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The following is the list of content pages for the Camping Field Guide. We are constantly adding new content pages based on experiences and gear tests.

So please check back often as this site will continue to expand!

Camping Checklist

Need a packing list for your next camping trip or hike? Here’s everything you need to have a fun and safe trip with different considerations for kids, weather, and climates…

Camping Checklist
Camping Food Checklist
Camping Clothes Checklist
Camping Comforts Checklist
Camping Hygiene Checklist

Camping Gear

These pages have everything from sleeping bags, tents, stoves, and walking sticks. Check out these product reviews and buying tips to help you get the right camping gear for you.

Camping Gear
Gifts for Campers
Camping Tents: A Buying Guide
Camping Backpacks
Choosing the Right Camping Shovel
Buying Tips for Camping Sleeping Bags
Camping Chairs, Stools & Benches
Eureka Silver City Sleeping Bag Review
Garmin Rino GPS / Radio - Product Review
Orion GoScope 70: Product Review                                                  Survival Hax Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad - Product Review

Camping Tips

Before you set out for the great outdoors, check out these tips! They are sure to save you some time and frustration. From setting up your tent to picking out a campsite, tap into the experiences of others for your next campout.

Camping Tips
Tent Tips
Campsite Setup Tips
Campfire Cooking Tips
Packing Tips
Cold Weather Camping Tips

Camping with Kids

Camping is a great family vacation and get-away from the hustle and bustle of our routines. Here are some considerations to keep the little campers entertained, safe, and occupied!

Camping with Kids

Camping Activities

Are you going into the woods with a group of scouts or a multiple-family trip? These craft and activities are loads of fun and will keep your campers talking about the trip for the rest of the year.

Camping Activities
Pinecone Birdfeeder
Bug Lab - Kid's Craft
Leaf Rubbing Craft
Build a Camping Diorama!
Camping Scavenger Hunt
Plaster of Paris Animal Tracks
How to Fold Paper Boats
Kid's ID Tags - Craft

Camping Games

Like the activities above, these games can keep your group so busy and laughing that they’ll forget all about the video games and TV that they left behind.

Camping Games
Campfire Songs
Camping Treasure Hunt
Flashlight Tag
Capture the Flag
Kick the Can
Frisbee Horseshoes - Product review
Tent Shadow Puppets
Camping Olympics

First Aid

From blisters to poison ivy to ticks…how do you deal with nature’s little nuisances? These pages are a good introduction on how to treat minor injuries and avoid some of the dangers of the outdoors.

Camping First Aid
Basic First Aid
First Aid Kit – Kid’s Craft
Signs of Shock
Poisonous Plants
Heat Related Injuries
Cold Related Injuries
Treating Bug Bites
Safely Removing Ticks

Camping Recipes

Impress your group with a few simple tricks that can make meal times a real treat! Here are some ideas, recipes, and cooking methods to get you started…

Camping Recipes
Cooking with Tinfoil
Camping Desserts
Campfire Dinner Rolls
Campfire Nachos
Campfire Hotdogs
Campfire Chili


If your trip in beyond the KOA campgrounds, you may want to brush up on these survival skills and tips to help you stay safe and alive. From clean drinking water to building a shelter, these pages have everything that you need to know.

Wilderness Survival
Build a Survival Kit
Distress Signals
How to Find Clean Water
Wilderness Navigation Basics
Navigating without a Compass
How to Start a Fire
Making a Shelter
Edible Plants

Knot Tying

Here are some basic knots, an application guide as to when to use them, and a step-by-step guide of how to tie each one...

Knot Tying Guide
Bowline Knot
Lineman's Loop Knot
Figure Eight Knot
Overhand Knot
Clove Hitch Knot
Prusik Knot
Loop Knot
Timber Hitch Knot
Square Knot
The Water Bottle Knot


Learn about the many specicies of trees that make up our woods and the countless benefits that they provide.

Types of Trees
Benefits of Trees
Sugar Maple Tree
Pin Oak Tree
American Sycamore Tree
American Elm Tree
Beech Tree
Black Cherry Tree
Sweetgum Tree
White Ash Tree
Sassafras Tree
Honey Locust Tree
White Birch Tree
River Birch Tree
White Pine Tree
Ponderosa Pine Tree
The Blue Spruce

Animal Tracks

Discover the many types of animal tracks around us. From the wild turkey to the mighty bear...everyone leaves a footprint!

Animal Tracks
The Black Bear
White-tailed Deer
Wild Turkey
Cottontail Rabbit
Red Fox
Gray Squirrel
Gray Wolf

Smart Home Experiment

These pages provide details, plans, and data on what we did to make our home "smart" from renewable energy, off-the-grid storage, home automation and much more.  Enjoy!

Smart Home Experiment                                                         Smart Home Energy Storage                                                     Smart Home Automation:  A Review of Lowes Iris

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