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Screen houses are a great way to have a little extra outdoor living space without having to set up a tent. They can be used for camping, picnics, or just as an extra room in your RV.

The best screen house for patio is a type of shelter that can be used in the outdoors. It is typically made with metal or plastic screens to provide protection from insects, birds, and other animals.

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We soon observed that nearly everyone at the Fiberglass RV Rally had a screen house for camping while we were there! However, the overwhelming majority of these experienced campers utilized one screen house that was by far the finest screen house for camping.

As a result, we decided to evaluate as many screen homes for camping as possible in order to determine which screen house is really the finest.

We looked at the following screen homes for camping:

1. Instant Screenhouse by Coleman 2. Camping Canopy Alvantor Screen House 3. Coleman Canopy Tent with Screen 4. Magnetic Screen House by Tailgaterz 5. Escape Shelter Popup Tent with Quick Setup 6. YDYL Screen House Instant Canopy Shelter 13′ x 9′ 7. Quictent Mosquito Netting 10 x 10 Ez Pop Up Canopy 8. Quest Canopy Tent 12 X 12 Mesh Screen House 9. ABCCANOPY Mesh Mosquito Netting Pop Up Canopy CROWN SHADES Pop-up Canopy (10) 11. Instant Screenhouse on the Ozark Trail Aoxun 11′ x 11′ Pop-Up Gazebo Tent with Mosquito Netting, 10′ x 10′ 13. SUNTIME Hexagon Gazebo for Outdoor Patio

Editor’s Choice for the Best Camping Screen House

All of these screen homes are excellent options, but if you want to see our pick for the best screen house for camping, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Why Should You Purchase a Screen House for Camping?

Screen houses are something you may not think to bring with you on an RV vacation, but they will significantly improve your quality of life. You see, while you’re out in the woods, you’re going to be exposed to a ton of bugs. You don’t want to get bitten by mosquitos while trying to enjoy a dinner, so you may buy a screen house to assist you out.

Screen houses are excellent tools to have on hand. They enable you to enjoy a picnic without being bitten by insects and provide some sun protection. If you wish, you could even enjoy a picnic when it’s pouring outside. As a consequence, you should get one before getting on the road and embarking on your next journey.

Camping’s 13 Best Screen Houses

1. Instant Screenhouse by Coleman

When you’re looking for screen homes, the Coleman Store has a lot of excellent choices. This item is made of UVGuard material, which offers 50+ UV protection to the wearer. It’s also very simple to set up, taking just one minute.

In addition, the screen home features screen walls to keep mosquitoes at bay. It features two big doors for the tent’s entrance that can be swiftly closed once inside. The tent is also made of double-thick fabric that can withstand the weather in every season. There are even lines that come pre-attached and can sustain big victories.

The tent’s measurements are 15 x 13 x 7 ft. It comes with a carry bag for convenient storage and a one-year limited guarantee.

2. Camping Canopy Alvantor Screen House

The Alvantor Store has another one of the finest screen homes accessible. It can accommodate four to six people, making it one of the largest screen homes available. Surprisingly, despite its size, it only weighs 15 pounds. When folded, it has a diameter of just 39.3 inches. The fiberglass structure is the main reason for the tent’s low weight. The structure of most screen homes is made of steel or iron, which adds a lot of weight. Fiberglass is a much lighter material.

The screen house has a large space with dimensions of 10 x 10 x 7 feet where you may rest. Patio chairs, barbecue grills, and up to six people may be accommodated in this spacious indoor space. The tent also features mesh sides that give you a 360-degree view of the surroundings. At the same time, the mesh walls keep pests out while providing great ventilation for the tent.

In addition, the top of the screen house is covered with cloth that offers 50+ UV protection from the sun. The tent is neither water or rainproof, however, due to the large amount of netting.

This screen home is simple to assemble and operate. In a couple of minutes, you can open and close it. It should be noted, however, that when the wind intensity exceeds level 6, this tent is not advised for usage.

Finally, this item is covered by a one-year guarantee.

3. Coleman Canopy Tent with Screen


The Coleman Store has produced another another high-quality screen home. Its dimensions are 12 x 10 x 8 feet, giving you and your family 90 square feet of shade. While inside, you will be free of pests as long as they do not enter while you are entering. Mosquitoes are kept at bay thanks to the screen walls. Unfortunately, this product requires assembly.

Despite this inconvenience, the screen house is made of UV-protective material that offers 50 UPF sun protection. The mesh is also made to endure, since it is a double-thick fabric that can withstand any season’s elements.

The product also comes with a travel bag for convenient storage.

4. Magnetic Screen House by Tailgaterz


Tailgaterz has one of the finest screen homes on the market. While at the campground, this product offers an ideal location to enjoy bug-free eating. The automatic closing function allows for a hands-free entry and departure. Furthermore, the poly mesh sides allow for ventilation while the taffeta roof protects you from the sun and rain.

