10 Campers with RV Office Space

10 Conveyor belt with space for mobile office

For purposes of this discussion, we define an office in a mobile home as any ancillary space that is not a separate dining room or dining table. A seat or chair must be available. Modern vans have outlets all over the van, so you can assume there will be a 110V or USB outlet nearby.

The offices of the carriers also have storage facilities. The use of a nearby locker, a top compartment or a notebook case is possible under certain circumstances. For those using audio/video or graphics devices, memory requirements are more complex than for others. When choosing a van, the first priority should be to find a vehicle that fits the available space.

Office pop-up camper van: Forest River High Flag Wall 29SC

Forest River Flagpole HW29SC – Photo : Forest River

  • Length: Open – 27.9 feet / 21.6 feet
  • GVWR: £5000
  • Sleeping capacity: 6-7 persons
  • Tanks! F- 20 gallons / Gr- 11 gallons / B- 11 gallons

You leave Friday at 4:45pm for a week away with your family, and your boss comes to see you with one of these favors. Since you are the only one with the knowledge and access to do this favor, it seems you are taking the work home with you. Half the time you get home from the office, you’re thinking up new words to insult your boss. In the second part, think about how you are going to tell your family that you are taking your work with you on a trip.

If you have a high 29SC flag wall, you have at least one built-in workspace. The bench under the front pull-out bed has a large rectangular table that can accommodate a laptop and other work supplies. When you purchase one of these adjustable workstations, the space becomes comfortable while you work on your favorite project.

It makes you feel better to know that the kids didn’t do all their homework. After burning up their energy at the campsite, work on their math problems on the U-shaped slide at the dining room table while your husband arranges dinner together. If going to an amusement park doesn’t motivate them to finish the job, they might prefer to eat unhealthy at the park because of the interpretation of the tuna surprise.

When it’s time to take a break or go on vacation with the family, there’s plenty of room in the adjoining closet to store your computer, work gear and the kids’ stuff. The trip may have become a working holiday, but you won’t miss the vacation part.

Motorhome with office space: Lance 1172


  • Length: 20.4 Legs
  • GVWR: 4,628 pounds
  • Sleeping capacity: 6 persons
  • Tanks! F- 42 gallons/Gr- 35 gallons/B- 35 gallons

You wouldn’t think such a compact camper wouldn’t have a separate office for the van, but it’s true. Lance 1172 is an example of this. To transport this camper, you will need a long berth on your 350/3500 series pickup, due to its length and load capacity.

As you enter the passenger compartment, you’ll find a two-seat sofa with a swivel table integrated into the rear drawer. If you are using a desktop laptop stand, you can easily complete these reports, coding subsections or presentations.

For those times when you’re not in the presence of men, the Lance 1172 offers an optional 100-watt solar panel or 2500-watt Onan propane generator. Satellite preparation is standard, so no one can hear you scream on TV when the referee makes a wrong decision or one of your teammates makes a mistake.

If you need to perform in the office, you’ll find plenty of room to prepare in the dry bath. The wardrobe next to the queen-size bed offers plenty of room to hang the two matching desk clothes.

Full office trailer KZ Junction 292RDK

2020 KZ Connect – Photo : DEAD CAMP

  • Length: 32.3 Legs
  • GVWR: 9,175 pounds.
  • Sleeping capacity: 6 persons
  • Tanks! F- 45 gallons / Gr- 64 gallons / B- 32 gallons

When you think of travel trailers with a computer desk, what brands do you immediately think of? Have you ever wondered about CP? Since 1972, the KZ has earned a reputation for quality. Many people prefer their brand because their products benefit outdoor enthusiasts. Many of their interior components resemble a cabin and are waterproofed to prevent moisture and other contaminants from affecting the RV.

Kidnappers who need to stay on site for a longer period of time may want to consider the KZ Connect 292RDK. While it doesn’t have an all-terrain package, it offers a full desk in the back of the unit, a large kitchen cabinet, a queen-size bed, and a full kitchen with an island. Photojournalists, writers and other outdoor workers will find the Connect Caravan the perfect place to work and relax at the end of the day.

If you have to leave early for work, you can prepare your morning meal in the camper’s outdoor kitchen. You need a camera to work, but going without a thermos of coffee is ridiculous. Who can work without the sweet nectar of life?

When you get back to the van, the front door leads directly to the large dry bathroom. You can take off your dirty clothes and clean everything you have on you that day. Then go to the back lounge to download the photos you took that day. Once you’ve found your best photos and cleaned them up, you can send them to the editor. Maybe you’ll make one of those wooden wolves look at you with so many insults.

