and the Weekender. The Envy comes with a lot of equipment and is perfect for digital nomads who wish to live on the road full-time. The Weekender is designed for campers who wish to go away for the weekends and holidays. 

A pop-top roof, a seat that converts to a bed, a kitchenette, cupboards, and an awning are included in all NV200 camper conversions.

The inside offers up to 7ft of standing headroom thanks to Recon Campers’ outstanding pop-top. This is essential for anybody contemplating living full-time in an NV2000 RV.

Visit the Recon Campers website for additional information. Their prices begin at $21,500.

Conversions of Contravans NV200 campers

Contravans is a camper conversion business headquartered in Colorado. The Ram Pro Master City, Ford Transit Connect LWB, and Nissan NV200 vans are all converted into RVs. 

1623717250_360_13-DIY-and-Custom-Build-IdeasContravans provided this image.

Bench seat, storage drawers, single bed, and three-piece bed are the four primary choices for your Nissan NV200 camper from Contravans. You may add any choices to your plan after you’ve decided on one. 

Slide-out storage drawers and a kitchenette are included on all versions. Some feature a single or double bed that is permanent, while others have a dinette that converts to a bed at night. 

Visit the Contravans website for additional details. The cost of a conversion starts at $8,500.

Nissan NV200 Camper GTRV Custom

1623717252_879_13-DIY-and-Custom-Build-IdeasGTRV provided the image.

GTRV, a California-based camper conversion business, produces bespoke full, mid, and small vans. 

Their Nissan NV200 camper seems to be both stylish and functional. A kitchenette with a permanent sink and stove, a bench that converts to a bed, cupboards, and a pop-top are all included. 

On the GTRV website, you may get all the information you need. Prices for a pop-top alone installation start at $8,500.

The NV200 Camper by Caravan Outfitters

1623717253_809_13-DIY-and-Custom-Build-IdeasStorage bins and a convertible bed that serves as a sitting space are included in the Nissan Free Bird camper.

Caravan Outfitter, a Seattle-based van conversion business, specializing in Nissan NV200 campers. Their model has a dinette that converts to a full-size double bed, storage, and a back-of-the-van slide-out kitchenette.

Their modification may be removed in three minutes, leaving you with a cargo truck in the event that you need it.

For further information, see the Caravan Outfitter website. The price of their conversion package begins at $39,500.

Apex Vans

Van aficionados In Massachusetts, Aaron and Aleeta have started their own van conversion business. Their structures are contemporary and simple. They make the most of the available space in the vehicle to provide the most amount of living space.

A bench that converts to a bed, a fixed kitchenette, cabinets, and a cooler are all included in their Nissan NV200 camper conversion. To keep expenses low, everything is made of plywood.

Visit the Apex Vans website for additional information.

5 Insanely Cool Nissan NV200 Campers

To convert your Nissan NV200 into a camper, you don’t need to engage a conversion business. You can go the DIY way if you don’t have a large budget or want to fully personalize your project. You will be able to design each piece of furniture and choose every piece of equipment. 

You’ll also learn a lot about the car and the equipment you install, and you’ll be able to repair virtually anything on your own.

Lauren and Steven’s NV200 camper is number one.

1623717254_410_13-DIY-and-Custom-Build-IdeasLauren is admiring the scenery from the comfort of her NV200 camper. Photo: https://www.tripofalifestyle.com/

Lauren and Steven planned to take a van across the United States and travel to Alaska. They yearned for a genuine adventure. As a result, all they did was construct a platform bed. 

The pair used the van as a bedroom, going to cafés to work, gas stations to cook in the microwave, and gyms to shower. They did, however, have a gas stove with them.

Intrigued? We wrote a whole essay on their build and journey.

2) The Nissan NV200 camper of Pip and Jo

1623717255_445_13-DIY-and-Custom-Build-Ideas@welcometopipandjos photo

Pip and Jo transformed their Nissan NV200 into a camper with the assistance of Bumble Campers to embark on excursions throughout the UK. This building is very attractive because of its contemporary, light, and comfortable inside. 

Plywood is used to line the inside of this NV200 camper, giving it a warm feel. There’s a sofa that converts into a bed and a kitchenette with storage on the inside. It’s simple, yet it’s effective. To make more room, the couple attaches a tent to the truck. 

Take a peek at their Instagram page to see what they’re up to.

3) Dory from Just Us Wandering

Annabelle and James made a beautiful small camper out of their Nissan NV200. A large workbench and many storage cupboards may be found on the right side of the NV200 camper. Cooking may be done on the worktop. 

On the other side of the car is an L-shaped seat that converts to a bed and has additional storage beneath. Annabelle and James also added a recreational battery to their vehicle, allowing them to charge their gadgets while on the road. They watch Netflix and YouTube in bed with a projector at night.

Finally, an awning is added to one of the roof rack bars, providing shade and weather protection. This DIY modification crams a lot of stuff into the little NV200, yet it was done on a shoestring budget. 

4) Bunny’s NV200 no-build camper

Bunny took the opposite approach, designing a no-build modification for her vehicle. Inside, there are no screws, nails, or chopped wood. Before fully changing her vehicle, she wanted to find out how she would utilize it.

A single bed, which is just a cot with a foam mattress on top, is located within. This may also be used as a sofa. There are many storage bins underneath the cot, where she stores her belongings and a portable toilet. Bunny even found a folding table that fits in the van, allowing her to cook or work both inside and out.

This is probably the cheapest and quickest method to convert the NV200 into a full-time camper.

5) The NV200 of Ryan and Mel

To travel across the UK, Ryan and Mel self-built a covert Nissan NV200 camper. Thanks to the smooth metal surfaces, they were able to create something that seems to have been professionally transformed. 

There’s a kitchenette with a stove, refrigerator, and sink on the inside. At night, the chairs transform into a double bed. There are storage cabinets and shelves all around the bed. In certain lockers, there’s also a portable toilet and a leisure battery.

Ryan even built a diesel heater, allowing the pair to camp in the winter as well. 

Conversion Kits for the NV200 Camper

Are you searching for a way to be more flexible with your construction while yet maintaining a professional look? A conversion kit may be a viable choice for you, and it will be a fraction of the cost of a complete construction. 

Ququq Box


The Ququq Box is a lightweight and durable module that converts a vehicle into a camper. It’s available in three sizes and can be taken off in a matter of minutes. It’s just a box that opens out to form a bed and kitchenette in one. 

Visit the Ququq Box website to learn more about the kits. Prices begin at €2,190. The business is located in Germany, but the kit may be sent anywhere in Europe.

Camper Kit for the Freeway 


A Freeway Camper Kit may be ordered online and delivered to your home or picked up at one of their warehouses. Their Camper Kit consists of a folding bed and a kitchenette accessible from the back of the van. The bed may be folded down to provide room inside the vehicle for a camping table.

The Freeway Camper Kit website has additional information.

Egoe’s Nestbox


Another European business that makes camper conversion kits is Egoe. Their modules are available in a variety of sizes to suit an SUV, an estate vehicle, or a van. The Nest is a box with a foldable frame on top that houses a kitchenette. These kits seem to be quite sophisticated and beautiful.

On the Egoe website, you may learn more about the kits. They start at €2,900. Although the business is located in the Czech Republic, it can send products anywhere in the globe.

Final thoughts on the Nissan NV200 campers

A Nissan NV200 may be converted into a fantastic camper for living the van life. It’s cost-effective, adaptable, and practical. Whatever you decide to do with it, you’ll be sure to receive a good deal on a competent gear.

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