This magnetic screen house features fiberglass poles and is made of band steel. It also comes with a zipped duffel for convenient storing.

Finally, this item’s measurements are 9 × 11 x 6.5 feet, with a weight of 19.9 pounds.

CLAM Quick Set Escape Screen House (number 5)


If you’re searching for screen homes, this offering from the CLAM Quick Set Store is a great place to start. It takes only 45 seconds to set up and is ready to use right out of the box. The tent has a total inside area of 94 square feet and a center height clearance of 90 inches. This should comfortably accommodate six to eight people.

In addition, the roof is made of 210 denier poly oxford cloth with 600 denier in the central portion. It also has a UV protection factor of 50. The screen house’s roof is water-resistant. Finally, there are six premium tent pegs, tie down ropes, and an enormous carry bag included with the tent.

6. YDYL Screen House Instant Canopy Shelter 13′ x 9′


The spacious screen house by YDYL is made of sturdy fiberglass with steel tubes to support it. It features mesh sides and a sturdy roof, so you should be safe from pests and rain.

The screen house is 13 x 9 x 6.9 feet in size. This should be plenty for a household of six to eight. It is very simple to put up, since two individuals can do it in about five minutes.

7. Quictent Mosquito Netting 10 x 10 Ez Pop Up Canopy


This one from the Quictent Store should be considered in your quest for the finest screen homes available. The netting on all four sides of this product protects you from mosquitoes and other insects. At the same time, the mesh guarantees that adequate ventilation is present in the tent to keep you cool throughout the heat. There’s also a canopy made of 420 PU-coated oxford that’s both waterproof and UV-protective.

The screen house is delivered completely built and ready to use in seconds. There are no loose components to deal with, and no tools are required. Upper and lower quick-release buttons on each leg make it simple to fold and change the height.

The tent also comes with a wheeled carry case, making it simple to transport and store. There are also stakes and ropes provided.

Finally, the ropes and stakes are covered by a lifetime warranty. The roof, sides, structure, and poles are all covered by a six-month guarantee.

8. Quest Canopy Tent 12 X 12 Mesh Screen House


Quest makes one of the finest screen homes on the market. This product is 12 x 12 x 7.5 feet and provides 100 square feet of shade and sun protection. It’s composed of fire-resistant and water-resistant fabric. The solid top keeps you dry, and the mesh walls allow for better airflow and keep bugs out.

The screen house is constructed of 150D silver coated polyester with a fiberglass frame. It also includes a 450mm polyester carrying bag with two straps to help with travel and storage. Shock cord poles are also available, which make setup a breeze.

9. ABCCANOPY Mesh Mosquito Netting Pop Up Canopy


Consider this screen home from the ABCCANOPY Store if you’re searching for a screen house. The tent features four mesh walls, allowing you to enjoy a big private and cool picnic space. They provide bug protection while allowing air and light to pass through the walls.

The screen house can be assembled in just three stages in under a minute and without the need of any equipment. All you have to do now is take the completely constructed frame out of the bag, pull the top open, drape the materials over the frame, and extend the legs.

The tent is also windproof, offers UPF 50 sun protection, and is made of polyester with a silver covering. There are also two unique roof vents that help to keep the tent cool.

Canopy for the CROWN SHADES Pop Up Screen House


Thanks to its one-push center lock mechanism, this screen shade house from the CROWN SHADES Store is simple to assemble. The slant legs of the tent offer 81 square feet of shade to the user. That should be plenty for seven individuals to feel at ease. Airflow is aided by the top vented design.

There are pinch-free buttons and leg extenders that allow you to modify the height in three different places if you wish to change the height. Due to its steel frame structure, it is also a long-lasting tent. A water-repellent canopy top and UPF 50 sun protection are included.

Finally, the package includes a travel bag, as well as four guy ropes, four stakes, and a one-year guarantee.

10′ X 10′ Ozark Trail Instant Screenhouse


Consider this screen house option from Ozark in your search for screen homes. This tent is excellent for campers since it has a spacious inside that protects you from the elements such as the sun, rain, wind, snow, and insects. This product will offer you with the protection you need, regardless of your surroundings. It takes just 60 seconds to put together, making it a fantastic choice in the event of a sudden change in weather.

The screen house also features a sturdy steel frame with heavy-duty mesh to aid ventilation. There are also two entrances that make entering and exiting a breeze. Finally, for further stability, the tent comes with ten steel stakes and tie downs.

12. Aoxun 11′ x 11′ Mosquito Netted Pop-Up Gazebo Tent


This Aoxun screen house is simple to erect and very helpful for any RVer. It’s portable and comes with a carrying bag, so it’s simple to travel and store. As air circulates through your tent, you’ll remain cool thanks to the vented top. Bugs, on the other hand, are not a problem since the mesh is fine enough to keep them out.