Travel Kitchen Caravan Table: Mesa Ridge Mountain Range 314RLS


  • Length: 35.3 Legs
  • GVWR: £13,250
  • Sleeping capacity: 6 persons
  • Tanks! F- 85 gallons/ Gr- 97 gallons/ B- 40 gallons

If you’re looking for a pet fifth wheel with office space, the Mesa Ridge 314RLS offers a buffet table large enough for your laptop in the middle of the vehicle. Bloggers who don’t need much space can write about the amazing adventures they have with their pets while traveling the highways of America.

The office shares its space with the kitchen and is located next to the front door. There is a wall cupboard above the table and a pantry next to it. While office workers have to run down the hallway for their favorite drink or snack, the break room is right there (although you may have four-legged subordinates looking for bacon snacks).

If the theme of your blog was inspired by your dog’s mess, the fifth wheel of the wagon is equipped with a separate stackable closet for the washer and dryer. Even if you are a nerd: The 97-gallon graywater tank has plenty of room to catch the washing machine’s waste water and run a clean dog out of the shower.

While you blog, your spouse can continue working in the living room. A folding coffee table or a free-standing computer workstation find their place in the double pull-out drawer. When it’s time to walk the dogs, a few laps of Roshambo will help you determine who’s taking an unexpected break.

Double room: Jayco J. Flight 33RBTS

Jayco Jay Flight 33RBTS – Photo : Jayco

  • Length: 37.10 Foot
  • GVWR: 10,950 pounds
  • Sleeping capacity: 10 persons
  • Tanks! F- 80 gallons / Gr- 39 gallons / B- 39 gallons

The creation of double-deck platforms has taken the RV family to a new level. It used to be that parents could get up and get ready for the day, while children had to convert their sleeping area into a dining area or sofa during the day. The banking institutions have solved two problems: They gave the boys their own space and kept the noise down on the other side of the bus.

As with this Jayco, recreational vehicle manufacturers have gone a step further and asked : Why can’t bunk beds have furniture other than beds? Preparing a lunch for two has become an essential duty for homeschooled children living life to the fullest.

A sleeping cabin allows you to isolate yourself from the rest of the caravan or the fifth wheel. There is plenty of room for all your peripherals and room to install a TV or monitor. If you have one or two kids, they can use the upper bunk beds at night without disturbing your office (if all goes well). The bunk bed above the table can be folded down for more headroom.
Creative campers have found other uses for bunkers in terms of RV table ideas. If you don’t need all the sleeping space, remove the side sleepers and install the DIY camping table in a configuration that perfectly suits your needs. If you want to pay attention, read Do It Yourself RV about RV construction ideas and topics you need to know beforehand.

Office number middle trailer: Forest Cedar Creek 3770F


  • Length: 40,8 feet
  • GVWR: 16,170 pounds.
  • Sleeping capacity: 4 persons
  • Tanks! F- 57 gallons/Gr- 82 gallons/B- 41 gallons

Call it your man cave, your shed, or even your executive office with a view. The stacking rooms in the middle of the bus can be your ideal office space, equipped with everything you need (including a 45 LED TV… I mean a computer monitor). Most have sofa beds and adjustable bunk beds for extra sleeping space, but the closet system has a flat surface that can be folded down for a workstation.

If you need a fifth wheel with offices, Forest River’s Cedar Creek 3770F should be on your list. The life-size table covers the entire length of the room’s slide. On the opposite inner wall there is a closet and a coat rack to store your equipment.

In addition, the desk serves as a double bed, equipped with a foam mattress for all hotel guests. To make an engraving of Gandolph Grey, there is a lazy sofa against the back wall in the living room. During a video conference with your boss or others, you may get lost. The large panoramic window above your desk gives you the best view, wherever you are. Sometimes the hardest part of working in an RV is focusing on when it’s time to work.

Air flow with camping car office: Interstate 24GT


  • Chassis : Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 extended
  • Engine: Mercedes 3.0L V6 Turbo Diesel 188 hp. at 325 lb/ft.
  • Length: 24.6 Legs
  • Sleeping accommodation: 2 persons
  • Tanks! F- 27 gallons / Gr- 21 gallons / B- 13 gallons

The highway gives you a lot of time to think. By focusing your attention on the road, your mind can find the solutions you were about to find, or give you those aha moments you didn’t know you wanted. These are the times when you want to find a safe place to stop and write them down before you lose them.

Airstream’s Interstate 24GT Class B solves this problem. Once you’ve parked safely, you can flip the driver’s seat and pull your laptop out of the overhead compartment to quickly set up the motorhome’s computer workstation behind you. You can set up a table for the best level and use the trainer’s LED TV as a computer screen. With a few quick changes, you can get your idea in before it fades.

When everything is ready, put everything back into travel mode and leave. Later you can take the time to stock up on provisions and prepare dinner in the kitchenette in the middle of the bus. If your partner wants to retire to the double bed in the back, you can open your workstation again and get to work.

You can recline the backrest to a more comfortable angle while you work because the seat is away from the steering wheel. Set an alarm, otherwise you might fall asleep in the chair again.

