Camping Scavenger Hunt

A camping scavenger hunt is a fun activity that can keep your campers occupied for hours while exploring their wooded surroundings. You can make the list as challenging or as simple as you’d like. It can also be a fun daytrip or party idea with prizes and awards at the end for the best team.

Before you start your scavenger hunt, it’s good to lay down some ground rules. Make sure they know things like what is “out of bounds” and when they need to be done and back to the campsite. It’ s also a good idea to enforce the buddy rule (i.e. don’t leave anyone by themselves!). If you know of dangerous or tricky areas, such as swamps or cliffs, let them know to avoid these areas.

If you have a map and any nature guides, you can pass them out to the teams along with a shoe box or bag for collecting the items. If you’re doing the camping scavenger hunt at the end of your campout, you can do a photo scavenger hunt which can be loads of fun! If your campers have smart phones, this would be easiest.  The pictures will get a lot of laughs and will make a fun memory keepsake.

Below are two scavenger hunt lists, one for the traditional woodland scavenger hunt and the other for the camping photo scavenger hunt. Have fun and happy hunting!!

Camping Scavenger Hunt List

1. Pinecone6. Acorn
2. Smooth river stone7. Bird feather
3. A Maple Leaf8. Rock that looks like an arrowhead
4. Sand9. Winged seed (like maple, dandelion, etc..)
5. An Oak Leaf10. A rock that looks like an animal
Bonus #1: A bird nestBonus #2: An antler

Camping Photo Scavenger Hunt List

1. Hollow log6. Tallest tree you can see
2. Climbing a tree7. Wildlife (extra credit for the best pics!)
3. An Oak Tree8. A Pine Tree & team members
4. A boot print9. Animal tracks
5. Animal scat (ewwwww!)10. Swinging on a vine
Bonus #1: A bird in flightBonus #2: A beaver dam
**All group members must be in at least 1 picture!!**

A camping scavenger hunt will be talked about for years to come. It’s a great way for campers of all ages to have fun in the woods. It can also be a very inexpensive party idea for your next group outing. Hope the lists above are useful. If you have other ideas or feedback, please use the contact form on the left, I’d love to hear back from your experiences!

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