Furthermore, the product is constructed using high-quality materials such as 210D oxford fabric, which offers UPF 50+ UV sun protection. This should keep UV rays at bay for 99 percent of the time. It is also flame resistant and CPAI-84 certified. Because of its high-grade engineered steel structure, the frame is quite robust. Finally, it is powder coated for further durability and rust resistance.

13. SUNTIME Hexagon Gazebo for Outdoor Patio


The sides of this hexagon-shaped screen house by SUNTIME are each 6.6 feet long. It features a completely enclosed mesh sidewall and a sunshade shelter screen canopy. The tent is constructed of UV-treated polyester that is 150D. It’s also water resistant and CPAI-84 fire retardant.

Finally, the tent comes with a wheeled carry case that should make getting it to and from your RV a breeze.

How to Pick the Best Screen Houses for Picnic Tables While Camping

There are many things to consider while searching for screen homes for camping picnic tables. What is the tent’s length and width, as well as its weight? Is it simple to store and transport? Is it simple to put together? How much does it cost and what is the capacity? Depending on your circumstances, the significance of each of these variables will change. They should, however, all have some weight. We’ll go through the significance of each aspect and what you should look for in each of them in the sections below.


For several reasons, size is an essential consideration. To begin, you’ll need a screen house large enough to accommodate all of the guests who will be traveling with you. Second, you’ll need a tent that can accommodate all of the patio furniture you’ll need. Screen homes, unlike ordinary tents, are intended to be very big. As a consequence, you must ensure that you are buying a product that can meet all of your requirements.


The last thing you want to do is carry a large, heavy screen house around. That would be tiring, and a heavier tent would need more time to put up. As a consequence, you should attempt to choose alternatives that are lightweight. Screen homes that offer 100 square feet of shade and weigh between 10 and 20 pounds are available. So have a look around and evaluate your options; you should be able to locate a high-quality, lightweight alternative.

Packing Dimensions

While the screen house’s size is essential, the packed size is just as vital, if not more so. If you don’t have enough room to keep your screen home, you won’t be able to go camping with it. As a consequence, you’ll want to make sure that the tent can be folded down to a small size. Otherwise, you’ll have to either leave it at home or skip bringing anything else. Remember that you only have a limited amount of room to deal with in your RV, so be selective with your belongings. You will have difficulty packing everything you need if you have a screen home that is not small.

Setup is simple.

While some individuals are better than others at erecting tents, everyone would like one that is simple to erect. When looking for screen homes, seek for labels that state that the structure is simple to erect. A number of screen houses will provide one-button setup. Most screen homes can be assembled in about five minutes, so if yours takes longer, you should look for another option.


The size of your screen house is clearly essential, as you’ll want to make sure it fits over a picnic table and can accommodate everyone in your camping party. Several choices are available that can accommodate up to eight people. Most families should be able to get by with it, but double-check the capacity before you buy. Otherwise, instead of hanging out in the screen home with your family, you’ll be stuck taking turns in it.


Finally, for many individuals, pricing is a critical consideration. Because RVing is such a costly hobby, you may be tempted to buy less expensive items to save money. Your screen house, on the other hand, is not something you should skimp on. On the campground, you’ll be using your screen house often, and it’ll be put to the test when there’s bad weather. You do not want a cheap tent when this weather arrives. Cheap tents are more prone to collapsing, are less robust, and will need to be replaced sooner.

So, if you invest a bit more money now on a more durable screen home, you’ll save money afterwards. After all, buying one somewhat more costly screen home is less expensive than buying two inexpensive ones.

Who Makes the Best Camping Screen House?

The CLAM Quick Set Escape Screen House is, in our view, the finest screen house for camping. At the Fiberglass RV Rally, we saw hundreds of them, and everyone who had one gushed about how great their screen house was. There was not a single negative comment regarding the CLAM. These screen homes are a bit more expensive than some of the others, but the product’s quality and longevity make it well worth the money.

Take advantage of one of the best screen houses on your next RV trip.

We hope you now have all the knowledge you need to choose the finest screen home for you after reading this article. We realize there is a lot of material to take in, but it will all be beneficial as you go. There are many screen homes to choose from, and it is important to be well-informed before making a purchase. Otherwise, you may end up with a less-than-ideal product.

When you initially depart for your RV trip, you may want to spend as little time as possible at your campground. However, you will soon discover that this is not feasible, since daily trekking, fishing, and exploring will become tiring. There will be days when you just lack the energy to accomplish anything. You’ll want to unwind at your campground on days like these. You’ll be happy you bought one of the finest screen homes on the market when that occurs.

When searching for screen homes, it is critical to first determine what is most essential to you. Is size the most essential consideration? Do you need a simple to erect screen house? What is the maximum amount of money you are willing to spend? It will be difficult to narrow down your search without this information. However, once you have the facts, you will be able to swiftly determine which choices are ideal for you. Then you may begin your journey and have some fun!

Where do you want to travel on your next vacation? Are any of the items mentioned above anything you’d want to buy? What kind of RV are you planning to travel in? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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