Recreational vehicle working space with combined pilot: Newmar Bay Star Sports 2702

Interior of the Newmar Bay Star Sport 2021 – Photo : Newmar

  • Chassis : Chassis of the Ford F-53
  • Engine: Ford 7.3L V8 Godzilla Gas – 350 hp. at 468 lb/ft.
  • Length: 27.11 Legs
  • Sleeping capacity: 8 persons (with an extra folding bed in the front)
  • Tanks! F- 75 gallons / Gr- 60 gallons / B- 40 gallons

Many Class A motorhomes have been equipped with a computer-controlled passenger seat for many years. It can be a variant of a sliding top or a folding side table like the Newmar Bay Star 2702. Today’s Class A desktop models are equipped with 110-volt cords and USB ports, eliminating the need for computer batteries. Once you are parked, the bar tables between the pilot seats create extra space.

Class A motorhomes of the neoclassical era (1990-2007), with their large dashboards and luggage lockers, provided plenty of room for service area workers to get involved. A do-it-yourselfer moved his co-pilot’s desk into an upstairs mobile home with a TV stand and an aluminum mesh shelf above a sliding shelf.

With a dinette or portable desks in front of the sofa, it is possible to create a second office space within 30 feet in Class A motorhomes. If you want to be practical, use swivel brackets that attach to the cabinet around the bed. Of course, there’s always the risk of falling asleep.

Dinetta with computer workstation Tiffin Allegro Red 37PA


  • Chassis : Freightliner XC chassis
  • Engine: Cummins 6.7L Inline 6 ISB Turbo Diesel – 360 hp. at 800 lb/ft.
  • Length: 39 Thighs
  • GVWR: £33,400
  • Sleeping capacity: 6 persons (with an extra pull-out bunk bed in the front)
  • Tanks! F- 90 gallons / Gr- 70 gallons / B- 50 gallons

If you are looking for a luxury mobile home with office space, please refer to Red Bay, Alabama. Tiffin has been a family business for decades. Now that they have joined the Thor Industries family, you will find the same superior quality that family offers, with Thor’s innovation and resources behind it.

Tiffin offers three different dining room options. On the 37PA floor plan, the dinette is on the door side, behind the first officer’s seat. Tiffin’s dining table workstation is unique to their brand. If you turn the independent chairs to the side wall, you will see a drawer and two cabinet doors on one side. On the other side of the table are three cabinets of the same size.

When you open the cabinet doors, there is a drawer that slides into the computer tower. Above the doors is a hinged panel with a drawer for the keyboard and mouse. The shelf above the cabinet provides ample space for a computer monitor. A dining table gives you enough space to put down work documents or other equipment. It’s a great place for a van repair shop.

The Tiffin Dinette is ideal for an office in a motorhome because of its size and proximity to the television.

A sofa or L-shaped sofa rests against the opposite wall. The L-shaped version comes with a coffee table. Since the coffee table is independent, it should not be a problem to replace it with a coffee table with a lift table. One of you has his side of the van and your partner has his. In double-sledding, neither of you may distract the other.

Full desktop function: Winnebago Forza 38D

Winnebago Forza – Photo : Winnebago

  • Chassis : Cargo Liner XCS chassis
  • Engine: Cummins 6.7L Inline 6 ISB Turbo Diesel – 340 hp. at 800 lb/ft.
  • Length: 39.10 Legs
  • GVWR: 29,410 pounds

Motorhomes have created many new opportunities for Class A motorhomes. When bunk beds first appeared, RV manufacturers made the space convertible. If you don’t need a place to sleep, you can convert it into an extra closet, shared storage, or a luxurious dog bed for a four-legged child who doesn’t want to grow up and move to the other side of the country (we’re not bitter).

Winnebago was the first to transform the space, turning a mobile home bunker into an office in the Forza 38D. The full-size desk for two has three drawers with common pedestals and a foam mattress, so the desk area can be converted into a double berth.

The Class A diesel motorhome is also equipped with a front fold down bunk bed so that guests can spend the night with you without having to leave the table. A sofa for two or additional theater seats are provided with laptop tables in case your travel companion needs more time to work.

The Forza 38D is a motorhome with two full bathrooms. So if two of you need to prepare for a presentation or sales day, neither should wait for the other. A 10-gallon water heater should provide you both with plenty of hot water.

Trying out your new office space

The study predicts that by 2028, more than 90 million people will be self-employed. This does not include homeworkers. We are convinced that the motorhome industry will adapt to the new floor plans with special offices for motorhomes.

In the meantime, if you plan to take a full-time road trip and bring your career with you, explore these and other recreational vehicles first by renting them. Buying a bus is a big investment, and you want everything to go right the first time. Be smart and take the RVezy test.  Whether you rent or buy, use RV LIFE Pro to plan these great adventures and navigate them safely.

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