The Water Bottle Knot

The Water Bottle Knot - belt loop

The water bottle knot is a handy knot that easily slips and tightens over the neck of most water bottles. This allows you to form a belt loop as pictured above, or create a long tether to let the bottle cool in a creek or a stream.

Below are the step-by-step instructions on how to tie this handy knot:

Bottle Knot – Step 1

Step 1

Bottle Knot – Step 2

Step 2

Bottle Knot – Step 3

Step 3

Bottle Knot – Step 4

Step 4

Bottle Knot – Step 5

Step 5

Bottle Knot – Step 6

Step 6

  • Step 1: Start with a length of cord and form a loop. Make the ends longer if you intend to tie to a tree and submerge the bottle(s) in a creek or stream. You can use a shorter length if you’re making a belt carrying loop.
  • Step 2: Bend the top of the loop down to form two ‘ears’.
  • Step 3: Pull the right ‘ear’ over the left ear to form an inner loop.
  • Step 4: Bend the left ‘ear’ down and to the left.
  • Step 1: Grasping the 2 lower ends of the rope, pinch the rope (as pictured) and pull gently on the ends as the bottle knot forms.
  • Step 6: Work with the rope to form the knot as pictured, so that you can slip the knot over the top of the water bottle.

Don’t get discouraged if you didn’t it on the first try…it takes some practice. My 9 year-old is still teaching me! Once you learn it, this bottle knot is a handy little knot and you may find many more applications at your campsite where you can use it.

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