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Here are the latest updates, articles, and web pages that we've added to the Camping Field Guide. I hope that it enhances your planning and enjoyment of your next campout or hike!

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Smart Home Automation: Review of Lowes Iris

Smart Home Automation has come a long way in just a few years allowing us to closely monitor and control many of our home's functions. Here's a review of what we like and don't like about Lowes Iris.

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Smart Home Energy Storage

The science of smart home energy storage is fun to plan, especially with the market starting to burst with new products. Here's how our smart home experiment dealt with energy storage...

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Product Test: Survival Hax Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad

This product test conducts a thorough review of the Survival Hax self-inflating sleeping pad. Here's what our testing team found and liked about this product...

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Camping Tents: A Buying Guide

Evaluating all of the camping tents on the market can be a mind-boggling challenge! Use these tips and buying guide to help you sift through the options and buy the right tent for you...

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Gifts for Campers

Here are some great gifts for campers from reputable vendors in the outdoor product industry. Many of these items are favorites or successfully tested products...

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The Illuminet

The Illuminet is a terrific bug / critter net for your both day and night outdoor adventures. Our product review tested it with success and here's what we found...

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GoalZero Torch 250

This is a product review of the GoalZero Torch 250 - GoalZero's very powerful, versatile and durable new flashlight and charging station. Check it out!

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Smart Home Experiment

Our smart home experiment will encompass renewable energy generation, energy storage options, and will test concepts on how to be smarter in managing our home's energy use.

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Ponderosa Pine Tree

The Ponderosa pine tree is one of the beautiful giants of the Pacific Northwest. Here are some other tree facts and uses for this great tree…

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Knot Tying

Knot tying is a nice skill to have in the woods. Whether you need to secure a tent, tarp, hammock, or make a fish net, here's what you need to know...

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